Getting Some Alone Time

Alia and I have been married for more than three years, but we share a home with my parents. So sometimes, it becomes difficult to find opportunities for lovemaking. Still, it’s fun to tease each other and sneak private smooches.

When I was in the office one afternoon, Alia called me and said, “Mom and Dad are leaving to attend a family function and won’t be home until 9:00.”

I acted as if I didn’t know her intentions and asked her, “So what?”

“Don’t annoy me!” Alia called my bluff. “Come home. I have a surprise to show you.”

I quickly finished my last few tasks and left for the house. Alia met me at the door and closed it behind me. She wore a grey and blue floral lace babydoll without a bra, and her nipples blazed through the lingerie. She clearly craved my touch; I knew she wanted her nipples squeezed, navel licked, and pussy tasted.

I went straight to her, but Alia pushed me away so that she could close the windows of the house before she led me to our bedroom. Before I could ask her anything, she held my head and made me lick her nipples. As I gave them the attention they needed, she tugged down on the lace to expose her nipples to my lips and tongue out of the lingerie.

I had got a hard-on long before, and Alia started caressing it as I licked her face and neck. I raised my face to hers, and we kissed before my lips began the slow journey to her toes. Still kneeling at her feet, I lifted the edge of the babydoll and started to the front of the panties beneath. They were damp and smelled of her unique musk.

Alia’s low, long moan got me too excited; I wanted her and knew I couldn’t wait much longer. I carefully removed her lingerie, and she stood in front of me with only her panty on; gosh, what a view! I took her to the bed and started licking her navel. Her moans grew louder, and I knew the time had come to slide a couple of my fingers into her pussy.

When I did, Alia’s moan got louder. She kept saying, “Please don’t stop doing that. Aah. Aah. Aah.” I fingered her with one hand and squeezed her boobs with the other, taking her to cloud nine.

“It’s time,” Alia said; she wanted me inside her—the moment I’d been waiting for.  I had her on her back on the bed and climbed atop her in a flash. With the slickness of her arousal, I slid into her with ease and started slowly, only incrementally gaining speed.

Alia cried out with pleasure, “Aah, aah, I like it! Please don’t stop. Fuck, fuck, fuck…” I could only keep it up for a couple of minutes. Just as I was about to cum, I pulled out of her. (We weren’t using any protection and had agreed on this precaution for the time being.) I knew that I hadn’t satisfied her yet, so I slid two of my fingers inside her again and rubbed her clit with the thumb. She loved it; if she’d had the power to make it so, she’d never let it end.

Alia asked me to squeeze her boobs while I fingered her. I kept it up until her moans grew louder, and I knew that she was about to cum. The sight, smell, and sound of her in the throes of pleasure had me hard again, so I pulled my fingers from her pussy and inserted my dick. I lifted her, turned, and pushed her back against the wall. I banged her fast, all the way to an orgasm, leaving her panting for breath.

After Alia cummed, I started licking her pussy again. I wanted her horny again, longing for some more sex. She seemed to be enjoying it, but after a while, she asked me to stop because it was around 8:30 pm, and my parents could return at any time.

Instead, we called it an early night and snuggled together. I thanked her for the phone call that had led to this rare time of privacy, knowing full well that some wives would have never picked up the phone, never dressed to please, and not even cared that an opportunity for unrestrained lovemaking had passed them by. I am so blessed to have my Alia.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    We are seniors and recently began living with family, so we can relate to your situation! We are like your parents. It’s always nice when we have the house to ourselves! We make sure to take advantage of those times!

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