Edibly Flexible

My wife posted a story previously detailing our wedding night. From my perspective, it was so hot and incredibly fun to be able to enjoy her fully for the first time that night and many nights afterward. This story happened a year or so after we got married.

In her story, my wife alluded to my size. I have to admit that I have been blessed in that department.

After we had sex one night, we were both lying on our backs recovering. My semi-hard cock was on my belly, resting from its exploration of my wife’s pussy.

She began to kiss and lick along the length of my cock, which caused me to get harder and back up to full strength. Then she lifted it off my belly and took the head into her mouth.

I propped up on my arms to get a better view. I love to watch her suck me and this was a great angle.

Suddenly, she looked me in the eyes. “Can you suck it?” she asked.

“I don’t know, can I?” I answered. With that, I sat up straighter, bent down and licked the head of my cock.

Hearing her gasp as I continued to tongue myself, I looked up at her. “I guess I can! But that’s as far as I can go like this.”

“I wanna try something,” she said.  She had me lie on my back with a couple of pillows behind my upper back and head. Moving between my legs, she placed a hand behind each knee and pushed my legs toward my head.

The head of my cock hit my chin, so I held it up with one hand as she pushed forward again. I opened my mouth to take more of the head in.

She kept me stationary for a moment before pulling back. Then she pushed forward and held me there again.

And I licked and sucked my own cock! I was leaking precum and could taste its salty goodness.

She pulled back again and began to slowly move my cock in and out. Every time it got within range, I opened wide and tongued my cock head. I was groaning and almost whining every time she pulled back. I wanted her to push and hold me there so I could make myself cum!

But she was not going to let that happen yet. She was merciless in keeping me on edge.

“Do you wanna cum?” she taunted. “I know you do and maybe I’ll let you…next time.”

She released my legs and turned around, reaching behind her. Guiding herself onto my cock, she slid down the length with her back to me. Once I was seated fully within her, she began to rise up and down. She almost pulled completely off me with each stroke before slamming back down, fucking herself with abandon. The lips of her wet pussy held tight to my dick as she moved up the length.

It was not long before the familiar feeling of my cum boiling up in my balls began to make itself known. I grabbed her hips to help slam her up and down on me.

Her hand was working furiously on her clit and she came with a scream as she thrust herself onto my dick for the last time. Her muscles furiously clamped down on me!

That sent me over the edge! Spurt after spurt of cum filled her. I could feel our mingled juices leaking out onto me. It was so hot!

As my cock softened, she gingerly climbed off me and I felt my dick slip out of her.  We lay next to each other, panting from our exertions.

She looked over at me and said “That was amazing and hot as hell.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed the show,” I said.

“I did!  Now I have another idea, but we’ll wait to try it later.”

I had no idea what she was talking about but couldn’t wait to find out!

Disclosure: MH readers, that was not the first time that I had tried to suck myself but it was the first time I had with her.

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30 replies
  1. sensualcouple says:

    We don’t know what is more impressive: the flexibility or marriage heat finding a picture for this scenario!

    We really enjoyed this story. Incredibly hot! We also want to find out what happens next time! Coming in your own 👄? Possibilities are endless!

    • Man With a Plan says:

      😂 Right? Still trying to figure out what’s going on in that picture. Is that a woman performing analingus on a man shaped like a pretzel?

    • Engelbert Humperdink says:

      Yes to your question. My wife has also used a toy on me when doing this.

    • Engelbert Humperdink says:

      She will use a toy on me either wearing a harness or something she'll slide in deep before we play

  2. The Rose says:

    I was a gymnast during my school years and was able to lick my cock but not suck it. It was more of a challenge than a sexual thing… although I would love to try it today. 😢The body wont allow it. Age is a problem.

  3. Tulsa says:

    I’d have to be two foot long to do that!
    We know another couple, and he apparently could though. His wife blurted it out after a few too many cocktails at a toy party!
    When they first got married, he was trying to convince her to give him a BJ, and to covince her, told he that he did it to himself all the time. She made him prove it!

