She Wanted to Watch (L)

This post contains strong language (L).

I have watched my Lucy masturbate so many times, and yet it remains one of my biggest turn-ons.  We often masturbate together, but this was a game with a different plot…

Lucy: “Maxx, you watch me so often when I play for you, and I always try to do everything that I know you like and whatever you ask at that moment, but….”

Me: “But what?  What do you have up your sleeve?”

Lucy: “I want you to play with yourself, and I want you to do whatever I ask you to do.  I want to be in control.  I want you to play with your cock while I watch you, but you must not do it for your pleasure; it is ALL for my pleasure and my enjoyment!”

I took a deep breath and immediately felt my cock responding to her words.  Her eyes were so full of lust for her husband that I could feel my pulse rate increasing.   “Okay!  When is this planned for?”

Lucy:  “Today!  But it starts right now.  We are alone so we can do whatever we want inside or outside our home.  I want you to take off all your clothes and walk around the house naked for the rest of the afternoon.  You may not touch yourself unless I tell you so, and you are at my beck and call for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Are you okay with that?”

I was so ready for that!  I also knew that Lucy was going to see just how ready I was the moment I dropped my trousers.  And I was right; the moment I dropped my pants and released my hard cock, she responded…

Lucy:  “Great! I can see by the way your cock is already dripping pre-cum on the floor that you are excited about my suggestion.  Now, for a start, I want you to pull back your foreskin all the way to expose your head and leave it that way until I decide differently.”

She turned around and walked into the kitchen.  I stood there and wondered what was going to happen next.  I did not have to wait long because she called me, and when I walked into the kitchen, she was sitting at the kitchen table with the chair swung out so that she was facing me.  She stared at my erection.

Lucy: “Bring it here!   Come and stand closer. Now, I want you to put your cockhead on my tongue and very slowly open and close the foreskin just so that I can get some of that pre-cum on my tongue. Squeeze your cock from the back to feed me some of your juices.  Oh, yes! This tastes so good.  Give me more.  Now I want you to go and fetch your cock ring and the bottle of coconut oil, and then come back to me.

Lucy is not usually one for taking control like this. But although she was slightly out of her depth, it was clear she was having fun, and I was enjoying the experience as well.  As I came back into the kitchen, she was still sitting at the table.  “Put on your cock ring because I want you to be super hard and swollen.  Now, come take off my panties so that my pussy can get some fresh air.  My panty is getting spoiled because it is so wet that I am dripping on the chair!”

I was very quick to obey.  As I slid her panty down her legs, she put one foot on the table so that she was spread wide open.  Her pussy lips were dark red with blood flow, and her clit stood out like a little cock.  It was clear that my wife was extremely horny; her juices were running down her crack and dripping onto the chair.

Lucy:  “I think you will have to come and clean me with your tongue before we continue with your show.  Now do a good job because my pussy is screaming for attention.  Yes, that feels so good.  Start at the bottom and lick all the way up to my clit!  That feels wonderful; now all the way down again and start all over.  I think my clit needs special attention.  It might need to be cleaned more than the rest of my little wet pussy.”

I puckered my lips and forced her clit to stand out more and more… and then I bit her clit—not hard, but the reaction was perfect!  Lucy screamed and had a series of orgasms.  She was shaking and using language unfitting for a lady, except when the lady is enjoying a tongue-fuck from her experienced lover.  I stuck my tongue into her pussy as far as I could and then started bobbing my head to penetrate her with my tongue as deeply as possible.

Lucy: “Oh fuck, Maxx!   Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!  Don’t stop.  Bite me again.  It is exquisite pain.  Yes! Harder.  Bite me!  Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuck!”  And then she went completely limp.

My cock was so hard and dripping so much that I wanted to put it inside her swollen pussy and fuck her brains out, but I was not in control.

It took her a while to land back on earth again.  She looked into my eyes and then very slowly dropped her eyes down to my cock.

