The Riviera Maya Exhibition


This past fall Ginger and I took a trip to Mexico to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed at an adult only resort in the Riviera Maya. If you read our previous story, The Vegas Exhibition, you know that Ginger was going to wear a thong swimsuit on that trip, but it didn’t work out. However, as she promised me in that story, she would wear one on the next trip—something fun I was looking forward to.

As is customary for us, Ginger packed some sexy outfits for this trip along with a couple of new thong bikinis, and I was excited about our next sexy vacay. We arrived at the resort in the Riviera Maya late morning and found our room, which was a beautiful swim-out room to a pool alongside the ocean. We opened the curtains and enjoyed the view as we unpacked our things and got settled in. 

Ginger said, “Babe, let’s get our suits on, I need some sun. Oh, and by the way, I bought you a couple of suits that I want you to wear.” 

“Oh really, suits for me?” I said in a nervous voice.

 “Yep, if I’m going to wear a thong for you, you’re going to wear something for me.” That’s when Ginger pulled out these short little board shorts—I mean tight fitting boxer brief short-shorts. 

“Oh no you don’t; I’m not going to be caught dead wearing those.” 

“Ok, fine, then I’m not wearing this thong babe. No problem. But please just try them on and let me see you in them.” 

So, I dropped my pants and slid on the board shorts, with no lining, mind you. “This is a swimsuit?” I asked. 

“Well, babe, they are called beach shorts, and I think they look so good on you. Your ass looks great, and your package looks so yummy! Are you getting hard wearing them?” 

“No, I’m getting hard ’cause you’re talking sexy.” 

“Wear them for me, please, babe? Seriously, you look very sexy in them. I wouldn’t make you wear them if I didn’t think so. Plus, we don’t know anybody here, and it’s not like you’re wearing a Speedo. You want me to wear a sexy thong, don’t you?” 

“Fine! I’ll wear them!”

“Yay! Okay, now do you mind if I get naked? And which thong do you want me to wear first?”

I picked out a leopard print string thong, and then I watched as my beautiful wife undressed with the curtains open while people were swimming in the pool in front of our room. I love when her exhibitionist side comes out and she feels comfortable with risky sexiness. If people were looking, they would’ve seen a nice show. My middle-aged wife looked stunning, standing there with her full tits, slender tummy, and sexy round ass. Plus, she had just waxed the past week, and her pussy was smooth and bare. She slid on her thong bottoms, pulling them up as the thong found its way between her ass cheeks. Then, she slid on her triangle top and had me tie the back. The top is unlined, so her nipples were visibly outlined and look stunning. My cock was hard and throbbing in my tight board shorts, and I realized how difficult it was going to be to conceal my weapon.

 “Well, what do you think, babe?” she asked me.

 “Wow, you look incredible! I can’t believe it took this long to get you in a thong because you look amazing!” 

“Thanks, babe. I do feel sexy. Do you think this is too much?” 

I laughed and said, “No it’s just right!” I pulled her close and put my hands on her tits, working her already hardened nipples as I kissed her neck. Then I slid down and pulled one of her tits free so I could suck on those beautiful nipples.


I finally became brave enough over the past year to consider wearing a thong at certain resorts. I’ve been to the beach enough times to have seen plenty of women wearing a thong and realized if they can do it and nobody cares, then why not me? So, I finally allowed Jack to help me pick out a few thongs for this trip, and I made sure to try them on this time. I was ready to go thong on the beach. But, I also wanted Jack to be a little bit uncomfortable himself. He has a good body, he works out, and he can get by wearing something sexier than board shorts. Not that board shorts can’t look sexy, but I just wanted to see him squirm a little bit… so I got him a couple of different pairs of shorts. I thought he could pull it off and look sexy in those beach shorts; plus, it was fun to look at the hot guys modeling these shorts on the website and envision my hubby in them, hehe. They fit his ass perfectly and his bulging package in the front looked so sexy. I loved them on him, and he would never say this, but I think he felt sexy wearing them too. Shhhhh!

When I’m away from home and our small town, I feel the freedom to be more sexual and have grown to love that feeling to the point where I look forward to being a sexy woman with a bit of exhibitionism in me. And yes, it does turn me on when I see Jack fawn over me and when he tells me others are looking—in fact, it makes me wet.

