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The Big Question

The Big Question – What Does He Want in the Bedroom? Allow me to start off by saying that it is Godly for your husband to want sex. He was created that way. There is nothing wrong with him having a healthy sexual appetite. There is also nothing wrong with him if he enjoys it, […]

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Licking my Wounds

What does it really mean to “lick your wounds”? This is not an erotic story. But it might help you to have more erotic days and nights if you apply the truth I want to share with you. You might be losing out because you “lick your wounds.” The correct English word for this is […]

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Loose the Tiger

The response to my recent post “How Often is Enough - and Why?” was eye-opening. Many people told tales of dead bedrooms and spouses uninterested in improving the situation. My wife and I wrote a series of messages that we used to minister to wives who were battling in their marriages. Some had problems with […]

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Wives, Speak up!

Are you a shy little mouse? I don’t mean scared at functions and parties. I mean, do you have difficulty talking about sex with your husband and letting him know what feels good in bed? Have you ever told him what you want? What will give you joy in bed? Even reading these words may […]

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Sexy Texts from Fiancé

I want to share some more sexy text messages between my wife and me. These I received when she was still my wife-to-be. But I first need to give some explanation. We met when she came to me for professional services. The day I first saw her, my heart jumped out of my chest. I […]

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How Often is Enough – And Why?

I have a number of people who pre-read some of my material for me. I want to share a letter that I received from one of them and my response to it. This entire thing is about How Often do I Need to have Sex with my Husband? What is fair? When is enough, enough? […]

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A Surprise Visit

Allow me to take you back more than 12 years. We were newly wed. My wife gave me something that she wrote for me before we married but did not share with me at the time. I only received this much later. This was her fantasy .... I decided to take some of my toys […]

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