Finally Went…

I know I have been away awhile. But with work and OTHER things, I’ve had my hands and mouth full…

Karin and I finally went to the Carribean. We got tired of the cold weather, so we took the money we had been saving just for this trip and went for two glorious weeks of sun, sand, and hot sex. We found a resort with a nudist beach — Couples Tower Isle in Jamaica.

Quiet, secluded, and clean, the private island owned by the resort offered plenty of semi-privacy. We found a spot kind of off the beaten path and laid out our two huge towels. Karin stripped first. She was a little nervous and giggly about it, but her two-piece came off, and then I slid out of my swim gear. We laid down and cuddled for a little while, but her right hand had other ideas.

She stroked and gently squeezed my cock until I was hard. Then she moved away and got on her knees, playing with me some more until I was groaning. That was when she leaned over, opened her mouth, and enveloped the head of my cock. She swirled her tongue around and around until precum began to flow. Karin stopped and gave me a wicked grin, still holding onto my cock. She slowly stroked it until I settled down some, then leaned over again and took me in her mouth and down her throat. Her lips felt like silk. She took her time, sliding slowly — and I do mean slowly — up and down my full length while fondling my balls.

I could feel my climax building, but she was intent on sucking my cock, all the while working her tongue along the underside. But whenever she felt my cock begin to twitch just a little, she would stop all suction.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I erupted in Karin’s mouth, and she swallowed everything I gave her. I came so hard that I felt my eyes bulge! THAT was one amazing blowjob! It took me nearly a half hour to get my feet back under me, so to speak.

All I could think about was how good her pussy would taste, I loved her with my tongue, and she orgasmed three times before I would relent…time stood still for us.

After I had recovered completely from her mouth play, we made love on the beach. And just like so many, many times before, we were in sync. She orgasmed, and just as she did, I blew my load in her delectable pussy. Then we spent the night on the beach and caught a short boat ride back to the resort the next morning. We made three more visits to Tower Island, and each time it was amazing.

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  1. hornyGG says:

    fencemender, welcome back!
    Wonderful story. Sounds like a wonderful time on the beach!
    Ben and I are nudist now and absolutely love being naked outdoors. We have reservations at a nudist resort next month and are really looking forward to it.
    God bless and stay horny! Keep writing.
    😘 GG

    • ILoveSex says:

      Yay horny GG and Ben! Glad to hear you decided to take the plunge! Can't wait to hear all about it!! What made you change your mind and decide to try a nudist resort? I applaud you! I think it's great! My hubby wants us to go to one too. And for us to be nudies once we're empty nesters too. Curious question: are you totally comfortable being naked in front of people who know you? (like when friends come over to visit, that kind of thing). Anyway, just wanted to cheer you on and wish you a fantastic sexy naked vacation! Hope you bring back many stories to share on MH. Can't wait!!!😍

    • Pushbabypush says:

      hornyGG, you 2 are nudists? You are around other couples? Isn't that awkward? Do you get propositions?

  2. hornyGG says:

    Thank you so much. Ben and I had been talking about maybe going to a nude beach or something for some time. After becoming empty nesters and deciding to live the nude life. We figured might as well give it a try, at least once. As far as being nude in front of others, it really doesn't bother me. I am comfortable with my body.
    I do have a friend who goes every summer to a nude resort. She said she and her husband truly enjoy it.They are not nudist yet as they still have young children. They leave them with their parents. She gave me the name of a couple places to look into. After much research, we decided on one and made the reservations. We haven't been nude in front of company per say as that just hasn't crossed our minds. At least not as a couple .
    I have done nude sunbathing with my dear friend Cynthia and my daughter Alicia. This is nothing out of the usual Summer activities at our house. At our house nudity has always been acceptable, even before we became " nudist ". We have a pool and a privacy fence so skinny dipping is not a unusual activity for Ben and I or our children.

    Yes we are living the nude lifestyle or nudist if you will. Next month will be our first visit to a nude resort. We have done alot of research on the place where we are going. It has had some really good reviews and the friend of mine who I trust greatly, recommended it highly. So we are not worried. If someone did proposition one or both of us, it would be strongly rejected. Thanks for your comment!
    Anyway, God Bless and Stay Horny always!

    😘 GG

    • ILoveSex says:

      Is it possible for you to share with us which resort your friend recommended and which one you decided to try? (that's allowed on MH isn't it?). When my hubby and I finally get to go to one, I want to go to one that's highly recommended.

    • TexasCpl says:

      Great story fencemender!

      My wife and I have been looking into resorts that are either nude resort or have a nude beach area. The closest nude beach to us is Hippy Hollow in Austin. We haven't been but have heard mixed reviews. We can't decide if we should try it out first then go to a resort or just go to a resort. The more we read about y'alls experiences the more we are warming up to the idea. I have always wanted to try it and have been slowly encouraging my wife to give it a try.

