Jamie & Lori’s Bucket List

Hello everyone. This is my first post on MarriageHeat, and I thought it should be a little introduction.

I’m James, and my beautiful wife is Lori. Lori asked me to sign up as well so we could share our love for each other with you. If I were asked to describe Lori in a few words, I would say she’s strong, amazing, caring, affectionate, and loving… I could go on and on.

Lori and I have read many stories on MarriageHeat and found nothing perverse on here. The many stories we did read together have even made us leave the screen to enact what we read. It was heaven, to be very honest. With my wife’s blessing, I hope to contribute a few stories from my perspective as her husband.

When we were engaged, we thought it would be fun to create a bucket list of things we would love to do together before we die. The beauty of our bucket list is that it is personal and meaningful for us; Lori and I wanted our bucket list to be unique and different. Some things we added to the list are to travel to Thailand, swim with dolphins, and get a tattoo together. Then we decided to make a second list. It’s the same as a bucket list, except all of the items are exclusively sexual. We created what is, for us, the ultimate sex bucket list so that we could pick and choose according to our most lustful desires. Some are tame, while some are not so tame. Sex isn’t just about penis-in-vagina penetration but total intimacy between us.

This is a handful of sensual and sexual things Lori and I want to try or have already done. We’re sure you will also have fun ticking off every single thing on your sexy to-do list. Please enjoy our list and feel free to add them, all or just a few (or even add your own), to your bucket list.

  1. Masturbate alone while thinking about you
  2. Buy sex toys for each other
  3. Enjoy romantic sex with each other
  4. Have sex while looking into your eyes
  5. Mutual masturbation without vaginal penetration
  6. Go skinny dipping together
  7. Have sex in the water
  8. Let’s try anal sex
  9. Let’s have anal sex
  10. Let’s use anal toys
  11. Phone sex
  12. Send dirty text messages or even photos
  13. Have video sex calls
  14. Have sex outside
  15. Be intimate while fully clothed
  16. Use food during our intimate time
  17. Make out like teenagers
  18. Sex on a boat during a fishing trip
  19. Use a didlo or vibrator when you penetrate me
  20. Use a cock ring when you penetrate me
  21. Soft, sensual, and prolonged deepthroat
  22. Massage my prostate before or when I cum
  23. Let’s try a tantric massage
  24. Play a dominant and submissive role
  25. Give or receive a lap dance
  26. Engage in different role-playing scenarios
  27. Have sex in total silence
  28. Let’s deny each other orgasms
  29. Use some household items for our sexy play
  30. Try Kama Sutra positions from the book we bought
  31. Help Lori learn how to squirt
  32. Make Lori squirt
  33. Have sex in front of a mirror
  34. Have an entire weekend of sleep, food, and sex
  35. Have sex in a foreign country
  36. No sex, no penetration, just foreplay
  37. Wake up by giving oral sex
  38. Buy and use a sex swing
  39. Have sex in every room of the house
  40. Touch each other inappropriately in public
  41. Buy one or two sex games
  42. Play kissing games
  43. Play strip poker
  44. Wash each other erotically in the shower
  45. Make love in the shower
  46. Spend the whole day naked together
  47. Have very loud, uninhibited sex
  48. Get sexy in front of a glass window
  49. Read erotic stories together
  50. Do the 69 sex position
  51. Have sex standing up
  52. Act out each other’s biggest sexual fantasy
  53. Try edging each other for better orgasms
  54. Try the Amazon position
  55. Make a list of all possible sex positions and check each off when they’re done
  56. See how long each of us can last without reaching climax
  57. Using oils, give each other a full-body sensual massage
  58. Try post orgasm torture: keep fingering my pussy after I cum, keep sucking my cock after I cum

Lori and I have had fun ticking off at least half of these things so far. We also make it a point to respect each other emotionally and sexually. Although we made this list many years ago, we have a safe word. The word is no.

Have you thought of something that isn’t on our list?

