Saint Patrick’s Day Traditions

As a couple we believe in making and keeping family traditions. Some traditions are from the family I grew up in and others are from Melodie’s childhood. But we also have made our own couple’s sexy traditions for some of the holidays—and you don’t mess with tradition!

So, it was Sant Patrick’s Day! My wife, Melodie, loves Saint Patrick’s day. Her DNA test a couple of years ago showed her to be 6% Irish and she was delighted!

I always point out that many years ago the Vikings kidnapped only the prettiest Irish girls, hence the Irish DNA that Melodie has.

This morning, we had family Saint Patrick’s Day traditions to tend to with our more-than-half-Irish grandkids, so there was no time for lovemaking. Leprechauns had come to our house last night, and they had hidden things for the kids: chocolate gold coins and other prizes for our grandkids to find.

My wife and daughter were making traditional Irish dishes all week long; we’d had or would have corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, Irish soda bread, and then grasshopper pie for dessert. I helped with the stew and grasshopper pie and there was also still food prep for today.

Our daughter and her family were going to stay with relatives the next afternoon (Friday), so we waited until Saturday morning for our annual Saint Patrick’s Day sex tradition. The wait was definitely worth it!

On Saturday, we slept in and, after we woke up, relaxed in bed with some cuddling and light caressing for a while. Then we got up, and my adorable wife showered while I shaved my face. I also went back into our bedroom and turned on the YouTube fireplace plus our halite lamps. Then there’s the tradition of playing Irish music; I turned on a playlist of Celtic romantic songs.

Then I went back into the bathroom to help my wife safely exit the shower. When she pulled the shower curtain open, my heart skipped a beat. I told her that seeing her standing there all shiny with water running down her large Norwegian boobs and dripping off her sexy nipples was just a glorious sight!

She watched me surveying her, and I think she liked it. But eventually she said, “Hand me my towel, please? I’m getting cold from this evaporative cooling!”

I normally would have had her towel ready, but the sexy view had distracted me. I handed her her towel and helped her out of the shower after she’d dried off. I’ll admit that I copped a feel or two of those magnificent Nordic breasts.

“Not yet!” she said, as she pushed my hand away.

I knew that in a very few minutes, she’d be demanding I love on her beautiful boobies, so I could wait.

By the time my shower ended and I opened the shower curtain, another amazing sight met my eyes.

Melodie remembered the next tradition which was us wearing our “lucky lingerie” for Melodie and “lucky boxers” for me. So, Melodie was wearing her shiny, emerald green, lace-topped teddy with matching panties. She even had her “lucky” Saint Patrick’s Day socks on!

“You like this?” she asked as she tickled her nipples by running her fingertips across the thin lace.

I could tell her nips were getting hard. I leaned over and sucked on each nipple through the lace, but she was still building the anticipation. She scooted away and arched her back. I ate her up with my eyes, but the show was just getting started! I dried off and put on my Saint Patrick’s Day “lucky” boxers. From the show Melodie was putting on, I was indeed about to “get lucky”—although, “blessed” is a more accurate evaluation of the situation.

I need to mention that we owe these and the following poses and sexy dance moves that Melodie now does to a couple from Argentina that we met while on vacation in Australia a few years ago. The female of this couple was posing out at the tropical pool when we were in the pool. Her boyfriend or fiancé was taking sexy photos of her by the artificial waterfall and in front of the beautiful tropical plants that surrounded the pool. She had on a string bikini that left only a little to the imagination. We all became friends, and I even sketched them. The girl’s show had set my wife off, and even though we’d had sex the day before or earlier that morning, Melodie was heated up more than I realized. I gave her a nude massage when we returned to our hotel room, then she stood naked and started imitating those poses we’d seen out by the pool. We had an amazing sex session that afternoon in Australia! I wrote it up in the MH story called “Darwin Delight.”

Now back to our current Saint Patrick’s Day sexy traditions from this year: Melodie’s show kept going as I went to my side of the bed. My hard dick was protruding from my shamrock-covered lucky boxers, so I started pumping my rod as she struck sexy poses and subtly did an erotic dance with her voluptuous body. She stuck her buns out like the girl in Australia and slid the teddy higher up to show off each butt cheek. She freed one boobie, and I requested she show me the full set. She did so and now stroked her nips with her fingertips. Her boobs’ raspberries got very pronounced!

