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Husband Gets Deployed

I’m awakened before the sun rises by the insistent ringing of my new husband’s phone. My head lies on his belly, and I hold his semihard cock in my slack grip.  When Todd answers, I hear the shock in his responses and gather the serious nature of the call.  It’s something I experienced too many times with my first husband, but on the second day of our marriage, he gets the call?

Sadly, I wrap my lips around Todd’s soft cockhead and start to suck, slowly sliding him further into my mouth as he swells—long, slow strokes until the corona enters my throat.

Todd repeats, “0730 hours, sir. Yes, sir,” and hangs up. He moans long and low as his cock slides in and out of my mouth. It’s the perfect size for me to swallow without punishing my mouth and throat. I roll between his legs and look up, locking eyes with him with his cock in my mouth, and he twines his fingers through my hair. Holding my head still with his grip, he pumps his hips gently to thrust up into my hungry mouth.

How he’s grown! It turns me on to have him taking such control of me not even 24 hours since he first experienced sex.  He thrusts slowly, deliberately, then pulls me down and holds my mouth and throat down on his cock for a long moment before tearing me away and bringing my lips to his for a good-morning-for-the-rest-of-our-lives kiss.

“MMMmmm. Good morning, husband.”  I smile against his lips as I wiggle atop him and feel his head spreading my pussy and sliding up into me once more.  Sitting upright, I take it all and start to grind. “Your cock feels sooooo good inside me, baby.” I rub my belly where it bulges with each stroke.  “I love how you fill me up.”  Then I replace my hand with his, pressing down so he can feel his cock inside me.

Todd groans and grabs my hips to lift and pull me down hard as he rams up into me several times, both of us moaning with each thrust as my juices flow like a river out of me.  Then he rolls me onto my back and holds my shoulders down as he drives into my pussy.

I reach for my clit, squirting my nectar out with each thrust till he buries himself deep in my pussy and sends me over the edge again. My eyes flutter, and my gushing mixes with his hot cum as he shoots off several long blasts into me.  Then he collapses on top of me and kisses me. He starts to apologize, but I stop him.

“Baby, I’ve been down this road before.  We never apologize or feel bad for the mission you’re undertaking.  We just affirm that we will be together safely and soon, and we seal it with great sex and a kiss.”  We bond at the lips for long, hot moments, and then I stand up and take his hand.

I lead Todd to the shower, where I wash him down, dry him, and help him get into uniform.  We kiss again, and I send him out the door to the unknown.  I have lots of practice sending my soldier off to danger, so I put on the strong front of a military spouse, reminding him that I’ll be here waiting when he returns. I smile and wave encouragingly as he pulls out of the drive. But once the door closes, I fall to the ground and break down, praying fervently for my brave young man to march under God’s protection.

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5 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    AprilM226, another great and sexy fictional story… but with a sad twist. But although your story is fictional, I have seen married loved ones have to live through deployments. So your story rings very true – in my opinion.
    I look forward to the reunion story. With one of our loved family couples when the husband returned from deployment we all met him at the airport. It was a big extended family including his beautiful wife and two beautiful kids. Then we took care of the kids the first night so the loving young married couple could “get reacquainted,” (if ya know what I mean). My wife and I have been physically separated only three times in our almost 30 year marriage but I remember the amazing reunion lovemaking sessions we shared on “coming” back together. (Pun intended.)

  2. Sarge says:

    That’s a wonderful and familiar story. I was deployed so many times over my 26 years in the Air Force that I had a B bag that never was unloaded, unless new equipment was added. But my wife and I were used to the separations over the years, and goodbye sex, and especially welcome home sex was truly amazing and passionate.
    I miss her. We never got to really enjoy our retirements because she passed so unexpectedly. But I hold on to those memories.

    • LovingMan says:

      Sarge thank you for your service. I am sorry about your loss. I’m glad you can rejoice in the memories. I’ve said it before but if one of us dies (My Melodie or I) when we get to the other side if we complain about mortal life’s challenges then the Lord will remind us that we had a loving spouse in a passionate marriage and we have nothing to whine about.

  3. D&D says:

    Boy I remember those days. After 20 years of serving. We spent 6 months apart before our wedding day. We had to get re-aquatinted since we didn't have emails social media or cell phones. But 37 years later, we're still together. Great story.

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