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More Than We Expected

Before the pandemic, my husband and I often traveled for work. When possible, we’d arrange to spend a night together in a hotel. It was sex to the max, from foreplay to intercourse. But in the past year, we have been working from home. We’ve also discovered more of each other’s sexual needs—more than either […]

Heated Thoughts (F)

This post contains fantasy (F) You can read more about our annotations here. My darling and I let our love flow. It’s never scheduled; we just let it happen. And the mood arises often! Whether in bed or other places in our home, we are always there for each other. We take “love risks” in […]


In my story “Anticipated Heat,” I wrote of my husband’s craving for me. I talked about craving him when travelling on business. And about how we were able to meet for hot love and sex. While apart we exchange sexual emails and SMS. It doesn’t take me all the way, but it does arouse me. […]

Anticipated Heat

I travel for my work, and so does my husband. Often we end up near each other and can arrange to meet at a hotel. When that happens, the anticipation for both of us is almost unbearable. We usually meet at the lounge. The moment we see each other, my man takes me into his […]