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Cum Swallow

It’s been a while since I have visited MarriageHeat.  The weather is warming up quickly around these parts, and that has given my wife Karin definite ideas. I bought a 1952 Chrysler and spent a lot of hours doing some restoration work. Now, if any of you remember, the front and back seats are enormous. We […]


Karin and I just celebrated 37 years together. Unfortunately, that anniversary date came right smack in the middle of our two week rotation on duty. This schedule is great, but it does manage to snarl up some otherwise great times. Okay, that’s enough of my griping… Anyway, Karin has been training a new trauma tech. […]

Finally Went…

I know I have been away awhile. But with work and OTHER things, I’ve had my hands and mouth full… Karin and I finally went to the Carribean. We got tired of the cold weather, so we took the money we had been saving just for this trip and went for two glorious weeks of […]

The Crimson Dress

A few weeks back, I mentioned that Karin had bought this crimson dress that buttoned up the front. Well, THIS is what transpired since then. Last week we went into our two-week rotation of being off. So I made reservations for us at a restaurant about 60 miles away from the house. The night came […]

Crazy Afternoon and Evening

I want to start this off by stating that I am NOT recommending that anyone try this… But with that said… Karin and I drove down to Athens, Georgia, to watch our boys in Red and Black destroy MTSU–which they did without breaking a sweat. GO DAWGS! We got there a couple hours early and […]


Last summer Karin and I took two weeks of vacation and built a small deck on the backside of our house. The deck faces a dense stand of tall timber, mostly oaks, with some hickory, hemlocks, and yellow pines. The perfect playground for tree rats (squirrels) and the ubiquitous white tailed deer. That is where […]

Accidental (but Now Regular) Anal

The power went off–again. It rains here and the next thing you know the power is gone.  Seems like the good ol’ electric utility can’t get things right. And that brings me to this story.   The sun went down, so Karin and I decided to shower together and go to bed. As things got […]

Masturbating on the Road

Karen and I have been away from home for a little more than a week. I’ll set this up for you… We knew that an obligatory visit to friends in Oregon was coming up. Have I mentioned that we really hate to fly? This would definitely be a road trip. We live in Tennessee, so […]

Mind Blown

Several bad storms ripped through and it took me three days of cutting up downed trees to even begin to get the cleared areas around our house back to looking normal.  On the third day, I had had enough of listening to my chainsaw and decided to call it a day, not to mention I was […]