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11 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Welcome James and Lori! Thanks for joining us and introducing yourselves. I pray this community will be as much a blessing to y’all as it has been for so many of us. That is an awesome bucket list. I was mentally checking things off as I read. Regarding #55 “Make a list of all possible sex positions and check each off when they’re done” I’d like to make a recommendation. Get the Ultimate Intimacy app. It has a sex position feature that utilizes (safe) illustrations and descriptions from the Christian Friendly Sex Positions website. But more importantly, you can mark them as “want to try” or “tried” and rate how you liked it. The fun part is if you link the app with your wife’s then each of you get to see what the other has picked as “want to try. That can be enlightening and exciting. Parts of the app are free, some require payment. Can’t remember which is which. If you decide to pay I recommend the one time purchase for life rather than the subscription. The app also has a shared “Sexy Bucket List.”

    • MarriageHeat says:

      Oh, my! What a great resource! And the site has a terrific blog, too, written from a Christian worldview. What's more, their app is promoted on a long list of Christian marriage websites. This is quite a find!

  2. Fearless Lunk says:

    I love that you both were sharing sexual fantasies and wants during your engagement. A) It a healthy way to get sexually ‘aligned’, B) It’s fun! What a list! C) It’s damn hot! I bet you both needed to masturbate after discussing a few new things to add to the list. 🔥 Have you tried #48 yet?

  3. texasman76 says:

    Excellent list! What about getting a hand job while you are traveling with another couple while they are sleeping in the back seat of the car? I still can't believe my wife and I did that. It was so exciting. Another that I didn't notice is tasting/eating your own juices together and/or your giving your wife oral sex after you have cum in her. Enjoying a snowball kiss after she sucks you to completion. Explore other erogenous zones like your nipples and such to increase sexual pleasuring while being intimate. Wearing no underwear with only the two of you knowing. Tying each other up (you may have alluded to that in the dominant/submission role play) and teasing each other by edging for hours until you beg for release. Masturbating together and asking her to try her juices off her fingers while you try yours at the same time. We did it in a loft with about 22 people sleeping below on a summer vacation with cousins and other relatives. It was exciting knowing we could get caught. She put her hand over my mouth as she sucked my nipple to push me over the edge. Have her surprise you, take you to a hotel for the weekend (my wife did this to me), and have a small igloo with fruit in it. Put cool whip on the fruit and eat it off each other.

    • LovingMan says:

      I love the taste of licking my wife after cumming in her pussy. We use coconut oil and different flavors of lube! I more frequently rub our “protein shake” on my wife’s nipples and then I enjoy licking it off.

      Also, we BOTH really enjoy loving on each other’s nipples too! My wife stimulates my nipples as I masturbate to orgasm nearly everyday… either as a last part of a lovemaking session after I’ve already cum once or twice inside her, or we do this just in the morning after we wake up!

  4. texasman76 says:

    If you really want to be creative (not sure how in shape you are) have her play a dominant role and tell you to cum in your mouth. You can flip your legs up over your head against a sofa or wall while she licks your balls or gives you prostate stimulation. She can also be fingering herself while doing it so you can cum at the same time.

  5. LovingMan says:

    Great suggestions! We’ve done a lot of these over an almost 39 year marriage! Some of your list just aren’t our thing, but we may try some of the things we haven’t tried… and we’ve done some things you haven’t listed. (See my reply to Texasman76)
    Thanks for sharing.
    A tiny bit of advice: When the kids come along & life gets busy remember to make time to make love. Also, always be kind to each other.
    Stay close to God & you will stay close to each other!

  6. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    This is an awesome list! We have done quite a few of these. One thing we have done is keep a detailed sex journal. Some entries are more detailed than others but our sex journal documents every single time we've gotten it on since 2002. We got married in 2000 so we don't have two years of records. It is in an Excel spreadsheet and it tracks position(s), orgasms, where, when, etc. It is fun to keep stats.

    Probably the wildest thing we've done to date–and I wrote about this on here (it was controversial)–was hire a professional video crew to shoot us making what looks like actual porns. We've now done 6 of them. Super fun to do and watch (but a bit nerve-wracking at first). We have used the same husband/wife team for all 6.

  7. SecondMarge says:

    Great list sounds like a lot of fun. I wonder how many members have had sex after or while reading a story here on MH. I’m guessing if you include masturbating it’s a high percentage.

    • texasman76 says:

      I would say quite a lot! I love reading them while I stroke and the comments are sometimes as hot as the story itself.

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