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Gen 2:21 So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh. Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.

For several years, I have tried to imagine Adam and Eve’s initial sexual encounters. Did Adam have libido before taking his nap? Was he the first man to fall asleep before sex? (Hmm, maybe I should try taking a nap before sex instead of afterward.)

Remember what follows is a story, with some fantasy and metaphors mixed in.

I walked over to the small pool at the edge of the meadow and scooped up several handfuls of cool refreshing water to quench my thirst. At the far edge of the pool, a small stream cascaded down from the rock ledge above, creating a waterfall. Standing under it to wash away the morning’s sweat, I looked out upon the surrounding meadow.

While the morning’s work had been satisfying, I had a gnawing feeling of something missing. As I identified each of the animals grazing in the meadow, I saw they moved about in pairs. Looking up into the trees at the edge of the pool, I could see the twittering birds sang in pairs as well. Having been refreshed in the pool, I climbed up the bank to discover a suitable resting place. I soon drifted off into a deep sleep.

I looked down upon the body lying there in the grass. A hand reached into the body. In mere moments, a second body appeared that I recognized as looking much like the first one. I wanted to go to it, to be near it, to touch it but something blocked my attempts to get closer. The hand disappeared. The body moved and quietly slipped into the pool and stood beneath the waterfall.

When I came out of my dream and opened my eyes, the magnificent creature that had been playing beneath the waterfall was now standing at my feet. My heart never pounded this hard before now. My mouth went dry. I had difficulty breathing. And why do I have this whatever it is? My penis had never been swollen and erect like this.

My eyes were in overload. Tiny rivulets of water cascaded down her hair, dropped to her neck, and slithered down to her… “Stop,” a voice in my head declared! “Look up into her face. It’ll win you points later.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I retorted, to no one in particular.

Another voice, one I already knew, interrupted the argument in my head. He had noticed that something was missing, and said that the creature he had just created was for me, and together we were to enjoy his creation through our own recreation and creative work.

1 Corinthians 10:31, NIV: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

“Hi. My name is Adam. How does the name Eve sound to you?”

“I like it.”

Her voice was unlike any I had heard. I wanted to hear more. I’ll let her continue this story.


I saw Adam looking to my eyes, but I knew he wanted to look elsewhere. I dropped to my knees, placing them on either side of his legs. Planting my hands on the ground, I slowly lowered my head to his chest. Hesitation melted away when my skin touched his. I could feel his heart beating. In the recesses of my mind, I could remember hearing that beat and the sound of blood rushing through the artery that passed nearby. When his hands cradled my head and he started tracing his fingers through my hair, I relaxed as if melting my body into his. His erection slid between my legs. A new sensation; I welcomed it as one welcomes a friend. I longed for it to slide into me and complete our reunion as one.

“You need to hold yourself up on your hands.”

“You want to look at my breasts! I was told to expect that.”

“You were told? When?”

“There.” I pointed to the waterfall. “I was told that you would want to delight yourself with my breasts. I saw you looking at them as I came up out of the water. It made me feel good, seeing you looking at them. Then I saw you looking up at me, at my face, into my eyes, and how your tongue licked your lips. I like the reaction it brought to your penis. Oh yes, I was told about that, too. It feels good between my legs. Later, we’ll…”

I gasped, unable to finish the sentence.

Adam’s hands were cupping my breasts, his thumbs drawing circles on my areolas. I was developing a deeper appreciation for the discussion about sexual arousal. The wetness I felt between my legs was no surprise. I couldn’t wait to teach Adam what I’d experienced under the waterfall – how to touch me just the right way. I was looking forward to putting into practice the teaching about touching him in special ways also.

“They are beautiful. I love to see them hanging there like ripe fruit. I need to taste them.” He pulled a tit to his mouth to suck on it. I gasped again and knew I would be gasping several more times before reaching orgasm. How would it compare to the one under the waterfall? Releasing the first one, he pulled the second tit to his mouth and grazed it with his teeth before sucking on it. He was rolling the first nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“It seems my penis is not the only thing rising to this occasion. Your nipples have gotten hard as well.”

I heard Adam’s voice, but I was rapidly losing the ability to understand what he was saying. I comprehended only the increasing level of pleasure consuming my being. It was all so new. And so, so good.

