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The Greatest Show 2.0

For the first chapter of this story, read The Greatest Show, Part 1. I had just silently watched my wife Alia bring herself to orgasm in what had been the most beautifully erotic sight of my life. While her body still shook with post-orgasmic aftershocks, Alia looked at me with lust-filled eyes and asked me […]

Summer Camp (L)

After all the planning and preparation, the first day of summer camp arrived with bright skies and lots of humidity! I had decided to wear a light chambray wrap dress rather than my usual tight denim jeans; it was just too hot in the camp kitchen for those! I prepared the pizzas the team had […]

Festivity Quickie

I’ve had sex in a saree many times; my husband always wants his way with me whenever he sees me in a black saree. Here’s one memorable example. Our office held a holiday celebration, and I went in that day wearing a green saree with a black blouse. Somehow, I got too tied up in […]

Recreating Our Wedding Night

Alia and I have been married for six years and have a wonderful sex life. But we hadn’t connected in the last few days because we were so busy with wedding preparations for Alia’s brother, Arjun. The marriage would happen Monday, so the family all traveled together and checked into rooms on Friday. We spent […]

Getting Some Alone Time

Alia and I have been married for more than three years, but we share a home with my parents. So sometimes, it becomes difficult to find opportunities for lovemaking. Still, it’s fun to tease each other and sneak private smooches. When I was in the office one afternoon, Alia called me and said, “Mom and […]

Burning Some Calories

I had just gotten home from the gym and went to take a shower. Suddenly, I heard the doorbell. With water still streaming from my hair, I slung a towel around my hips and went to peep through the spyhole. There outside stood Alia! (She’d forgotten her house keys.) I opened the door with joy. […]

Making the Most of the Holiday

We had been missing each other’s heat for a long time because of our busy schedule. Many times Alia even tried to initiate it but I wasn’t in the mood. Today is Holi (festival of Colors in India). It was my first Holi with my wife. I was working on a presentation for work, as […]

Feeling Hungry….

This story contains strong language (L). It was the day after the New Year. We had not managed much alone time on New year’s Day, so I was starting to feel a bit frisky. Raj came home from work, and we sat on the couch, catching up on his day. From the look of my […]

Fantasy Comes to Life (L)

My wildest sexual experience was on our second honeymoon trip to Dubai. We are a couple from India, and we travel a lot to international destinations. We’ve been married for three years, and we were in a relationship for three years before that. We both love vaginal, oral, anal, and all other types of pleasures. […]