The Heat is On (L/A)

I was in the sauna the other day (‘cuz I like to get my sweat on before I do any sort of exercising) and found myself replaying in my head some fun times I’d had recently with my husband.

I started to feel that old familiar tingle in my pussy and knew that she needed some attention. Fortunately, I get to the gym early enough that there are rarely people in the sauna.

I usually have a towel with me to cover up for modesty’s sake. But now I slipped it off completely and just used it as a barrier between my skin and the hot wood.

I spread my legs a bit and slid my hand down to gently caress all around the outside of my lips. Teasing myself, I lightly raked my fingers through the thin landing strip I keep at the top of my slit. Feeling myself getting wetter, I decided to get down to business and slid a finger into my waiting snatch.

I moaned as I thought back to the particularly hot fantasy I shared last night with my husband when we were fucking. Spreading my legs wider, I added a second finger to my now sopping wet pussy and pulled my nectar from within. Then I paused to stroke my clit before sliding the fingers back home again.

I scooted forward on the bench so I could lean back and began to use both hands, alternately plunging fingers inside and stroking my now hard clit. I moaned again and again as my fingers explored and played me like only they can. I was close, but I had another hole that wanted some attention.

I knew that I could be caught. But I didn’t think it was too likely because of the early hour. I got up on the bench on all fours with my knees on the towel. Scooping up a good coating of my pussy juice, I moved my right hand back to my puckered hole and slowly inserted my middle finger. I moved it in and out of my ass, moaning as my orgasm fast approached.

The heat, the location, the knowledge I could be caught, and my magic fingers were enough to push me over the edge. I moaned aloud as the first wave hit. I felt my juice begin to run down my sweat-covered thighs.  A second finger added to my ass heightened the ride as another wave hit.  I sat up on my knees and shoved two fingers from my other hand into my pussy. Now both holes were occupied as I moaned and bucked.

And then.. I heard someone outside.  I quickly removed my fingers from the holes they had been occupying and sat down onto the towel. Snatching the edges of the towel, I barely covered up my juice-covered pussy as the door opened. An older woman and her friend came in and sat down opposite from me.

They had to have smelled me in the air. My scent was strong in that hot, sweaty environment. I flushed at the thought but didn’t think they would notice my color because of the heat.

I stood and began to make my way to the door. As I pushed it open to leave, one of the women spoke.

“Smells like someone had some fun in here!”

I did not answer or acknowledge that I had heard. But they were right!

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12 replies
  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Whew, that was close!

    There *is* something exciting about knowing that someone has been enjoying their alone time. 😊 Sounds like those ladies (or at least one of them) were no strangers to the idea.

    It's getting cold up here. I could use a sauna visit.

  2. hornyGG says:

    Very "steamy" story!😉
    The risk of getting caught is very exciting. I remember when I masturbated in my car while in the mall parking lot. My heart was racing and I was very horny. What I was doing and where I was doing it added to my horny desire. I doubt I would ever do something like that again, except maybe in my mind. ☺
    Stay horny!

    • Aren says:

      Masturbating in public is exciting. I usually have the urge the morning after my wife and I have had sex. I wake up, feeling an urge and have stopped in parking lots on my way to work to replay the previous night in my head and masturbate. I worry now with all the security cameras everywhere that getting caught could be more troublesome than just a passer by getting an eye full they didn’t expect.

    • Hott4you says:

      Horny gg, loved this story too

      And yes, I masturbated in my car too a few times. Unfortunately my car's windows aren't tinted other wise I'd strip down. I would like to try it in a police station parking lot!

  3. kmg902 says:

    The female masturbation stories on here are incredibly inspiring. This one had such an extra special energy and eroticism! Unique setting, double penetration (!!) and a scent-tual finish! I love the primal, erotic energy of this experience. I love incorporating ALL senses into the sexual experience, sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch!

  4. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    I can only imagine the scent lifted up in that heavy air. Masterbation in semi-public with that chance is always hot and especially if you're reliving or retelling about your spouse.

  5. SecondMarge says:

    Very very sexy story. Only thing better would be to notice a couple watching just at the moment of no return when you had to climax as they watched. Or maybe that is just me. Is watching others masturbate erotica or porn? I hope it’s erotica because it turns me on.
    I have just begun to discover the additional stimulation of touching my rear entry as I build toward a climax.

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