Watching Hubby When He’s Nude

We have been married more than 20 years, but I still find my hubby sexy and arousing. I posted here a few years ago regarding some sexy texting that we engage in when we are apart. I know that the visual image of seeing a nude figure is much more of a male thing than a female thing, so I often wonder if I am in a super small minority of women who find the male body—their husband’s, in particular—visually stimulating?

We have a couple of different residences, but both have bathrooms with clear glass enclosing the shower. Recently, just after emerging from the Covid cocoon, we entertained two couples at our home for a small patio get together.  During the course of the evening, the women’s talk veered to how things went during the lockdown and how everyone got along, being together so much. One of the women, whom I’ve know for years, was talking privately toward the end of the evening. We had consumed a few bottles of good wine so the conversations were flowing easily. She remarked that both the Mr. and I had actually lost weight instead of gaining during the quarantine. Sadly, she confided that she and her spouse had a bit of a rough time being around each other so much during the pandemic. Her hubby is younger than mine, but my husband stays super active riding bicycles, working out, and playing a lot of golf. She mentioned a couple of attributes about my hubby that she was sure I “enjoyed”!

This conversation got me thinking, and I mentioned to her that I actually sometimes fantasize while gone from my hubby about his body, what we have done and what he feels like, etc. She pressed on and begged me to tell what kept us having sex fairly often. I told her of how I often watch him showering without him knowing it, so he is carefree and genuine, and that I especially loved watching him rinse the soap out of his hair since he arches his back, leaning back into the spray of warm water. I watch the soap flow down his chest and stomach, running off of his penis, and imagine the times that I have soaped up his slick body.

Sometimes, I do things to see if I can cause him to get an erection, all the while acting innocent and pretending that I don’t notice. When we are getting cleaned up for the day, while he shaves, I will often slide down my pjs and brush my teeth next to him, nude. I love bending down slightly and letting my fairly large breasts hang and bounce as I scrub my teeth. Without letting on, I will glance down to watch his penis begin to fill and swell and love seeing the large head weighing his semi-hard shaft down. Sometimes, if I spread my legs and give him a glimpse of my bottom and slightly spread lips, I can even get him to leak. I love that since it shows he really wants to be inside me.

If any other wives or women on here are visually stimulated by their husbands, I would love to hear what they find arousing as well.

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  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    My wife also enjoys it when I am taking a shower and occasionally we'll nude sunbathe on our back deck and that usually gets her hot and bothered. She finds it sexy when I get home from a workout and am sweaty. Typically if she's horny she'll give off some indication to me. Sometimes she'll say she's hot and start taking off clothes until she's down to her bra and panties. Other times she'll wear something she knows I find is sexy, such as certain pairs of her yoga pants. Something she's been doing a lot lately, especially as it's been hot, is not wearing panties–lots of great opportunities for quickies where she just lifts her dress and leans forward while I enter her. A mainstay for us over the years is her occasionally saying she's "craving something salty"–a dead giveaway she wants to suck my cock. Most often, though, she just tells me she wants to have sex and we do.

    • Giants05 says:

      Certainly can relate to this comment 😀. I get super turned on by her coming out of the shower naked in the morning…if I wake up I usually sneak a peak and get hard as a rock. Last week got bad where I had to take care of business. I told her one night during foreplay how hot it gets me and it drove her xtra wild. We both certainly give indications when we are both hot and worked up.
      She is the same w the hot and sexy yoga pants and sporting around in a thong or gstring or no panties at all.

  2. hornyGG says:

    I absolutely love seeing my husband nude! Of course we are nudist ( home only right now) but I still enamored by his physique. He works out alot and I love watching his muscles flex as he does things. I too love watching my husband shower ( when we are not showering together). Sometimes I am treated to a show and get to watch him enjoy his soapy hand on his hard on.😛👿

    Thanks for sharing and stay horny! God bless you.

    • Bootylicious says:

      Hey girlfriend! Gotta say, I really miss reading your stories! Always my favs! Glad to see you and Ben are loving being nudists. What's it like? Do you guys only get dressed when you have to go out but other than that, you strip down as soon as you step in the door? My hubby is looking forward to being empty nesters because he wants us to be nudists too (especially me haha😜). Have you gotten so comfortable in your own skin that you're completely comfortable being naked in front of others now too? (kudos to you if you are!) Have you gotten any of your friends to embrace nudism also? Anyway…I think you should write a piece for MH all about your new found love of nudism. I, for one, would LOVE to hear all about it! (along with–it should go without saying–any sizzling frequent masturbation and sex episodes that have resulted because of it 😉)

      Hugs to you and wishing you all the best!

    • alwayswet101 says:

      I agree with bootylicious!! Your stories are the best! I seriously have the same questions. Please tell us how it is and have you gotten comfortable with being nude in front of others? Definitely let us know about any sizzling masturbation or sex that has resulted of it! Your masturbation stories are honestly some of the best 😉

  3. still in love says:

    We are in our 60's and I still love to see my hubby naked. He'll climb out of the shower and I'll look at him. He keeps himself in shape and trims the forest. If he catches me watching, it's usually a sign that good times are to follow.