I had turned on my hidden photos and video app and now snapped some photos of her terribly sexy poses. Then I switched to video to
record the posing/erotic dance session she was doing for me. At one point, Melodie took the camera (phone) from me and recorded me masturbating with just my erection out of my boxers. She panned the camera back and forth then zoomed in to see my now quite big erection. At the risk of sounding narcissistic, my full erection looked GOOD! I am so grateful that the Good Lord has helped that part of my body to still keep functioning properly.

My wife was enjoying the view too. “Ooooo! Won’t that feel really nice inside me!” she exclaimed.

I couldn’t wait! I crawled over and took turns sucking and suckling each tittie as Melodie offered them each to me where she stood by the bed.

Melodie had revved up my engine with her fine green lingerie teddy and her sexy dance and posing. But HER sexual engine was revved up too! We both lay on the bed and did some heavy petting: lips-on-nips and tip-on-nip, too. (Tip on nip = penis tip or glans rubbing on my wife’s nearest nipple as I masturbate.).

Then Melodie said, “My turn!” and she did lips and tongue on my nip and more. By the way, she loves stimulating my man nips as much as I love stimming her lady nipples.

What happened next was amazing and new, even though it was very fast. Melodie and I have a tradition that, in or around a holiday, she gives me oral. But in the past, the blow job or fellatio normally lasted 2-5 minutes.

After all the posing, erotic dance moves, kissing, and petting, I was super wired. She licked and sucked my nipple as she gave me a hand job too. Then she assumed one of her new positions for giving me oral. She was next to me on our bed. She slid down and laid her head on my lower tummy region then engulfed my uber-turned-on cock and started the blow job. It was absolutely incredible, but maybe we’d overdone it with the foreplay because 5-7 seconds after she started blowing my erection, I exploded in her mouth. We were both very surprised! I wasn’t surprised that my orgasm was spectacular!

Well, even if it was very very fast, cumming in Melodie’s sexy mouth was great! As we lay on the bed after the fellatio, she next asked for the G-spot vibe. So I turned it on and had fun sliding her green sexy panties off to one side of her ladyparts.

“Stick your tongue in my vagina,” Melodie requested. This is how she asks for oral sex.

With her thong to one side of her pussy, I took a few licks and stuck my tongue in and out; then I focused in on her cute clitty. She was delicious! She began thrusting her pelvis up to me and I could, at one point, hold my tongue in one place and let her stroke her clitoris across my tongue. Giving Melodie oral always helps her come more quickly later on in our sex sessions, but she often isn’t in the mood for it. She was in the mood today!

Next, I sat up and slid the G-spot vibe all the way into her beautiful pussy. I had lubed her clit and vulva and her love canal with coconut oil and Strawberry Cream-flavored Aloe Cadabra gel. I then kneeled down beside her and rubbed some coconut oil and flavored lube on her nipples. I kneeled up and began stroking my cock as I rubbed my tip on her sexy nips. She applied her Doc Johnson looped vibrator to her clitoris and began to sigh and take deeper and deeper breaths. I saw the signs. I switched to sucking on her right nipple and pinching her left one, and she came within 30 seconds or so.

Her sighs as she came were interrupted by her gasping out, “I’m coming!” This sex voice of hers is husky and sexy! I only hear it during sex. I don’t think she could do her sex voice if she tried outside of being immersed in our mutual sexual pleasuring.

BTW, I had cum so fast after she took me into her mouth that she was surprised and so was I! I’ve never come that fast during fellatio! And she had been so turned on by everything that HER orgasm had also been fast in cumming (pun intended) …in spite of the side effects of her latest medication.

After Melodie’s big O, I realized that all the fun had me hard again in record time!

Do you want me inside your beautiful pussy?” I asked her.

Melodie asked, “CAN you go inside me? Then she looked closer and saw my rather quickly revived erection and reached down to stroke me briefly, in order to evaluate my firmness. “Oh, you CAN go inside me! YES! Get in there NOW!” (She likes to feel me inside of her whether it’s before or after or when bringing her to an orgasm. But she especially likes it when I bang her hard after she has just cum.)

“I CAN flick your beautiful pussy!” I said. You got me bien wired! (FLICK = For Lawful Incredible Carnal Knowledge)

So I slid down and removed her G-spot vibrator. She had to open her legs up because she keeps them closed to hold the G-spot vibe in her pussy. Then we went into our perpendicular X-position with her on her back and me on my side. I actually slid inside her gorgeous pussy very gently—but things didn’t stay gentle. As I said before, Melodie loves a good pounding when she’s all wound up, and she WAS all wound up! Soon my love, my desire to please her, and my sexual enthusiasm for her had me pounding away.

