Crazy Afternoon and Evening

I want to start this off by stating that I am NOT recommending that anyone try this…

But with that said…

Karin and I drove down to Athens, Georgia, to watch our boys in Red and Black destroy MTSU–which they did without breaking a sweat. GO DAWGS!

We got there a couple hours early and met up with another couple we knew that was tailgating. There just happened to be hot chicken on the menu. Now, I must admit I have a definite fondness and weakness for hot chicken.

So yes, I did indulge–a lot!. We decided to watch and listen to the game from the bed of our friends F-150. I had no idea that a small TV could have that kind of reception. We ate, drank ice cold Canada Dry Ginger Ale, and enjoyed the day.

Instead of driving back we decided to get a motel room and make the return trip the next day. That is where this story really begins.

After checking in, I took a shower first. Then Karin took a long Hollywood shower. By the time she got out I was laying on the bed. As she stepped into the room from the bath totally nude she took my breath away. She came and knelt on the bed beside me. We talked about the game as my hands roamed all over her body.

Unable to resist the temptation, I laid her down and proceeded to use my tongue on her. You have no idea how much I enjoy going down on her! Just a short time in, Karin began responding stronger than she ever had at that stage. I sure wasn’t complaining! She had three orgasms back to back, which was ALMOST unprecedented for her. Usually, her limit is two orgasms back to back.

Afterward, she told me that when I started she felt this heat begin to spread. The heat made her that much more sensitive. It took me a while to figure it out. We figured there must have been a residue of hot sauce on my tongue. That transferred to her and the rest is history…

Now, like I said at the outset, I am not recommending that anyone else try this. This was just one of those things that happened…

One more thing…GO DAWGS!

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