Our Wedding and First Night Together

I’m getting ready for bed when a knock comes at the door.  Throwing on a robe, I open the door to find an older gentleman standing there holding a very large bouquet of roses and lilies, my two favorite flowers.  Taking them with a smile and a thank you, I read the card.

“If you still desire and love me, you and I will become one tomorrow—become us!”

I text Todd, “Yes, I’ll still marry you tomorrow… and every day after for eternity,” and he responds with “I love you.” I cry at reading those words, but how I long to hear him speak them aloud tomorrow.  I force myself to get some sleep.

Morning comes with another knock at the door.  I open it and see my best friend, Jamie, holding a wedding dress bag.  “First off, how dare you try to get married without me? And secondly, you’re wearing a wedding dress this time.”  We hug, cry, and hug some more.

“Todd called me and told me everything. It brought me to tears,” Jamie tells me. “He asked me to find you a dress because he knew you wouldn’t want to waste the money.  Well, honey, it’s not a waste, especially since I own the dress shop!”  She opens the bag and pulls out a very sexy, form-fitting mermaid dress.  It exposes my entire back, and the V in front looks like it reaches to the belly button!  That will show off a lot of skin, I think, though the cleavage area is covered in lace and shiny rhinestones.

I gasp at the lovely creation.  “It’s beautiful! But I think the deep cut will embarrass Todd.”

“April, my dear, I showed Todd three dresses I knew would fit you and that you would look amazing in, and this is the one he picked.”  The tears flow afresh, but Jamie shushes me.  “Time to get you dressed and married!”  She bustles me into my room and arranges my hair in long waterfall curls before helping me step into the gown and pulling the short zipper to the base of my spine. I can’t believe how beautiful I look in a wedding dress—my first!

But Jamie’s not quite satisfied with the results. She declares the mesh over my breasts superfluous and detaches the decorative panel. “If you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em!” she jokes.

We arrive at the base chapel, and I sign the wedding certificate, answer the chaplain’s questions, and pray over the Bible with him.  Then he leads me to the altar where Todd stands waiting with a smile but visibly shaking.  We take each other’s hands, both crying as we say our vows.  When the Chaplain pronounces us husband and wife, I pull Todd to me and hug him tightly.  The kiss he gives me is nothing short of incendiary!

We can barely keep our mouths apart long enough to climb into the rented limo wait out front.  I love how his strong hands hold me tight and caress the small of my bare back, one of the sweet spots that turn me on.  I want him so badly, but he keeps slowing me down.  He seems to enjoy my obvious frustration.

Eventually, we arrive at our hotel and take the elevator to the penthouse bridal suite.  As soon as we enter, I can’t help but burst into laughter, and Todd joins in.  The room is decked out like something from a ’70s adult movie!  A heart-shaped bed spins on a platform, mirrors glisten everywhere, and there’s a large martini-glass hot tub complete with a disco ball above it.  It’s so tacky yet so quirky—and a heartfelt gesture! I had mentioned such a room during one of our talks, and he truly listened to me and found one.  I meant it mostly as a joke, but the point is that he listened!

Todd seems nervous, so I switch off the bed’s turntable and ask him to open the champagne, then just sit with me for a few minutes.  We make a toast to our love and marriage, then he takes our glasses and sets them down to start kissing me.  But now his passion seems forced, borderline awkward.

“Slow down, baby.  We have all night and every day after.  Touch me, get to know me; I am your wife and you are my husband.”  I sit up, then stand and hold out my hand to him.  As he rises, I take him in my arms and caress the back of his close-cropped head as we lock eyes. Then we start to dance and exchange romantic kisses.  As our bodies grind against each other, my nipples ache, and my pussy begins to tingle; I can feel my wetness gathering.

I step back and slowly loosen Todd’s tie and lift it over his head before dropping it over mine and sliding it snug. With a smile and a giggle, I stare at him and slowly undo his shirt buttons. Then my hands slide up his firm belly and chest before grabbing his shirt and pulling it down his arms and out of his pants, then dropping it on the floor.  Next, I undo his belt and start to unfasten his pants, but Todd grabs my hands and stops me. I bring his fingers to my lips and kiss and suck each one, then tell him to relax and have a seat.

Kneeling in front of Todd, I lift each foot to remove his shoes and socks. Then with my hands on his thighs, I stand and lean down to kiss him as I reach behind me and to pull the short zipper of the dress down the crack of my ass.  Then I straighten and slowly pull the dress down over my firm breasts to reveal my long, hard nipples.  I give them a rub and pinch as I expose them for the first time to Todd, who looks like a deer in headlights.  I wiggle and slide the dress over my hips and to the floor, then step out and spread my legs to display my mound; it’s puffy and smooth and glistening with wetness, as are my thighs. Shedding the tie too, I stand before him bare and unashamed.

Todd starts to pant—almost hyperventilate. But calming his breathing by sheer force of will, he stammers how beautiful I look.  I just thank him and help him to his feet once more before kneeling in front of him again in a very submissive way;  tonight, I plan to give him everything, all of me, just as I did to James.