As I bred my wife hard and fast, like I was a buck rabbit and she was my doe, Melodie played along with my invented or re-defined word by saying, “I love being flicked by you!”

Nothing feels quite as amazing as a good pussy pounding—to both of us! Plus she now had the more powerful Sensuelle Plus vibrator on her clit, and I could feel those buzzing vibrations on my cock through her love tunnel wall. We both reached over and titillated each other’s nips as well. Melodie had “the look,” and I wondered if she was gonna cum again.

Eventually, I painted her love tunnel white, if ya know what I mean. She could tell when I was close, so she had begun twerking and hugging my pounding dick with her Kegel muscles in order to intensify my orgasm. It worked! During my intense orgasm, I reached a high peak and stayed there for every ejaculation spurt! It felt so nice and like it went on forever! I also thought I felt some of the “milking feeling” that I feel when she cums on my dick. I loved her so much for everything we were sharing and doing for and TO each other!

We cuddled afterward, and I thanked her for sharing an epic lovemaking session.

She told me, “That all was our Saint Patrick’s Day tradition and you don’t mess with tradition!”

Melodie said she HAD been surprised by how fast I came during fellatio. (She hadn’t even gotten to her newest skill of deep-throating me during oral.) She takes great pride in all her lovemaking skills, and I think that’s great! Wives SHOULD be proud of their bedroom skills!

We cuddled and talked and basked in our mutual afterglow. She felt sated, so we did not go for another full orgasm for her, and I also was feeling blissful. When she shyly told me that she’d had a mini-orgasm when I came inside her beautiful pussy, I wasn’t surprised because I had felt it! She looks so cute when she admits to some kind of sexual pleasure.

I know I’ve said it before, but the female genitalia (or pussy) is one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body. It is complex, like a safe with a changing combination—what works today may be different than what will work for your wife tomorrow. Still, it is a wonderful journey to figure out what will work in each lovemaking session.

I actually think the same about male genitalia. Lately, I suppose due to medication side effects and aging, the combination for reaching an orgasm has grown more complex for both of our bodies. So we are patient with each other and persistent. Sometimes (but not often) the combination can’t be found that day for one of us, but then that sex session becomes like edging that will lead up to a great orgasm a day or two later. Other days (still the majority of times), the combination to reach orgasms is fast in cumming! But sometimes (as I said before) it takes patience and persistence! Still, love finds a way, and we DO get there! The older we get, the more challenging the combination. But we have fun discovering the combination every time.

Anyway, I’m feeling grateful for our Saint Patrick’s Day traditions. I am very lucky, this Saint Patrick’s Day season, for my kind, patient, forgiving, beautiful, and sexy wife. Even more, I’m feeling very grateful to God for giving her to me and me to her. And I’m also thankful for nearly 30 years of love, service, and mind-blowing passion! Although today, being a holiday celebration, she blew more than my mind; nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

I love your comments and often read them to my wife, so please consider commenting to answer this question: What are your sexy holiday traditions for the various holidays? We’d love to know.

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21 replies
  1. Fearless Lunk says:

    Sounds like an exciting tradition. The paragraph with “reaching an orgasm has grown more complex” probably wasn’t needed. I know you’re trying to say “it isn’t always this explosive,” but we all know MH is mostly a highlight reel. Maybe save that paragraph for a story where it’s more about the complexities. In the context of this story it’s less relatable. 🙂 However, I hope to aspire to highlights like this!

    • LovingMan says:

      Your comment is very insightful. I guess Marriage Heat IS a highlight reel. I never thought about that. I think I include our challenges in my MH stories to help readers know that obstacles in sex can be overcome. I’ll give your comment some serious thought! Maybe I should write more “highlight reel” stories.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      LM, I think your stories highlight the realities of sex, especially in our later years. And I love that even with scheduled sex days, mismatched libidos, health challenges and pasts that include sexual abuse, you and Melodie still have such a hot sexlife! Keep up the encouraging work!