I know some of you will like hearing this, and Jack encouraged me to write this part, so here it goes… I like to jill off thinking about being more of an exhibitionist; it is one of my fantasies. I was home one day alone shortly after my thong suits arrived by mail, and I was horny. So, I undressed and slipped on one of my new suits, checking myself out in the mirror while pulling the bottoms up high on my waist and against my ass and pussy. I positioned the top so just the tops of my areolas were visible and envisioned myself wearing it to the beach. It was thrilling to think about. The idea made me so wet that the bottoms were starting to get moist. Nobody was home, so I put on a pair of heels and walked around the house in my thong for a while, which felt so sexy. My lips were swollen, and I could see my pussy lips outlined through the fabric. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I sat down in our living room, spread my legs, and watched my hand slip under my bottoms as the fabric expanded to accommodate. I fantasized that I was on the beach and secretly fingering myself. I watched as my fingers worked their magic on my engorged pussy. It looked so hot, and it didn’t take long to feel my orgasm build as the tension from my need to release and the speed of my hand increased. Whimpers left my mouth as my mind and body raced. And then—ecstasy!—as my orgasm erupted and my cream started flowing out of my love hole. I removed my fingers and put them to my lips to enjoy my taste. 

Ladies, I hope you can enjoy your own taste too. It took me many years, but now I love it, and it turns me on to taste myself. In fact, I love tasting myself on my fingers, on Jack’s cock after I fuck him, and on his mouth after he eats me out…. I only wish I was flexible enough to eat my own pussy. Jack enjoyed hearing all about my jilling off, and he loved the pictures I sent him.


We exited the hotel room into the pool and walked over to the pool bar, where we sat and had a couple of cocktails. The cool pool water was what I needed to ease my cock down; othing like cold water to shrink things up, right fellas? The cold water also worked wonders on Ginger’s nipples, as they poked through her unlined top like stiff erasers. Damn, did they look good!  After a couple of beverages, we were feeling a little more relaxed, so we decided to head down to the beach. It was fun to watch Ginger walk in front of me confidently with no cover-up while I followed, looking at her ass. I wasn’t the only one looking, either. I enjoyed seeing other guys and gals checking her out with quick glances as she walked by. 

What wasn’t fun was trying to control my cock in these shorts now that I was out of the water… Geesh! We picked out a couple of beach loungers and enjoyed the sun. There were a few people on the beach but nobody right where we were. It thrilled me to see my beautiful wife lying on the beach in a thong and know that she felt sexy doing it. At one point, she was lying on her back with her knees up and legs spread open. I got up and walked in front of her to see the view. My cock immediately stiffened when I saw that her thong bottom was only covering part of her pussy lips and the outline of her camel toe was clearly visible.

 “Ginger, I’m getting a great view, and I hope you don’t mind that your lips are showing?” 

She opened her eyes, looking at me, “Oh yeah, babe? Well, maybe I should just do this…” She reached down and pulled her suit crotch over completely revealing her pussy to me on the beach. “Do you like what you see? Maybe I should just leave it like this and see if anyone notices. Maybe I’ll make someone else’s cock as hard as yours is right now?”

“Ginger, you’re killing me right now. Damn, do you look sexy! I dare you to leave it like that.” 

“You don’t think your wife would? You call me a closet exhibitionist; maybe I will. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? No, I think this is too much. How about if I just do this?” She pulled her thong up higher on her waist and then adjusted her thong so it was exposing her outer lips but concealing her inner lips, with only a thin strip of material going down the front. Fuck, she looked amazing.

She then put each foot on the side of the lounger and lay back down, closing her eyes.

 “Let me know if I give anyone a show, babe!” 

“Well, you are giving me a nice show! I think I better get a couple of pics for our photo vault!” 

“Yes! You can show me later,” she said enthusiastically. 


Well, my fantasies are one thing, but to wear a thong out in public is another. Still, I put it on and, with the encouragement from Jack, we walked out of our hotel room into the cool Caribbean pool, both a bit uncomfortable in our suits. But there was also an erotic excitement in the moment as well. Yes, my nipples were hard as AA batteries for everyone to see, but that only added to the excitement of the moment. We were able to get a couple of drinks and relax, and after a while, we both felt more comfortable. I noticed a few glances towards me, which was fine and encouraged my confidence to the point where I could get out of the pool and walk to the beach. I enjoyed watching Jack in his shorts, and I thought he looked sexy, but I think he was more uncomfortable than me, hehe. 

When Jack told me that I was showing some of my lady parts below, I was at first like, “yikes!” But when I saw Jack with his cock outlined in his shorts, stiff as could be, I got turned on and decided to tease him a bit more. It was fun to tease him, and I didn’t expect anyone else to look, but the thought of it turned me on.


