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A Sexy Phone Call

Allow me to make a statement.  I LOVE MAKING LOVE TO MY WIFE!  The only thing that comes even close to making love with and to her is masturbating with her. We have been masturbating together for many years, and it has become a fun and creative method to our sex life we both look […]

The “Cum-A-Thon” (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L) and anal play (A). You can read about annotations in our guidelines. Allow me to share ‘the plot’ with you first. Lucy and I try our best to have at least one Cum-a-then every 3 to 4 months. (This is like a marathon, but it involves multiple orgasms.) The […]

Like a Flash

Your planning was perfect.  You spent time on yourself, getting the shortest dress from your wardrobe and shaving your delicious pussy.  You knew I would be alone at my office—apart from my receptionist, and she’s very aware of the wild blood that pumped through our veins.  Just before leaving for my office, you use your […]

The Show (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L) and involves anal play (A). You can read about annotations in our guidelines. Last night was the most exciting and sensual “disappointment” possible.  You can read about it here. I was invited to a solo masturbation show by my wife, but we ended up on the kitchen table making […]

A Mind-blowing Handjob (L)

This story contains strong language (L). You can read more about annotations here. Where she got the idea remains a mystery, and I will not spoil it by asking too many questions—but what she did blew my mind. She walked up to me and said, “Get rid of ALL your clothes and follow me!” Obedience […]

A Massage with a Happy Ending

Any good massage therapist has one thing on top of his or her list of professional ethics, and that is to avoid any exchange of sexual energy with their clients. So, if you go for a massage and you get any sort of a sexual vibe with your Massage Therapist, I strongly suggest you find […]

A Quickie – On the Desk

Your body shakes as the shock waves crash through you. It is the unmistakable satisfaction of a super-horny woman.For a moment, you lie still and then comes an almost inaudible sigh. “Thank you—that was fucking great. Just what I needed.” The next moment you jump up, pull your dress down to cover your naked pussy […]