Extreme Chat – Wanna Play? (L)

We were newlyweds and did not have Whatsapp back then, so when we were apart we used an Internet Chat Program and shared some very wild thoughts.

My wife had had one of her first multi-orgasms – 14 at one session, to be exact! So her “handle” was Super14. I was the devoted Clit Licker who caused the 14 orgasms. Thus, my handle was CL.

Here’s a lengthy conversation exactly as it happened between us……

It started with her telling me that she had just spoken to her brother. The guy was 35 and still single. I responded…..

CL: That is so fucking awful.

Super14: Did you just say fuck?

CL: Yes, I did. And fuck is nice!

Super14: Oh yes.  With you it is fantastic.

CL: Very nice.

Super14: I agree. Maybe you need some help wanking your cock?

CL: Yes, I need urgent help.

Super14: That is a great idea.

CL: What do you like to do?

Super14: Only “One Thing” to play with  – yours.

CL: You are a wild thing. Tell me more about that.

Super14: I want to play with you.

CL: With my what?  Do you remember what I told you? I want to pull your panty to the side and then push my cock into you next to your panty.

Super14: I remember. I want to play with you.

CL: MmmmmMMMMmmmmm.

Super14: Slowly with lots of oil. Gentle and with so much love.

CL: Yes! But I want to tell you something first.

Super14: OK. Listening.

CL: I told you that I want to put my cock into your pussy.

Super14: Yes.

CL: While you still have your panty on.

Super14: Yes, I remember.

CL: But first, I want to lick you and suck you through your panty.

Super14: Oh that sounds so nice – Do it!  I want you to do it.

CL: And then I want to pull it to one side and push myself into you, and just mess up your panty with my cum.

Super14: Oh that sounds so good.  I will be dripping.

CL: Can you believe it is already past midnight?

Super14: OK. Good night.

CL: Are you mad?

Super14: If you dare to say good night now I will beat you!!

CL: What then? Are you not going to play with my joystick again?

Super14: I will get in my car and find you and…

CL: And what ????????????????

Super14: I will climb through your window, rip all your clothes off, and tie you to your bed.

CL: Wow! So I am naked. Then what?

Super14: I will then play with my sweet little pussy while you can only watch.

CL: Oh Glory. Tell me more.

Super14: I want to watch you get super hard and beg me for release.

CL: You won’t be able to see me get hard. I will be hard like steel even before I am fully tied up….. but I will be begging and dripping like a leaking tap.

Super14: I want to see your cock pulsing against your stomach with every beat of your heart. And then I want to touch and caress your entire body. I want to lick you and kiss you everywhere except….THERE.

CL: That is not fair!

Super14: You will beg me. “Please! Just touch it.”

CL: You are torturing me.

Super14: Yes. And I will say, ”No, you bastard. You were the one who wanted to say Good Night when I did not want to.” And I will watch you get so swollen that it will hurt. You will want to explode but cannot.

CL: I think I will just lie there and cum into the air.

Super14: Then I will put you in my mouth and suck you and lick you, but not enough for you to cum. You will suffer. Oh yes, I will come and sit on your cock, facing away from you, and watch myself in the mirror. I will watch your cock as it slowly enters my pussy as I sit down and rise up again on it. Over and over and over.

CL: Oh I love this!

Super14: I will lift up until you nearly slip out, but not quite. And then I will come down again very slowly. You will feel every fold of my secret garden as your foreskin pulls back and exposes that purple head.

CL: And you want to see that in the mirror? Watching yourself?

Super14: Yes. I want to watch myself in the mirror. And then I want to taste you. I want to taste my juices on your cock.

CL: I want to see as I slide into you.

Super14: And after licking my juices off you, I want to slide you into my pussy again. A little bit of hand-play.  Then licking you and then sliding you into me again and again. You will beg me for release!

CL: It sounds so good. But by then I will break those damn ropes and take you!

Super14: You will not be able to get free.You will beg me to allow you to cum. But I will not give you release. You will lie there and suffer with your throbbing cock. All nicely tied-up.

CL: And you call yourself my friend?!

Super14: You will lie there and start cumming and cumming with no control. I am going to enjoy every moment of your suffering.

CL: I love the idea! Please, you must do this to me.

Super14: I want to see your balls pulling up as you start unloading in me. I want to see in the mirror when you cum and pump your cock into me.

CL: Fuck. Oh Fuck!

Super14: Then I want to lick you clean. No towel or toilet paper! I want to lick off every drop of cum and clean you. I will enjoy every drop of our mixed juices.

CL: Shit, that sounds so good. I have to get some soft ropes for us to play with.