As the afternoon sun was setting behind us, we made our way back to the room. Our rule is generally no sex until the end of the day as it only makes the anticipation stronger throughout the day. But both of us were incredibly horny at this point, and we couldn’t resist the need to play a little. 

We left our curtains open again as we walked into our room and Ginger said, “I’ve been looking at your cock all day. It looked so good outlined in your suit, and I need to get my mouth around it.” 

She put her thumbs in my suit, pulled them to the floor, and wrapped her lips around my shaft. Oh, it felt so good to have her hot, wet mouth around me, her tongue teasing the tip of my cock. Then, my cock entered her mouth as her wet lips clamped tight around it and her head bobbed slowly back and forth. I could hear her gurgling and sucking as she pushed my cock deep to the back of her throat. She sure is a talented cock sucker. I could’ve come so easily, but we just edged ourselves.

It was time to get ready for supper, and Ginger picked out her outfit and laid it on the bed: a black G-string, short black leather shorts, a black bra, and a sheer black top. I watched as she slid on each piece. She looked incredibly sexy. Her top was tight and see-through, revealing just her black bra. We left the hotel room and walked to one of the restaurants on the resort, and it was fun for me to see people admiring my wife.


We had drinks at the beach; we were on vacation in Mexico with no kids; the sun was out; we didn’t know anyone there; I was wearing a thong, for crying out loud; and Jack had on this sexy swimsuit that let me see his package bulging in the front. Everything combined to make me this girl horny. Plus, I was reading MarriageHeat stories! (Thanks, everyone, for writing such sexy stories!) I wish I were brave enough to pleasure myself on the beach like in my fantasy because I was thinking about it, but I was a good girl.

So, we finally decided to go up to the room, and I couldn’t wait to get there and just suck my husband’s cock. We got into the room, and I pulled his suit off, dropped to my knees, and took him in my mouth while my hands played with his balls and ass. Don’t worry, I got some playtime, too! Jack got out my dildo and filled me up with “little Jack”, as we call it, while he sucked and tongued my clit. Oh, it felt sooo good; I needed to feel something fill me up. Jack is right, we both edged each other and stopped just short of cumming, as we both love the sexual high it keeps you on.

We got ready for dinner, and yes, I wore a sexy little outfit. I love wearing these outfits on vacay because not only do I feel sexy, but I see how Jack is so turned on by what I wear, and I love that feeling of being irresistible to my man. I picked out Jack’s outfit and some sexy underwear for him to wear under it, and I made sure he was wearing his cock ring, as usual.


After dinner, we made our way down to the beach and strolled along the water, enjoying the evening we were sharing together. As we walked back towards the hotel, we noticed the beach area was empty, so I lead Ginger over to a double-lounge chair under a palapa where we lay down together, listening to the waves crash on the beach and the distant sound of a Mariachi band playing in the resort square. I’ll let Ginger tell the rest… ha.


It was a beautiful night. The only thing that would’ve made it more picturesque would’ve been a full moon, but then again, it would’ve been too light out for what happened next. We had a wonderful, romantic stroll along the beach, holding hands and reminiscing about our ups and downs in life and how thankful we felt to be in this current season of life and marriage. 

We lay down on a large lounger and just held each other for a while. Eventually, we started kissing, and then I felt Jack’s hand on my breasts. We just kept going from there and didn’t stop, and we didn’t care. My hand slipped down to his shorts, and I unbuttoned them to release his cock. His sexy underwear was all wet from his precum, just the way I like it. I started stroking his slippery cock; he was so hard, and his cock ring made his dick feel extra-big. 

His hands found their way into my shorts where my little black G-string was equally wet, and he started fingering me, which felt so good. He eventually got up and kneeled in front of me, unbuttoning my shorts and sliding them off, leaving only my G-string on. He then lay down on me, slid my G-string to the side, and I felt his big cock push into my sex.

Ladies, you know what that initial feeling is like as he stretches into your fuck hole and fills you up: all your nerve endings are singing halleluiah in unison. It was a beautiful moment as his ass went up and down while his big cock went in and out, making wet sex noises. It wasn’t rough; it wasn’t loud; it was romantic and so sexy. I lay there, listening to the sounds, smelling the ocean, hearing the band in the distance, and feeling my husband make love to me. 

Given all that we had experienced this day and the anticipation, we didn’t last long. After a few minutes, we were both getting closer. His speed increased, and ohhhh, it felt so good! I started to cum first, wrapping my legs tight around him, arching my back, and grinding my pussy into his cock even harder as I climaxed.

