Trip to Goa

My wife, Alia, and I are fond of kink, but we don’t often try new things. Maybe we just get a bit lazy and think, “Next time.” One exception happened on our trip to Goa. While booking a resort, I stumbled on a beach-view resort with a Jacuzzi on the balcony that overlooked the sea. Wanted to make this trip memorable, we each planned a surprise for the other on the vacation.

On the day of our departure, I waited for Alia to come downstairs so that we could leave. I had already put our bags in the car and was eager to get to catch our plane. Then she appeared in a peach-colored backless dress with a v-neck and a hem that barely touched the tops of her knees, and the sight of her gave me an instant erection. Alia saw it and came near me, whispering that we were running late for our flight. So I controlled myself somehow, and we departed for Goa.

The plane landed, and we caught a cab to our hotel. After we climbed in, Alia whispered in my ear, “Now you can fulfill your desire,” and again, my penis jumped to attention. She remembered my fantasy! I put my right hand on her thigh and made my way to her panties, but to my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any—and all this time, I didn’t know! I inserted my fingers straight into her swollen pussy and started massaging her.

The fun was just getting started, but the driver interrupted us, saying, “We’ve reached your destination.”

We got our key from the reception desk and headed towards the room. I had made some special arrangements, so after unlocking the door, I covered Alia’s eyes. Once inside, I removed my hands. She was stunned and happy to see the whole room decorated with rose petals. There were also some lit scented candles on the floor, and out on the balcony stood the Jacuzzi, facing towards the beach.

The trip had exhausted us both, so I went straight to the bathroom and took a shower. When I came out, I found Alia still sitting on the bed and daydreaming about passionate lovemaking, so I told her to have a turn in the bathroom, and she agreed. But she remained such a long time that I got curious and asked her what was taking her so long.

“I’m preparing a little surprise for you,” she replied. After a few more moments, she appeared. I was amazed at how gorgeous she looked in a black bikini with a black sarong.

With both of us now refreshed and ready, we sauntered down to the edge of the sea and snuggled into one of the double loungers. But after a while, the heat of the sun on our skin soon led us to retrace our steps back to our room. As soon as we entered, I asked my wife to hold on for a few seconds more as I filled the Jacuzzi with warm water and poured in a little shower gel to create some bubbles and an amazing aroma. While the Jacuzzi filled, we took some time to exchange deep kisses. My wife dimmed the lights, and the sun was just about to set—the evening stretched out before us.

I had only a few strings to pull to get her naked, and with a quick snatch, she pulled down my shorts. We hugged, kissed, and fondled for a while before testing the water with our feet. Sitting on the edge of the tub, we continued to neck while our temperatures adjusted to that of the water. Since the Jacuzzi was small, we had to place ourselves such that our bodies rubbed together in all the right places. It didn’t take long to reach a sense of urgency. The force of the streams rushing out of the Jacuzzi vents and the action of the bubbles was just too erotic! Half of the water ended up on the balcony floor as we sloshed back and forth.

As we regained our senses, we realised that a few of the couples walking the beach seemed to be trying to see the action on our balcony. I wondered if they could make out any of our frenzied lovemaking, but I kind of enjoyed the near-PDA. It could easily be one of our most erotic experiences.

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6 replies
  1. one day you are mine says:

    Nice… I also make such fantasies.
    In India, Goa is a beautiful place.
    Do you have any other places in mind where you want to have sex with your wife?

  2. Rahul4977 says:

    I am an American man. I am of Asian Indian background. My wife is from Vietnam. Reading this story makes me want to take my wife to either Long Hai or Ninh Van Bay in Vietnam and just let go..just the two of us. Of course Goa is also nice.

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