Super14: I must be honest and tell you that I thought it would shock you to hear this from me. I really want to do it.

CL: You cannot shock me.

Super14: Thank you so much. It is so wonderful to be able to share my dreams and fantasies with you without being judged.

CL: Your dreams are my dreams. I will tell you later what I am going to do to you when I get my hands on you.

Super14: Thank you. You are so sexy and beautiful and perfect for me. I want to make food for you and sit on your lap and feed you while you are still tied up and cannot touch me. I want to dance for you just beyond your reach and see the lust in your eyes for my body.

CL: You really want to make me suffer tonight.

Super14: Yes I do. Until you cannot help yourself from playing with your cock.

CL: If you are close to me I do not need much encouragement!

Super14: I want to rub my pussy against you. I want you to feel my wetness through my panty.

CL: That would be heaven!

Super14: I want to rub myself against your leg and press my clit against your knee.

CL: I want to see how wet your panty is. I want you to rub against me until you cum.

Super14: I will do that, but then I want to start dancing again and play with my pussy in every possible way for you to watch. I want you to look at me while I do that. I want to see the lust and desire in your eyes.

CL: Tell me what you want to do.

Super14: I will use all my toys and the green scarf that you gave me. I saw the other night that if I pull that scarf through my pussy lips it gives me some extreme sensations. Especially if my clit is super sensitive like it is now.

CL: Yesssss. Is it now? Is your clit super sensitive now?

Super14: Very! I am so hot that I can cum very quickly. That green scarf has some golden threads that are slightly rough. They scratch over my little clit, and that makes me cum so fast.

CL: I want to smell your scarf, but after you have used it to play in your pussy. Does it smell of you?

Super14: Yes it does.

CL: Then I want it back. Are you playing with your pussy now?

Super14: Of course I am. How could I resist it with all the chatting going on?

CL: Oh, that makes me so happy. I want to see you playing with your scarf. I want to watch you pull it through your pussy lips. I want to see you pushing it into your pussy while you put your vibrator on your clit or while you rub that little button with your fingers. You must not be gentle. I want you to be rough. Very rough. I always want to be gentle with you but I would love to see you being totally wild and rough with yourself. After you have cum a few times it will be my turn to do what I want to do. I am going to tie you with your legs totally spread open.

Super14: And? What do you want to do to me?

CL: I will tie your hands above your head to make sure that you are completely helpless.  There will be no protection for your pussy.

Super14: I am so wet. I am dripping.

CL: Totally at my mercy. But there will be no mercy – nothing. Then I am going to use “things” in your pussy while I suck and bite your clit.

Super14: What “things” are you talking about?

CL: And I am not going to let you cum. I will keep you on the verge of an orgasm for 30 minutes. You will just start to cum and I will stop. Then I will just blow over your clit to cool it down and make it even harder.

Super14: You are a monster. There cannot be a worse punishment than that.

CL: You deserve it because you have punished me to the extreme.

Super14: Oh I love this. Tell me more. You have no idea how horny I am at the moment.

CL: You must beg for release.

Super14: I will beg. I promise you. I will beg.

CL: Then I am going to blindfold you so that you will have no idea what to expect next. I am going to use every toy that we have. Maybe even that lovely cucumber that I saw in the fridge before I left. Your pussy will be all mine and you will beg. Maybe you will even cry because you will be so wet and sensitive. But I will not let you cum. You will beg. I will pretend not to hear you……and then!

Super14: Then what?

CL: Then I am going to suck your clit very softly. You will scarcely feel my tongue moving. It will be like the wings of a butterfly. You will have to concentrate so much on your clit just to feel my tongue. You will start swearing and begging me. Then I will go even slower and softer.

By this time you will be so wet that you will be dripping. You’ll be so open that I will be able to push my hand into you – and I am going to push it into you! And then I will suck the tip of your clit and it will feel as if your heart is pulsing in it. I will hear a sound coming from the depth of your belly. Maybe you have never screamed when you cum, but you will scream then!  You will scream as you have never done before.

Super14: Ohhhh–I am going to cum. Fuuuuck I am cumming. I’m cummming.

CL: Don’t stop! Cum for me, you sexy thing. My cum is already over my hands and legs and on the floor.

Super14: My pussy is on fire. Ohhh ffuuuuccck. Fuck fuck fuck. I am fingering myself. I am going to cum again.

And she screamed.  

Wow….did she scream!

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16 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    WOW! This was super hot Climaxx! My cunt is dripping after reading this my friend. And I agree, "Fuck" is indeed very nice! Thank you for sharing. Gonna read this to Ben later tonight. Hopefully have some fun ourselves. God bless and stay horny!