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      I’m wondering if I’m being misunderstood. There is nothing wrong with you sharing about complex issues and obstacles when it comes to sex… I prefer the more honest/real stories. So what you shared about “more complex” is not a bad statement at all. I personally feel like it just doesn’t fit THIS story. You just shared a hot rendezvous that was multi-orgasmic for both of you… fireworks going off everywhere… which was a highlight night I’m sure. But it wasn’t exactly complex. I’ve never had one night like this ever in my 21 year marriage. I’m not complaining. And I don’t mind people sharing highlights. But then to talk about “grown more complex” right after?? It just doesn’t fit. If your story was about her almost having an orgasm and then losing it… and you losing your erection at an inopportune time… and maybe neither of you having a Big O…. THEN you can talk about the growing complexities of orgasms and sex in the mature years of a marriage. Both are 100% good and acceptable… they just don’t seem to match up in this situation. And heaven’s no, I’m not asking for more highlight reel material… that’s 90% of the posts on MH. I think we need more stories of sex that isn’t always a Top 10 moment, IYKWIM. And you already do a lot of contributing in that vein.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      LM I’m with CHL, as one who is also dealing with the effects of aging, health, and prescription side effects I have always appreciated knowing how you two adapt to keep your intimacy strong and exciting. It is always an encouragement to me.

    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks King Arthur. I suspect that you DO have some traditions even if you don’t call them that. I always appreciate your recognition of my stories.

  2. Gemlin says:

    Appreciate you sharing this. I was telling my wife about this story, and we both find it so sweet and inspiring that even after all this time, you and your bride still get after each other, lol.

    I can’t say that this is a conciliatory tradition, but 4th of July, the last three years, my wife and I always seem to sneak off away from whatever party we’re at to have a romp. Something thrilling about having sex in some part of a relatives house that brings out our adventurous side.

    • LovingMan says:

      Gemlin, that sounds like a good tradition to me! And thank you for your comment. We do indeed still get after each other. We just got back from looking for a new type vibrator that we heard about!

  3. LovingMan says:

    CrazyHappyLoved, thank you for that nice comment. I do hope my stories are encouraging and inspiring. I think my realistic sex blog stories get less hits and lower rankings than my highlight reel stories. In fact I’m sure that’s true. I guess that with me facing another surgery in a week I want to share with MH readers that even with tough times we can still enjoy a vibrant sex life with our spouse. We do have to adapt, but our sex life is still amazing to us! Hey MH readers, please include us in your prayers. My wife, Melodie, is also having surgery. Her surgery is in mid-June. Mine is, like I said, next week.

  4. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Another great story, LM. When I saw the picture I immediately thought MH was reposting LadyGarden’s Sexy St. Pat’s. But I am always happy when I see a story with your byline; thoroughly enjoyed it. We don’t have a lot of sexy holiday traditions. We used to always have Christmas Eve sex in front of the tree until the kids got old enough that we couldn’t be sure they’d stay in their rooms. For over two decades I have put some new lingerie in her stocking, at the top so she has to take it out (without getting embarrassed) to get to the rest of the stuff. Last year we started what I hope will be a tradition. We got what we called our “Naughty” stockings that remained in our room, and we filled them up with all kinds of sex related things. Still thinking of writing that up someday, so I won’t say any more.
    We will keep you in our prayers for your surgeries. God bless

    • LovingMan says:

      Hi StillLikeNewlyweds!
      I always love your comments and stories! When we couldn’t get the teenagers out of the house I strung up Christmas lights in our bedroom. That way we got to see and love on each other in that unique multicolored light! Our kids just thought we were being festive. Ok, we WERE being sexily festive!

    • SecondMarge says:

      Next Christmas we should have an "advice for sexy gifts for naughty stockings hung by the bed with glee" thread.

  5. Flying Hubby says:

    Fun. I love the idea of enjoying traditions. I’ve heard of naughty elf/Santa’s Helper. It included fun outfits as well. LM you seem to promote a vibrant sex life through thick and thin. I think you two are an inspiration, no matter the struggle, there is a way and it can be enjoyed. You also paint a fine picture for us readers. Thank you.

    • LovingMan says:

      Flying Hubby, We have some amazing photos on our private photos app of us in and partially out of sexy Christmas outfits! Thank you for your very kind comments!

  6. Realman says:

    With getting older, we have made a point of staying in bed on Saturdays until we've both orgasmed. My testosterone is higher and she's been naked beside me for several hours. Phones are off and coconut oil is on!

    • LovingMan says:

      Now THAT is a great tradition. For the last few years we have almost always made love in the morning. My heart is more rested so it handles the exercise of sex better in the a.m. (Is that sexercise?)

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