Short But Sweet

So very glad that God saw fit to bring this man into my life. I love having sex with him and how it brings us closer together.

We started out with some 69. I was on top. That’s really the only way we can do it. He’s just too big to do it the other way.

When I was good and wet and ready for more, I pulled up off of his dick. “I need this monster inside me,” I said.

I got on my back and slid to the edge of the bed. He stood at the very end, his cock jutting out from his body. He was so hard, and it was so big! I put my legs up his body with my ankles on his shoulders. He reached under my ass to line me up with his cock then slid all the way in.

He went nice and slow at first, then steadily began to pound it into me. When he gets going it really is a good pounding.

I put a hand down to start playing with my clit because I knew that I wanted to cum this way. It wasn’t too long before I felt the first stirrings of my orgasm coming. He pulled up under my ass again to change the angle and that did it. I came loudly as I clenched down HARD on him. He groaned but held off from cumming.

When I finally released him he slid gently out of my pussy and said, “Turn over.”

I knew how he wanted me so I got face down, ass up. I felt him place the head of his cock against my freshly plowed pussy. He slid it home once again.

This time he held nothing back and railed me good. He had a hold of my hips and was just slamming me back onto himself. I felt totally at his mercy and it was amazing.

He grunted loudly and pulled out, aimed his cock at my asshole and came! Hot jizz bathed my pucker as it spurted out of him. I felt it running down my ass and over my pussy.

Then I felt his tongue against my asshole, cleaning me…

And that was that.

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8 replies
    • Lovinghusband says:

      I agree NaughtyWife58. There is something extra extra erotic seeing my cum all in and around my wife's "pucker". The thought of it makes me hard. Anyway – just wanted to chime in on your thought. God bless you. LH

    • mrandmrshumperdink says:

      thank you. there's something about feeling his tongue cleaning me up, especially around my asshole, that really gets me going.

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