Lucy: You can now come and play with your monster by rubbing the head up and down over my clit.  Keep the head open; I want to watch it as it moves up and down.  Now hand me my phone.  I am going to make a video of you while you play with your cock.  Before you do anything, I want you to pour some coconut oil over that beautiful cock, and then you can come and see what it does to me.”

Coconut oil is the best lubricant that you can find.  We love it.  I poured it over my open cockhead and made sure I was well lubricated.  Lucy was spread as wide as she could be; I stepped closer and put my cock against her clit and very slowly moved it in small circles.

She was so wet.  I was shocked to see how turned on my wife was.  She was taking a close-up video of my cock circling her clit…  and then she started cumming.  She was fighting against herself to keep the video rolling because she was having a mind-blowing orgasm.  The only words she got out were, “Don’t cum, Maxx!  Don’t cum!  Ohhh, fuck, this looks so good! Look at my clit!  Look!  It is p-p-pulsing…”. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she shook violently.  What an exquisite sight she was.

She put her free hand against my chest and pushed me away.  I stood there looking at my wife’s exquisite pussy with my pre-cum dripping on the floor.  Lucy took a few seconds to compose herself, stood up, took off all her clothes, and walked past me in the direction of our living room.  But, as she passed me she took hold of my cock and “dragged” me along.  As we were walking she was circling my head with her thumb.  It was a “heaven-on-earth” experience with my lover.  Her nipples were so hard and dark red.  I don’t think I have seen her in such a state before.

Lucy: “Go and sit on that chair.  I will sit here and watch you while you perform for me.  Show me what gives you the most pleasure.”  Our chairs were less than 2 meters apart giving both of us perfect close-up vision of the objects of our lust for one another.  She hooked her legs onto the soft armrests of her chair and was spread wide open for me to watch.   I was so fucking horny and I wanted to cum so desperately, but this was for my lover and not for me.

I used my one hand to cup my balls and circle the bottom part of my cock, preventing my foreskin from closing over my swollen and very sensitive head.  I poured more coconut oil over my cock and then tossed the plastic bottle to Lucy.

Me: “Get that pussy oiled, Lucy.  You are going to need it because your pussy is calling for attention.  I want you to watch my hands as I make love to my cock. See how slowly I move my hand down over my head.  Can you see how swollen it is?  It is so fucking sensitive!  Watch how I make small movements just over the head.  Can you see the pre-cum running over my hand? My head is purple and so sensitive.  It feels as if I have disappeared and now I am nothing but a cock.  Watch me now.  See how I am running small circular movements with my hand just around the head.”

By this time Lucy’s fingers were fucking her pussy at an incredible speed.  She was staring at my cock and watching everything I was doing.  Her face was flustered and her mouth was open.  She was so close to another orgasm.  I got up and walked over to her and stood with my cock right in front of her face, pushing the head through my fingers.  She stared at the head….  and lost control.  She was cumming and shaking and squirting all at the same time.  And I just could not hold back any longer.  I came all over her neck and boobs.  It was running down to her tummy and then I aimed at her pussy and hit the mark.

I fell to my knees and buried my face between her legs and started licking my cum from her pussy. Lucy grabbed me behind my head and forced my face into her.  My tongue darted in and out while she started coming down from her orgasm.  We were in quite a mess but so deeply satisfied.

We just sat together for about 10 minutes.  Nothing was said. We just held one another and enjoyed the skin-on-skin closeness and heat from our naked bodies.   Lucy was the first one to speak.

“That was so sexy.   You have to do it for me again tonight.  I want to see it again, but now let’s go and have a nice, hot shower.   I came so many times that I think I owe you one.  Bring the oil.  I want to make you cum in the shower.   You are going to face the wall, bend forward and spread your legs. I am going to pull your cock through your legs from behind, and finger your arse while I work my magic just to make it special.”

We both knew that there was still a lot of loving going to happen in the next few hours.

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  1. texasman76 says:

    This was so hot!! I am so horny now. My wife is gone on errands and may have to stroke for a while. Such awesome, uninhibited pleasure shared between husband and wife!

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