Almost immediately after I started cumming, I felt Jack tense up, heard his soft grunts as he thrust hard into me a few more times and then erupted. I could feel his cock fire warm shots of cum, filling me with his warm cream. 

We finished, put our shorts back on, and just lay there, enjoying the afterglow of our lovemaking session. I could feel our sex juices empty into my panty, making them even wetter. I dipped my fingers down there one last time and brought our love nectar up to our mouths, coating our lips and tongues before we shared one last deep kiss. Ahhh, Bliss!


Yes, what a great day and evening, babe! Thank you for that wonderful description of our night. I truly love you! What a wonderful anniversary trip.

I told Ginger after we finished that when we were in the middle of fucking, I saw someone light a cigarette. This person was sitting a couple of rows back and a few chairs over from us, having a smoke. I’m sure they knew what we were doing, but it was dark enough that I don’t think they could see much. I thought about stopping when I saw the flame from the lighter ignite, but I was too close to stop. Oh well, it just added to the story of the Riviera Maya Expedition.

We hoped you enjoyed the story, and thanks for reading. We always love to hear your comments.

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15 replies
  1. SecondMarge says:

    Very sexy. I am jealous that you were able to find several bathing suits that fit. Having been on adult beaches, I thought most people looked sexier with revealing clothes than nude. I too have had a husband that was more turned on the more of me was revealed. So nipples poking through material became the norm. I did a 180 and no longer feel letting others see is wrong. I always enjoyed seeing others but felt guilty about it. Now I know that guilt was the wrong emotion. It is natural to enjoy the sight of attractive bodies and people pleasuring each other or themselves.

    So happy you both were equally turned on.

    • Bootylicious says:

      Hey SecondMarge, do you mean nipples completely showing like through mesh, or simply hard nipples showing through any material? By the way, my husband is just like yours! He loves when I'm braless and I have "pokies". I haven't gotten up the courage to go out in public this way though (mostly because of my "googly eyed" nipples–from asymmetrical boobs lol)

    • JacknGinger says:

      Thanks for sharing secondMarge…. I love it when Ginger feels confident to let her nipples and breasts be admired by others; it is such a turn-on. I agree that a little more to the imagination is sexier than being on an adult beach.

  2. hornyGG says:

    Awesome story and very hot! Loved how you two took turns telling the story. Very inspiring indeed! Thank you for sharing and stay horny. God bless the both of you.

    • JacknGinger says:

      Thanks @hornyGG, it was an amazing time and glad you enjoyed the story. Always love to hear about your escapades and nude lifestyle!

  3. LovingMan says:

    Ooooooo!!! Excellent story! Making love at night on the ocean’s beach is such a sexy image! That would be one of my fantasies. (We HAVE had sex near a lake beach… partially in our car.) I loved how you both described your experience! Anniversary vacations can be so uber sexy!

    • JacknGinger says:

      Yes wish we’d get more comments on this question. Ginger will do it for me because she knows it turns me on.

    • FunJames says:

      Using hubby’s tablet here, I’m Patty, Jim’s wife. We liked this story very much because the hottest, most powerful sex we have had in the last two years have cum after we go out together and I’m braless with form fitting blouses or tank tops. I’m blessed to have large natural breasts that are still quite firm. To answer your question, as long as I’m not braless for too long my rack feels stimulated under the fabric making my nipples hard and quite visible to anyone gazing.
      By the time we arrive home we go at it like rabbits, reliving the experience. I get so wet when he tells me what guys he spied checking me out. Great innocent fun.
      I have a friend who is considerably smaller than me but looks awesome braless due to her very prominent areoles and nipples.
      Thanks all. (My first comment; that was fun!)

  4. Bootylicious says:

    Have you ever been to a nude beach before? If not, would you go to one? It's just the human body; we all have the same parts; nothing you haven't seen before. I just need to get over my own "body hang ups" to embrace it (I fear the judgement of others more than anything else–I grew up with constant negative comments made about my figure. It sticks with you, ya know?!)

    • JacknGinger says:

      We did go to a nude beach…. After 30 mins it felt completely normal to be nude with others. It was freeing verses erotic in this setting. People of all shapes and sizes, bush and waxed… it didn’t matter.

  5. Salcpl says:

    Excellent adventure. Thank you for sharing. I also enjoy seeing my wife wear revealing clothing. She has amazing nipples, but she’s self-conscious of them being so prominent. She has indulged me recently and when we were out of town on our anniversary trip. It was hot seeing her nipples visible.

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