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Husband Gets Deployed

I’m awakened before the sun rises by the insistent ringing of my new husband’s phone. My head lies on his belly, and I hold his semihard cock in my slack grip.  When Todd answers, I hear the shock in his responses and gather the serious nature of the call.  It’s something I experienced too many […]

Our Wedding and First Night Together

I’m getting ready for bed when a knock comes at the door.  Throwing on a robe, I open the door to find an older gentleman standing there holding a very large bouquet of roses and lilies, my two favorite flowers.  Taking them with a smile and a thank you, I read the card. “If you […]

Starting Over

Hello, my name is April, I’m 30 and a widow.  My husband was a Sergeant in the  Army, and he died of a massive heart attack nine months ago from a genetic heart condition that was never detected.  It’s been hard moving forward, and I’ve been drinking a lot.  But recently I’ve started going to […]