Anticipated Heat

I travel for my work, and so does my husband. Often we end up near each other and can arrange to meet at a hotel. When that happens, the anticipation for both of us is almost unbearable.

We usually meet at the lounge. The moment we see each other, my man takes me into his arms for a long-awaited kiss. He teases me with his tongue, licking around my lips and then into my wet mouth.

My nipples stiffen. I would love to tear open my shirt right there and then, so he could suckle me.  People see us locked in our kiss, but we don’t mind them at all. I feel his cock harden against my pussy. It’s damp from wanting him so badly.

We had planned to have dinner, but now we decide to postpone it. Hand in hand, we head for the elevator. It’s a good thing we are alone on the ride up. He reaches under my short dress.

“Oh, you naughty girl. No panties!” he says.  Then he whispers in my ear, “Touch me. Touch my cock.”

But I don’t have the opportunity because the doors slide open. We’ve reached our floor. We can barely contain ourselves as we rush down the hall to our room.

As he unlocks the door, I get a good feel of his throbbing needy cock. Following him into the room, I turn to flip the security bar on the door. As I spin back around, a welcome view of his stiff exposed cock greets me.

He lifts my dress, and seeing me without undergarments is too much for him. He carries me to the sofa and lays me down gently.

I am so wet.  I want his tongue in my pussy.  Without hesitating, he buries his face in my pussy, and I feel that amazing tongue work its magic!

Oh, the pleasure he gives me! I cum hard within minutes.  That takes the edge off in anticipation of a more extended love session to come.

I may have calmed down, but my husband is still painfully erect. So I wrap my hand around his dick and begin to massage him. The increasing volume of his moans signal that he is ready to cum. I move down and wrap my lips around his hard cock. It’s not long before he ejaculates into my mouth. That’s the pinnacle of intimacy for us both.

But that isn’t enough for us since we won’t see each other for the next five days. We both want more!

It doesn’t take much for us to work each other back up to readiness. Then we go all the way. He thrusts his cock deep inside me, sliding in and out.  The joining of our bodies satisfies us to the fullest and expresses the intensity of our love.

We eventually make it to a midnight diner, but not before several hours of pleasuring each other over and over. It will have to hold us until we can be together again.

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3 replies
  1. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    I like this story. Descriptive enough so one can appreciate what is happening, yet not too descriptive so as to let the imagination fill in the blanks. I liked how you said "It’s not long before he ejaculates into my mouth". Some authors prefer to describe in greater detail this kind of event, details like volume and amount of time, which I find a too over-descriptive. Sometimes "less is more". Thank you.

  2. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    I know how hard it can be on a marriage to be apart for long periods. While my hubby was in college and I was in the service, we could only see each other every other weekend. Good on ya' for making a way to top off each others "love tank" as often as you can.

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