In my story “Anticipated Heat,” I wrote of my husband’s craving for me. I talked about craving him when travelling on business. And about how we were able to meet for hot love and sex.

While apart we exchange sexual emails and SMS. It doesn’t take me all the way, but it does arouse me. My panties get very wet! He describes that he is wanking and ready to cum. Then he messages me that when he gets home again he is going to make me cum!

Sometimes he is the first one home, but when I am, I prepare myself for his arrival. When I hear him unlock the door and enter our home, I await him in the middle of the hall. I let my short nightie slip to the floor. Standing nude for him, my nipples firm up as I touch and manipulate them. We smile at each other as he takes me in his arms, and we deep tongue-kiss each other. With his cock rising in his jeans, I unzip him and bring out his dick. I kneel in front of him for a much needed cock suck. He talks to me in arousing words.

“Oh, darling, suck me, please.” I tease him when he begs, but I need to orgasm as well. He lifts me up and leads me to the living room. He lays me down on the couch. I look up at him as he undresses while I finger my pussy to wetness. His cock is surrounded by his hand, massaging it into full hardness. I widen my legs, ready to receive him.

He leans down between my legs and guides his cock into me. The in and out sliding motion of his dick brings us both to a quick boil and cum release. For the moment it has taken off the edge. Our next session of wanton lust will take hours.

During our meal, we discussed our trips. I have more wine while sitting on his lap, doing a lap dance. That helped him harden his cock. He pulls me towards his kissable lips. We begin to heat up again for an evening and night of erotic love – everything that we both enjoy, from anal to spanking!

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