Darwin Delight

Shortly after we retired, my therapist suggested that I start writing a sex journal.  It was a great idea!  Writing about what my wife and I have done sexually has really helped me appreciate my wife and be grateful for our vibrant sexual relationship.  This story is from an entry from several years ago.  At the time, we were on a long vacation in Darwin, a tropical part of Australia, at a lovely resort.  We had recently retired and cashed in a surprisingly successful long-term investment so we could take this vacation.  In the end, we felt that touring Australia and seeing so many amazing places plus meeting such nice and interesting people would be a good use of the investment money.  Two weeks at this tropical resort was the relaxing culmination of the trip after all the busy days and activities of a nearly 3-week bus tour.  

We had been sure to make love in some epic places during our tour – in the underground hotel room built in hollowed-out rock that sparkled with opals, in Coober Pedy, = in our high-rise hotels in Sydney and Adelaide, – in cozy rustic motels at stations (ranches) far out in the Outback, etc.  But this day in Darwin was the best of all those married sexual adventures in Australia. So, here is my modified for MH  journal entry of that afternoon:

After we came home from the museum today, we went swimming.  “Home” means our nice room at our hotel and resort in Darwin, Australia. We decided to go cool off at the pool before having lunch.

The pool area was surrounded by tall palm trees and other beautiful tropical plants and had a small running waterfall pouring into a smaller pool that then drained down into the largest of the pools via a short artificial creek.  

While at the pool, we met a young couple from Argentina. Marco is a pilot and his girlfriend, named Lucia, is a newly graduated microbiologist.  They were nice and very attractive young people.  We talked with them while we all were in the pool.  I bragged that Melodie (my wife) was one of the first female scientists in her field in the USA.  She always is embarrassed by my praise, but I said that she’s beautiful AND smart.  I told her I like to brag about her.  She looks so cute when self-conscious.  

Marco was what can only be called “tall, dark, and handsome.”  Lucia was particularly voluptuous and was sporting a string bikini as her novio took photos of her striking sexy poses all around the beautiful pool area of our Australian resort.  (This fact becomes relevant later on in this true story.) 

In one of the poses that she did for Marco, Lucia stood in the small pool by the waterfall and reached over to brace herself on the rocks behind the falls.  Marco then took photos of her as she wiggled her bum and looked back at him with a sexy, alluring expression.  Their photo session went on for several minutes.  We were nearby; my wife knew some Spanish, and I’m fluent, so that is how we got talking to them during their impromptu photo session.  Afterward, the four of us sat together in the pool.  

They were boyfriend and girlfriend on vacation together.  I’m sure they were not celibate, but we thought that Jesus would have looked down on Melodie and me for reprimanding them or anything like that.  They saw us as a nice married couple also enjoying their foreign vacation.  Jesus would have been friendly as well, I’m sure, and it was nice to meet new people.  

After we got back to our room from the pool and got out of our wet swimsuits, we sat on our bed and ate sandwiches and hard-boiled eggs.  It was kind of fun eating nude with my beautiful wife.  We talked about our new friends.  Their lifestyle was far from ours, but they had been friendly and fun to talk to.  And yes, they had beautiful young bodies.  (We see no harm in admiring physical beauty in others.  But our sexual focus is on our own spouse.)

Next, I gave Melodie a full-body massage, but I focused a long time on her sore back, hips, thighs, and calves.  (We’d done a lot of long hikes on the tour, had spent the morning and part of the afternoon walking around an amazing zoo, and had gone on a saltwater crocodile-viewing cruise.  All of that walking had made Melodie sore.)  We had had sex the two previous days in a row, so I promised Melodie that there would be no “harassing her” during the massage unless she asked for it.  (You can probably guess what “harassing” means.) 

Melodie’s curvy body with her soft, smooth skin looked so spectacular to me—it always has.  I knelt across her thighs as she lay on her tummy, and my man-parts rested between her legs and sometimes between her curvy buns.  Occasionally, my erectile tissue would start to get turned on, which she had to feel but never mentioned.  I sort of kept my promise not to harass, yet I did part her lovely lady place lips to apply about a 1/3 tsp of coconut oil between her labia—she finds it soothing—but I did not linger.  I moved her legs apart, and each time I massaged her thighs, I would “accidentally” brush her sweet lady parts.  Eventually, she turned over, and what a sight!  She lay back on top of two towels at the edge of the large hotel bed, her knees bent.  

