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Short But Sweet

So very glad that God saw fit to bring this man into my life. I love having sex with him and how it brings us closer together. We started out with some 69. I was on top. That’s really the only way we can do it. He’s just too big to do it the other […]

The Heat is On (L/A)

I was in the sauna the other day (‘cuz I like to get my sweat on before I do any sort of exercising) and found myself replaying in my head some fun times I’d had recently with my husband. I started to feel that old familiar tingle in my pussy and knew that she needed […]

Double Trouble

By popular demand, I wanted to share a story about my husband and me. He posted a story of when I learned that he could lick and suck the head of his cock. Needless to say, it made me very hot and got my creative (and pussy) juices flowing. I wanted to see if it […]

Edibly Flexible

My wife posted a story previously detailing our wedding night. From my perspective, it was so hot and incredibly fun to be able to enjoy her fully for the first time that night and many nights afterward. This story happened a year or so after we got married. In her story, my wife alluded to […]

Wedding Night Surprise

My husband and I were young when we married. He was 20 and I had just turned 22. We had fooled around a bit but had kept it above the beltline. (Full disclosure: I was not a virgin and neither was he, but we had made a pact that we would wait until we were […]