Wishing You Were Here (L)

Hello, my love; I wish you were here.  I’m hungry for you again.  Ravenous waves crash over my body, and my breasts are full and ache for your touch.  I strip off my top and remove my bra.  My breasts hang loose, the night air caressing my nipples in the dark, quiet bedroom.  I lie down on the bed and slowly caress my breasts.  Pleasure washes over me as my pussy grows wet, hungry to be touched.

I pull down my pants and underwear, tossing them to the side of the bed.  My newfound freedom excites me even more.  I feel a trickle of wetness between my pussy lips and slide my fingers between them to dampen and stroke my clit.  This feeling is incredible.

Desire surges through me.  I want you here with me, watching me, devouring me with your eyes with a smile on your face as you stroke your dick that, by now, would stand proudly at attention.  I love watching you touch yourself.  My pussy gets even wetter if that is humanly possible.

Now, I circle my swollen clit and drag my fingernails across the sensitive surface. This feels so good, baby.  I muffle my groans into my pillow, wishing it was just me and you in our own home.  I want to be as loud as I want; the thought of it makes me even hotter.

Pleasure swirls around my body, and I shake as I cum, soaking my fingers with my juices.  I have grown to love the smell of my pussy-soaked fingers.  I slowly lick the cum off of my fingers, tasting the desire on my lips.  I pant as my body slowly relaxes, and a feeling of calm overtakes me.  I long to snuggle close, to be in your arms, and hear the beautiful rhythm of your heartbeat caressing my ears.  I sigh.

Then, realizing that you would still be hard, I smile and close my eyes.  I have always wanted to suck your beautiful cock, pulsing with strength and arousal.  I imagine taking you into my mouth, licking the precum off with each circle of my tongue on your head.  Your dick would quiver with excitement.

In my mind, I stop for a few seconds and your wet cock slips out of my mouth.  I blow on it, watching it grow even harder.

“Babe, please… don’t stop.” That’s what you’d say.

“You want me, baby?  You want to be inside me?  You want to fuck me hard?”  I say the words aloud, a seductive smile on my face.  “Come take me, my love.” I lie back on the bed and spread my legs apart.

I lube up my dildo and rub it against my wet slit.  Slowly, I push it inside me, gasping, wide-eyed, as it stretches me.  I have to pause for a moment and then push again, gently… further… until it goes all the way in.  I close my eyes and turn on the power.

“Fuck me good, baby,” I growl as the dildo thrusts into me—slowly at first, but then I increase the speed.  Waves of pleasure wash over me; I cum hard. My body shakes, and then I cum again, only longer this time.  I turn the vibrations even higher and scream into the pillow as unbelievable pleasure shakes me to my core.

In my mind, I hear you groan as your body releases spurts of cum into me.  I love feeling you cum inside me.

I turn off the dildo and just let it rest inside me for a few minutes, my sheets wet with the river of pussy juices that gushed out.  A contented smile graces my lips as I pull out the toy and place it alongside me.  Then I pull the weighted blanket up over my naked body and nuzzle into my pillow.  I close my eyes and dream of snuggling with you, basking in the glow of amazing love.  Before sleep overtakes me, I whisper a prayer of thanks for sending me a godly sexy husband.

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7 replies
  1. Fearless Lunk says:

    If anyone wondered what it looks like to be single and masturbate to thoughts of a future spouse, this post is PERFECT. It was sensual, imaginative, and embraced one’s sexual needs and the joy of release. Made me hard as I read it!!

  2. MiSWRAPP says:

    Steamy and the reality of being single and horny! I could have written this because it is so relateable to me right now. Here’s to hoping your future hubby finds you soon…I’m sure he will be happy to hear all about your masturbation rendezvous to thoughts of him. 😉

  3. SouthernHeat says:

    Such a well written and sexy story of Self pleasure and self love ! Fantasizing about the future times with the loving Husband has for you . Nicely done

  4. SilverGold says:

    Beautifully written. Sensuous. Expressive. Raw desire. Real. Titillating. Glorious. Relatable. Sexy. Intimate. Desire. Ecstatic. Satisfying. Please write more!!!

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