  4. Rcthom55 says:

    Have to admit I thought about your story a few times since I read. I probably could get hard if I dwelled on it.

    I would love to do this with my wife’s encouragement and help and make myself cum in my mouth for her (and me). Very hot.

  5. Tulsa says:

    "I would love to do this with my wife’s encouragement and help and make myself cum in my mouth for her (and me). Very hot."

    I always wondered, after that toy party broke up, and all the wives got home, how many husbands were talked into giving it a try!
    (That's how I know there's no way I could do that)


  6. Ben G. says:

    Wow! I read this story and instantly raised an erection. I too am fairly blessed in size. When I was a teen I tried to suck myself once. I was able to get only the head in, but couldn't hold the position long enough to cum. I did cum shortly thereafter though. Haven't thought about it in years and doubt I could do it again. My wife Gina said she would have loved to be a fly on that wall. We had some hot sex after reading this. God bless!

    • Engelbert Humperdink says:

      I hear you and I am mostly in the same boat. I can get the head in my mouth a few seconds at a time. My wife licking the shaft is what sends me over the edge, allowing me to cum.

    • Rcthom55 says:

      Would like to read about a time when your wife allowed/helped you cum in this position and/or how you used toys.

    • Rcthom55 says:

      just wondering if you wrote and submitted a story per this thread? We used to be able to see what was in the queue for the upcoming stories

  7. texasman76 says:

    Scorching hot. Let's hear some follow up stories. Tell us about the first time she helped you cum in your own mouth in this position. Did she finger herself while you were sucking? What toys did she use on you?

  8. christmakesithot says:

    Really loved your story! I'm not blessed with your lenghth but I have a similar story that I posted last week. It will be posted on August 7th (my birthday 🙂 ) It's interesting, this was a fantasy position of mine for years but it wasn't till last year on my birthday that I got to act it out with my wife. Looking forward to all of you reading the story. I also looked for similar stories here on MH but never found any so I posted mine, funny that yours came out right before.

  9. christmakesithot says:

    Different question, on MH, how can one add to their bio? I noticed that some authors have some info about themselves. I like this because I can read about the author and that helps me understand their point of view better. (For example having kids or not, I want advice from a couple who have raised their kids, and their children are still passionate for Christ, and the couple are still pastorate for each other 🙂 lol, not that I can't take advice from others but it's a lot easier to respect from someone who's walked through the fire.) That is just one example, I'm not trying to make a point about raising kids 🙂

    • Marriage Heat says:

      You have a valid point, but with the number of people registered daily on MH, we find it difficult to police the bio contents. We were considering removing them altogether. Anonymity is a cornerstone of MH policy. We will give more thought to how best to address this issue.

  10. christmakesithot says:

    I'm really thankful for MH's focus to maintain anonymity, I know it's a dangerous line.

    I know it's a lot of website work, but maybe to fill out a bio it could be multiple choice. For example: How many years have you been married? 1-5, 5-15, 15+.

    Have multiple choice on basic questions to be able to fill out a basic bio.

    I know it's easier said than done 🤑😬😰

  11. Horny_boy says:

    Hot hot ! You and your wife just became my sex mentors!! I thought I was the only one who did this.
    3 years ago when I was a teen I imagined what it would be like getting sucked by my wife. I'm blessed with size too and I could reached the head of my penis and part of the length , I didn't orgasm and it felt weird because I was thinking that that's the job of my future wife… it was a little bit uncomfortable because I lack elasticity but your story with your wife is really hot! I think God wants us to enjoy oral sex and I pray that my future wife and I would enjoy oral sex to the fullest!

  12. 1blessedman says:

    I know this is an older thread. Just thought I would give a thumbs up to this one. Back in my flexible years, I was able to suck my cock head, as well. Seems as if there are many more explorers out there!

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