After finally unzipping his pants without his interference, I pull them to the floor, then gingerly lift the waistband of his tenting boxers over his cock and down.  It’s the larger of the only two penises I have ever experienced.  I gasp to see that beautiful appendage bouncing and streaming precum.

Todd sits back down, and I straddle him with my knees on the mattress and my stomach against his face. He starts to kiss and lick my belly button, sending chills and tingles through me.  Slowly, I lower myself, and his mouth travels closer to my breasts as I feel his cock head bounce against my lower lips.  He freezes and looks up at me.

I push him down on the bed.  “Watch,” I tell him.  “Look at your cock going into me, taking me, claiming me as your wife.  I surrender and submit my life and body to you.”  As I grab his cock, he’s watching and hyperventilating again; I know he will not last very long, but that’s to be expected tonight—at least, the first round.  I press his fat head into my pussy and moan as I stretch around his gorgeous cock.

Once my labia wrap around the head of his cock, Todd lifts his hips up, helping me take him all the way inside. Immediately, his cock explodes, his hot cum blasting again and again.

I collapse on him and kiss him passionately, then he apologizes for it ending so quickly.  “Baby, that was amazing!” I tell him, and I mean it. No, there was no orgasm for me—yet. But my new husband and I have sealed our bond.  I will teach him how to please me, but this first time, there is no question that I have pleased him. When I lift off of him, cum gushes out over his cock and balls.

We start kissing and in almost no time, I feel his youthful exuberance take effect. I press down and grind on him, and he moans. Then he rolls so that I’m on my back and he’s on top, and he starts stabbing at my pussy.

“Relax.  Let me guide you.”  I reach between us and pull him inside again, letting out an involuntary cry as his bulky member shoves hard and fully up into me.  “Oh, yes. Yes, take me.  Take me.”  I wrap my legs around his hips and grasp his waist to pull him into me as he thrusts, hard and fast—no technique, just raw pounding.  And I’m moaning and enjoying it, so wet that he keeps slipping out and poking around to get back inside.  It’s adorable really, his eagerness and energy. But I think now is as good a time as any to help him learn a trick or two.

“Todd. Oh, Todd, I need to cum! Help me, baby.”

Somehow, even in his frenzy, he is able to focus on my words and begins to slow. “Am I,” he gets out between pants, “doing something… wrong?”

“No, baby, not wrong; I love the way you pound me. But if you’ll just lie down here beside me…” I gently roll him to his side. Then I spoon in front of him and reach back to guide him inside from behind, moaning at the fullness. I half turn my upper body to kiss him as he begins to move again. His lower hand wraps upward to grasp one of my breasts, and I reach down to cover his other one with my own and move it from my hip to between my thighs. I press his middle finger inward, letting my sharp intake of breath teach him when he’s found the right spot. Gently, I draw slow circles on the back of his knuckle, and his finger takes up the pattern on my clitoris. When I press harder, so does Todd; when I lighten my strokes, he does too. His manual efforts in conjunction with his thrusts soon have me quivering and clasping around him. “Aaahhhh!”

His kisses fall on my cheek and neck as I relax fully into him, but it’s not long before my libido rises again and I’m pushing back into him, meeting his thrusts with my own. Oh, the pleasure, as my husband has his way with me.  But I crave another load of his cum… and I believe know just how to get it!

Extricating myself from his arms, I climb atop him and lower myself onto his piercing shaft once more. Then I lean forward, direct a nipple to his lips, and bid him suck.

Wide-eyed, Todd takes my breast into his open mouth and suckles like a babe. Then his eyes close in ecstasy as I begin to ride him. Though I lift my hips high to stroke slowly and evenly along his length, he never lets my nipple escape his lips until I lift the other and press it against his cheek. Then he swaps his oral attention to the second tit, but his hand still grips and massages the first.

I gasp and groan, whimper and moan, trying to communicate my desire though words escape me.  I have to have another hot load, need it with every atom of my being. As I hear the pitch of the grunts hummed against my flesh rise in pitch, my own excitement grows as well.  “Cum, Todd,” I beg him. “Cum in me.”

Suddenly, Todd lets go of my boobs, grabs hold of both my hips, and arches up into me with such force I can’t help but shout!  He holds me there, tight against him, as he empties his balls into my pussy, and I could swear I feel the jets splash against my cervix. His guttural cries shatter me, and I squeeze my pelvic muscles around him to milk every ounce from him. This is my new husband, my cock, my cum—and I want it all.

Finally, his shuddering body falls back to the bed, but I remain balanced atop him and trace my fingers over his shoulders, pecs, and ribs. The sleepy grin on his face lets me know that he’s done, and I’m satisfied, too—for now.

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5 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Great wedding night story! I had been married before so I knew what consensual married sex was like. My bride had been through childhood sexual abuse but had never had her virginity taken.

    I tried to be kind and not trigger any bad memories for her and I succeeded (Praise the Lord!) But we didn’t actually have sexual intercourse until the next day. I have been wondering if I should write up that true story.

  2. Gemlin says:

    Gosh, this brings back so many sweet and fond memories of me and my wife’s first time. It wasn’t her first time but it was mine. I lasted all but two seconds, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. It is one of my fondest memories. Thank you so much for sharing

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