Our tongues were deep in each other’s mouths. I felt his heartbeat from his chest to mine and from his penis buried deep within me. The muscles in his arms and legs were taut. As an archer’s arms tire from stretching a bowstring and begin to twitch, waiting for the right moment to release the arrow, his body began to shake. He relaxed, pulling away slightly. Having plumbed the depths of my being, was the insatiable thirst of his penis quenched? His body began to tremble again. An arrow shot forth, followed by another, and still another.


Sorry for the coitus interruptis – the narrative, not the act.

Have you considered Adam and Eve were about to experience something no other created being has or will experience? Other created species experience sex, but not particularly as an act of recreation. It is absent love and adoration one of the other. They are driven to it, as the means to furthering the species. To what other species do we apply the term “act of marriage?” Could it be the resulting communion between the man and the woman is the pinnacle of “let us make man in our image,” and is meant to be a reflection of the communion experienced between the members of the Trinity? By participating in this particular communion, we honor and glorify our Creator. This communion between one man and one woman in covenant relationship is declared to be good. Anything else cracks the mirror and tarnishes the act and the reflection. In the Old Testament, it is described as whoring.

Were the angels watching? Fascinated? Did they turn their eyes away, realizing this was a moment reserved for the couple? And turn back to resume their worship of their and the couple’s creator whose crowning work of creation experienced a communion like none other, except for the Trinity?


The stillness was shattered. The communion completed.

Our bodies connected with each other, disconnected from the world around us, borne along in the evening’s lengthening shadows. His arrow burst through the dam at the outer gates and released a river of liquid fire to flood into my inner garden. A sound like that of an elephant’s trumpeting burst forth from his throat. I answered with a roar like that of a lioness capturing her prey. We held each other into the night, in a lover’s embrace.

The sun’s face turned to crimson and slunk below the horizon, unworthy of looking upon its creator’s glorious masterpiece.

And in this act of coming together, two bodies, two minds, two spirits into one creation glorified the Creator.

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8 replies
  1. SilverGold says:

    An exquisite narrative of the blessed beauty of God’s created purpose for a man and woman as husband and wife. I didn’t notice her eyes!! LOL

  2. SecondMarge says:

    Ah yes, discovering pleasure under the waterfall. Some interesting thoughts on Adam and Eve, I bet she had to show him how.lol
    As for us vs other animals God created. Yes they do have sex just for pleasure and yes we primarily enjoy sex so that we will procreate. Some other animals sans the church service do take a partner. They also masturbate as anyone that has watched the gorillas at the zoo for very long. And as with man some have same sex pleasuring. But we write about sex, let’s see a monkey do that.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      While I agree on the overall point about the beauty and need for sexual release (human and animal) — I think my opinion is that for humans, procreation is NOT the primary purpose of sex. That’s actually one thing that distinguishes us from the animals. Otherwise we would only feel the need and desire to have sex the 2-3 days near ovulation. Also sex during pregnancy wouldn’t exist. Sex after menopause wouldn’t exist. No, God made sex to be an intensely beautiful, sensual, enjoyable bonding experience that married couples can enjoy any time… for fun & pleasure. God designed it that way. Babies are often a result. But a male lion doesn’t have sex with a pregnant female lion, because it’s not about pleasure, it’s procreation. God gave sex to humans as this massive gift to be enjoyed. Not as a means to an end.

    • SecondMarge says:

      We will have to agree to disagree as I’m guessing you dismiss science. But animals masturbate, have oral sex, same sex enjoyment all for pleasure not procreation. Because sex was made to feel good so we would do it. It doesn’t stop feeling good if no procreation is possible. No switch in our DNA that makes it feel different when attempting to produce offspring or that changes the feel if we have a license.
      Millions of sex acts were and are performed with the same pleasure by tribes that never heard of marriage. Every week millions of strangers or casual acquaintances hook up without being married. There is no evidence they enjoy it less. There certainly are additional benefits to being married but clearly some believe the opposite.
      But in the end the drive is in us for the same reason.

  3. LovingMan says:

    Oooooo! Beautiful imagery and from my perspective very correct philosophy of marital intimacy!

    I especially liked this sentence:

    “His arrow burst through the dam at the outer gates and released a river of liquid fire to flood into my inner garden.”

    And this line captures that escapism feeling I feel when I make love with my wife:

    “Our bodies connected with each other, disconnected from the world around us,”

    Thank you for this story and your philosophical absorption religious views
    in sex. Your following statement is so true:

    “This communion between one man and one woman in covenant relationship is declared to be good. Anything else cracks the mirror and tarnishes the act”

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