  4. SilverGold says:

    We both love to see each other in the nude. She enjoys my body as much as I enjoy her body. For 70 year olds, we are in extraordinary shape; both of us exercise and eat sensibly. Every night she enjoys a relaxing bath in her clawed tub. It’s a ritual (always exciting) for me to kiss her and tenderly play with her perky, firm tits and nipples. Occasionally, I’ll shower in our fully glassed in shower by her tub. She loves to glance, furtively, at me while soaping up and rinsing off! And I’ll give her a show of my growing cock from time to time!

  5. alwayswet101 says:

    For me it’s the growing cock! Another thing that has always gotten me is noticing he’s trying to contain himself in public. Public boners, accidentally getting a raging hard on in his pants when he didn’t mean to or can’t help it…ugh nothing like it…

  6. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi Fellow MH,

    This post leads me to ask a question.

    As a single guy, how do I properly balance my desire to have a girlfriend/ future wife that I am psychically attracted to and yet still key an eye on personality which is just as important as sexual attractiveness for any sort of succesful marriage?

    Keep in mind that I have always believed that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everybody has their own unique personality. Someone who is not attractive or personally boring to one person, may be the perfect person in everyway.

  7. Mr.Lover says:

    I mean would not want to choose not to ask a girl out or not be interested in her just because of one physical flaw.

    This is especially true if she has a great personality.

  8. Mr.Lover says:

    I must say that I believe and it seems other members on MH believe in the importance of staying healthy and being active.

    I think that having a healthy mind and body is more attractive than just trying to meet Hollywood beauty standards.

    I mean, I do not have six-pack abs, but I enjoy having an active and healthy lifestyle just the same.

    A healthy lifestyle is important for a long life and many years of wedded bliss.

    That is just my two cents on this topic.

  9. oldmarriedcouple says:

    Great to hear about the women's perspective on the topic of "visual" attraction. I will admit that I believe most men lean toward the visual area of physical attraction, but it doesn't have to involve nudity per se.
    Neither my wife or I are athletic builds, but healthy physically and mentally (most important). But her friendly face, eyes, smile and laugh attracted me so many years ago. It was a plus that she has a large chest (just one of my favorite things), but honestly, that wouldn't have mattered, and I am pretty open minded. If personality is good, doesn't matter about the exact physical attributes. Slender, smaller women and larger framed women can all be attractive to me. Most people can find enough physical attraction if other attributes are good (like communication, respect, etc) Those come first, and do transcend physical attraction. But the topic is about physical/visual attraction, so let's go there! A good partner needs to "hone theirs skills" at concentrating on what God has blessed you with (in my case, a more curvy wife). Make sure the other person knows your appreciation/attraction and find ways to show it. All that said, I do love my wife's curves. I enjoy how she "fills" her shirts, so to speak. I constantly find ways to glance at her during the day. Or to "brush' against her or reach around or near her, initiating minor physical contact when I probably could have avoided it. She enjoys it as long as I don't treat her "like apiece of meat" (her phrase-meaning grabbing onto her without reasonable respect). So my "incidental' contact serves as a reminder that I like making physical contact with her, sometimes "sets the stage" for more intimate contact later. Just a game some of us old married couples play. Also, I seem find an excuse to "be around" in the master bathroom when she showers or is changing clothes. She knows that many times I am just "stealing a peek", but why not? That's why God made her attractive to me, so no reason to avoid the enjoyment when possible. Sometimes incidental contact can happen as well, just more affirmation of her beauty, as I always say. It doesn't have to lead to lovemaking every time, but it sure helps to keep a fire "smoldering" instead of having to continue to build an entire new one every day.
    Last, some comments about the actual physical act of lovemaking. Anyone can read my stories about our love life and realize that I enjoy my wife's body very much. She has a multitude of areas or "spots" that I love to shower with attention when we make love, because it excites me and her: The crease of her groin, inside of her thigh, the underside of her breast, the ridges of her areola, all good examples. I tell my wife that I could could make love to her using only one square inch of her body, and it wouldn't have to be one of the usual erogenous zones (see my previous comment about the crease of her groin). Maybe that should be an activity for a future story!

  10. Tulsa says:

    Well, if my wife wasn't attracted to my old nude body, I don't suppose she would have grabbed a lawn chair, a cold beer, and kicked back and watched me in the outdoor shower Saturday evening! She also wouldn't have pointed out, the places I missed a bit out there, and let me know where I'd better wash some more while she supervised!

    Just sayin'……

    • alwayswet101 says:

      @Tulsa…could be wrong but sounds like you had some type of an erection here. Erection’s in the sun coming from my husbands large, large member are a big turn on for my love canal…this comment alone has me rubbing myself wow…thank you I’m hornier than all get out this pregnancy

    • Tulsa says:

      Well, I didn’t have an erection, until my wife showed up, and started with her comments! 🙂

    • alwayswet101 says:

      @Tulsa…lucky wife…absolutely nothing like watching your own husband just naturally grow in size for you…like I said an erection in the sun…oh boy!

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