    • Mark says:

      I know it made me super hard. I love anal play and a lot of foreplay. Really got my cock throbbing and oozing pre- from the head of my swollen cock as I stroked it…. I stay horny all the time…. Lol

  2. ClimaXX says:

    Horney GG I just love your response. This is NOT a made-up story. I just had to translate it because English is not our first language. As I did, I also had quite a problem with certain body parts begging for attention.

  3. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    This is a great story! I LOVE "dirty" talk with my hubby, saying and hearing all the kinky things we want to do to each other, while together or apart.Texting is okay, but it's so hard to type "I'm cumming!" while I'm cumming. 😁 And, like your wife in this situation, I have to *tell* him I screamed; he doesn't get to hear it. Much prefer phone sex. I suppose Skype or Google Hangouts or even a video call would make it even better, these days. Ah, the blessings of modern technology!

  4. Lovinghusband says:

    ClimaXX – we all use hyperbole from time to time. But, this is not hyperbole: This is one of the hottest stories I've ever read. If someone has a hard time getting horny – read this story! If the horny-ness in this story were like a rainstorm – then, this storm causes floods. I'm working and decided to take a peek at MH. Oh my! I read this story and I'm on fire! Your story instantly turned "Marriage Heat: into "Marriage Sun Burst"! If I listed all the things I liked about this back and forth story – I would have to write a book. By the way, I don't know what you first language is – but you've mastered English as a sex language. Like CHL said, I was so turned on by the "dirty" talk. That is in my DNA. If I had to mention one thing that stood out – when Super14 announced "I'm cumming". That was overwhelmingly sexy. I need to go find a fire hose connected to an iceberg in order to cool down from this. Great job. Thank you for taking us on this wild ride. God bless you both. LH

  5. PatientPassion says:

    I don't comment too often, but I had to for this one. I want to do this so badly with my future wife! The vulnerability of sharing such intimate and extreme fantasies in both directions with no judgement and with mutual enjoyment instead is such a beautiful picture. Not to mention the content of those fantasies and the anticipation and act of fulfilling them, which is another scorching-hot matter altogether!

    Thank you so much for this post ClimaXX! I'll have to start writing some of my own fantasy stories again, and I think you've given me another idea!

  6. ClimaXX says:

    I really did not expect these very positive reactions to my story. Thank you so much. I have a section in my PC where I have stored quite a few of our chats. Maybe….. I might share another one soon.
    I hope you guys enjoy some good sex or a Super Masturbation Time after reading it.

  7. iwantiteveryday says:

    Wow, I'm with Patientpassion, I don't normally comment often but, with this kind of post that you posted it reminded me of my very similar phone chats I've had as well.

    This was a very hot phone chat you had with your wife!

    Looking forward to reading more of your phone chats with your wife!

  8. Old Lover says:

    Wow! As I read the dialog, my imagination took over picturing and hearing my sweet Anne. Suddenly my willy (she loves to tantalize me by sexily referring to ‘him’) begged to be stroked. I haven’t cum so fast and hard in a long time, and Anne would have loved hearing and seeing me jack-off for us. Thanks for an amazing, horny chat!

  9. ClimaXX says:

    Old Lover, No man! Go and read this with your wife and then, while you guys are reading it, you can play nice and loooong. I think that sexy text messages are such a tremendous blessing and can create so much fun. Let us make this week a TEXT TO PLAY week!

  10. ClimaXX says:

    I think I have the perfect challenge for ALL OF YOU. Open this story on your mobile phones. Then husband and wife play the roles of me and my wife. You each read your part out loud and "play" this story all the way, and THEN…….come back here and tell us about it.

  11. BlessedCouple says:

    Thanks ClimaXX for sharing this story. The thought of my wife tying and teasing me like this would be very exciting. She struggles with the idea of seeing me bound, so she is taking control in another way. I will share one of our experiences in the future.

  12. PacMan says:

    🔥🔥 This was so wild! On the one hand, it made me laugh b/c in my marriage we have always been verbally bashful and rarely ever have a whole “dirty” talk conversation…. and this was way beyond our means in our early years. On the other hand, I was pulled into the fantasy of doing this with my wife now, and WOW this made my cock ready to explode! Gotta go!!! 💦

    • ClimaXX says:

      Packman, Dirty Talk when it is verbal is more difficult than when you text one another. Try it. Love it. Use it. It can be so extremely sexy.

  13. ClimaXX says:

    I shared this experience more than 2 years ago. I just read it again and now I have a massive erection. I will have to pour some warm coconut oil on my cock and invite my wife to join me as we read it together.

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