Cum Swallow

It’s been a while since I have visited MarriageHeat.  The weather is warming up quickly around these parts, and that has given my wife Karin definite ideas.

I bought a 1952 Chrysler and spent a lot of hours doing some restoration work. Now, if any of you remember, the front and back seats are enormous. We went to Athens in the whale (as Karin named it), and went to the only drive-in around anymore.  She had on one of my tees shirts and just a thong, so I had a rudimentary idea of what was coming.  It got dark, and the back row where we parked started filling up slowly.

The next thing I knew, her thong hit the floor, and she began playing with her luscious pussy.  I maneuvered the seat all the way back and unzipped. My rock-hard cock lept out of its confines, and I joined her. When Karin looked over at my busy left hand, she sort of moaned. She managed to gasp out, “Don’t finish. I want to have your cum in my mouth.”

I slowed my stroking, and Karin came twice in a row with no pause in between.  After her second orgasm, she immediately leaned over and turned so that she could get my whole cock in her mouth. I became the recipient of one of her magnificent blowjobs. She swallowed every drop and made sure that I was completely drained.

I leaned back and got my breathing under control, and Karin held onto my cock as it softened somewhat.

She said, “Let’s get in the back, and you fuck my brains out.”  After clambering over the seats, she whipped off the t-shirt, lay back, and spread her legs. That beautiful, auburn-covered pussy begged for my tongue, and she got it. The salty sweetness of her always drove me a little crazy, and after bringing her to another orgasm, I sank my re-hardened cock into her. We coupled for what seemed a perfect eternity.  She came hard, thrashing out her passion and moaning like there was no tomorrow, and seconds later, I blew my load deep inside her.

After all was said and definitely done, I looked up to find we were the last car on that back row.


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12 replies
  1. Gwll says:

    I worked at a drive-in. My first job in 1969. No really , I am not joshing. Once before it got dark and the lot was filling up , the assistant manager and I had a question we needed answered. We knew the manager was on site, so we went looking for his distinctive turquoise Ford four door. We found him. Balls deep in his fiance in the backseat. Suddenly, whatever it was we wanted to ask him did not seem all that important. To this day, I cannot remember why we were looking for him.

    I was instructed that on those late nights when it was my turn to close and the cars were few, to scan through the rear windows looking for heads and shoulders. If I couldn't see any in a particular car, I was to politely and discreetly invite the occupants to leave. The thought was to empty the lot sooner and shutdown the movie, since they weren't watching anyway, so the projectionist and I could go home sooner. Never caught anyone in flagrante except our manager, and that was in the bright sunshine. I kept on the lookout, though. I was sixteen after all, and found her fascinating. She never looked me in the eyes, for some reason.

    Congratulations on having a hot and horny wife, and thanks for sharing.

  2. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Welcome back! How appropriate that your story is about a drive-in, which are also making a comeback thanks to COVID. Awesome and hot story. Keep ‘me coming. I think I remember reading your Crimson Dress story, but need to go check out a few others.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Is there such a thing as a “Freudian autocorrect”? What I typed was “keep’em coming.”

  3. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Awesome story. Before my wife, I dated a girl (yes, admission of premarital sex) who gave me amazing blowjobs but she was repulsed by my cum and ran to the sink in disgust to spit. Was a real turn-off. Then I met my wife and during that first blowjob she swallowed my cum and loved it and even licked her lips and looked into my eyes. So pleasurable. My wife herself feels every good wife should swallow her man's seed.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      @California Coastal totally know what you mean about the swollen cock inside of you. It’s that feeling of such fullness for a lot of us women and of course, the risk of being caught…has me orgasming in no time

  4. Tulsa says:

    Thanks for the memories!
    Lots of couples had lots of fun at the ol’ drive-in movies, that is for sure! Most never seen, but others, not so lucky! 🙂

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