      We would love any recommendations for resorts that any of y'all might have.

  3. hornyGG says:

    Let me say that Ben and I didn't become nudist for sexual reasons. We became nudist because we both enjoy being nude and the feeling of freedom it gives us. I believe we all have a " inner nudist " living inside us. Some of us just decide to let it out. I don't believe God wants us to be ashamed of our natural look. Just thought I would mention this.


    • HeSaid-SheSaid says:

      hornyGG, your statement, "I don't believe God wants us to be ashamed of our natural look.", reminded me of something. We are made in the image of God. To be ashamed of our image is akin to being ashamed of God and His creation, which I'm sure grieves God. Adam and Eve had no shame before the fall, but afterwards shame was soon on the scene. For Adam and Eve to wear coverings of some kind was to express the un-natural, because they really had no need for coverings otherwise. I understand the symbolism of sin needing to be covered over, (ie: Jesus dying for us) but I don't see nudity itself as sin. Sin has far reaching ramifications and can put a sour taint on many things, nudity being one of them. As it is said, context is everything. In the proper context there is likely nothing wrong with nudity. In the wrong context, nudity would best be avoided.

      Thanks for sharing about your change in lifestyle, I'm encouraged to encourage my wife and I to practice some nudity when we have the chance. Not sure if I'm brave enough to go to a resort though, lol. Have a great time on your vacation!!

    • ILoveSex says:

      Oh, one more question: are you planning on going bush or bald for your nudist vacation? Curious to hear when you get back what most guys and gals are rocking below the belt these days.

      Also forgot to say great story, fencemender! Would love to hear more stories from couples who have gone to nudist resorts and beaches! 😉

  4. Beachlover Guy says:

    Great story and a terrific idea going nude outdoors and in public. I was a nudist when I was single and I was fortunate to find a woman who loves the nudist lifestyle also. We visit resorts and nude beaches as often as we can in the summer months, and we're usually nude at home together. I concur with GG about loving the feeling of being nude outdoors. It isn't a sexual thing even when there are others around and everyone is naked. Of course, we look at each other, but after a while being nude in the air and sun just feels normal. I highly recommend it!

  5. hornyGG says:

    Our plans changed a bit. We originally had reservations at Indian Hills Nudist Resort in Slidell, Louisiana. However, the reservations were canceled by them due to "temporary closure ". They didn't mention when they would be reopening as they are now under new management.
    So, our friend mentioned Bayou Allure Clothing optional Bed and Breakfast in Baton Rouge. So we made reservations there. You can check out their website if you want more information.
    Stay Horny!
    😘 GG

  6. hornyGG says:

    Also, depending on where you live I would say check around online for any nearest to you. Be sure to check all reviews on the website and call them if you have any questions or concerns.

  7. Good Lovin says:

    What a great story! My wife and I visited the same resort for our 25th anniversary 2 years ago and we had an amazing time. We never visited a nude beach before and decided to try it towards the end of the trip. Unfortunately, we got there a little late in the day, and all the spots were taken except for one in the sun. That moment of having to drop the shorts for me was a little intimidating. My wife just went for it and acted like it was no big deal. We enjoyed the sun on our nude bodies and others were far enough away so you were not uncomfortably on top of each other. The initial shock of people walking around nude took a few minutes to get used to, but after an hour or so it really became no big deal. Now when we went, there were strict rules of no sexual engagement and it seemed it would be hard to hide any activity. We want to go back because it was not a full sexual nude resort, but a classy appreciation of being nude.

  8. Stag-on-a-hill says:

    I have always loved going to nude beaches but have never tried a nude resort- I think they are few and far between in our country. Unfortunately there is so much stigma associated with social nudity among Christian’s – so my wife is very reluctant, fearing we will be found out. So we don’t get to enjoy this together very much, if at all! She constantly fears that in my leadership position it will somehow get out that we have been involved in this, and that’s a shame because it’s so beautiful. It’s so good that you guys are talking about it positively on MarriageHeat. I hope many on here will try it. CS Lewis is very helpful on this subject, as he provides a positive take on nudity – it’s worth reading his Cosmic Trilogy’ especially ‘Perelandra.’

  9. SecondMarge says:

    We finally took the plunge so to speak. Friends of ours have been family nudists for many years. They invited us along with their daughter, son and his girlfriend. It was not sexual, at least overtly as your experience.

    There was an occasional erection but the only sexual reaction was when my husband and I walked past the end of the section most families were and a man on a blanket watching us became erect. My nipples hardened and my husband also was a bit turned on.

    We have discussed going to a more adult couples resort for more of an experience like yours.

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