Marital Memories

The following is a personal and intimate poem written in honor of my late wife. I share it here in hopes that it will bring comfort to others.


Across Time and Eternity

Oh the years have passed,

yet I still remember days of love

Passion fully expressed

Love made in spiritual union


The hopeful look in your eyes

As you felt me slip inside

With back arched

Ecstasy rolling through your body


Your surprises of pleasure

As your mouth and hands

Were used with loving care

Ministering to each other


We began so young

Eyes full of joyful hope

New to the orgasmic joy

Designed by our Creator


Now you are gone and in a place

With life beyond compare

And  joys made full

And I am left with memories


Even now as I recall

My mind goes back

And my body still responds

To the very thought of you


With eyes closed, I begin

And in my mind’s eye

I see you and respond

Imagining my hand is yours


Full release of energy as ropes

Of living seed burst forth

Arcing through the air

In celebration of our love


Even though you are gone

In the vision of Paradise

You still are loving me here

Across time and eternity.

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5 replies
  1. MiSWRAPP says:

    Such a ode to everlasting love. You two were able to find a love that transcends beyond death…something so special. Thanks for sharing this poem with all of us!

  2. Sarge says:

    Beautiful. I can relate to this completely because my bride is gone to paradise too. And I have wonderful memories that give me release as well. God bless, brother.

  3. Maxlove says:

    My wife went on to heaven in January of this year. It was not sudden, but it was unexpected. When she turned it on, no one was better. I can so relate.

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