This massage session went on for a long time.  The sun dropped lower in the sky and, through our open window, lit us up on our king-size hotel bed.  Its softer afternoon glow kicked in as it approached the sea.  We were on the top floor with no tall buildings between us and the sea, so keeping the window open was doable while maintaining our privacy.  Plus, the windows were pretty much impossible to see into from the outside during daylight.

A few times, I sat at Melodie’s feet to massage her calves and shin muscles.  Then I’d take a respite and lean over and rest my chin between her closed knees.  The towel had put a cute pattern onto her tummy below her breasts reminiscent of ocean waves from 500 feet up.   Her curvy full breasts looked so beautiful in the setting sun’s waning light, and I told her so.  I also told her that her extra weight (which she is self-conscience about0 is nearly invisible, the way she wears it.  She truly looked so lovely lying there.  

I rubbed her tummy with coconut oil and then moved to her perfect breasts, massaging the oil in without loitering, back to keeping my promise (sort of).   I massaged her everywhere lightly, including a gentle swipe over her lady place, but I did not let my fingers linger.  I had even said a silent prayer that if this were just a massage, I’d still be happy.  

I told Melodie to lie there and relax, even sleep if she wanted.  I went into the bathroom to wash the coconut oil off my hands before returning to the hotel room. I was sitting at the far side of the bed when Melodie’s antics surprised me. First, she stood up and started to pinch and massage her nipples and curvy, full breasts. Then, she turned and bent her knees, asking me if she looked as good as Lucia, the young Argentine woman.  

“You look gorgeous!” I exclaimed.  

Then Melodie bent over and waggled her buns in a perfect Lucia imitation!  “You mean like this?” she asked.  

What could I do?  I grabbed my cell phone off my nightstand and turned on the private photos and videos app. 

“What do you think, Tom?” she asked as she arched her back, bent over some, and stroked her well-oiled and shining breasts.  She gently pinched her nipples some more and then pushed up both breasts.  This went on and on.  I was sitting on the side of the bed, kitty-corner to her, filming and stroking my rod.  I even briefly turned the camera on myself and my extremely hard rod.

“Do you see what you’re doing to me?” I asked my very sexy wife.  

She stood straight up, then arched her back and rubbed all over her boobs.  Next, she ran her hands down her sides and over her thighs.  Bending over again, she asked, “More of this?”  

Then she stood straight up again and thrust out her beautiful breasts with one hand on her hip.  “Do you like this?” she asked with a wicked gleam in her big, beautiful Nordic eyes. 

The amazing thing is that I got Melodie’s whole show recorded on our secure app.  It became an erotic dance from my sexy wife to her passionate husband!  It lasted three minutes; after that, I couldn’t wait.  I walked over and sat on the foot end of the bed next to where her dance had taken place and pulled her to me.  As she stood in front of me, she cupped her breasts and offered each swollen raspberry to me, and I alternated loving hungrily on each!  The filtered sunlight reflected off her well-oiled curves; her breasts and raspberries looked particularly delectable.   

Finally, Melodie backed away and slipped into the bathroom to wash the oil off.  I followed her in. She leaned way down, facing the mirror, and I slid my quite hard erection inside her waiting pussy.  We pumped away at each other’s genitalia for less than a minute as I watched the fun show of her boobs bouncing around to the rhythm of our mutual thrusting.  My rod pounded away into her sweet pussy, but I didn’t want to come yet, so I slid out and let her get into the shower.  I put one hand in and kept rubbing and lightly pinching each slippery raspberry, and she turned in the shower to facilitate this.  

Finally, I went to the sink and shaved. Then, I slipped into the shower with her to briefly wash the lather off my face and clean a few body parts before leaving her alone to enjoy her shower.  I had certainly enjoyed the show, and I knew that we were not done!  

I was out in the room—nude, of course—when I called for her to come out.  We took photos of each other naked near the window in the now-full alpenglow of the setting sun.  We kissed deeply there by the window. In fact, we did a lot of kissing during this whole massage-sex session.  Melodie’s amazing when she wants it; her kisses could melt Antarctica.  I remember thinking that she’d better be careful ‘cause we were not that far from Antarctica.  

We were still hugging near the window when Melodie broke away and walked quickly over to the bed. Then she knelt on the bed with her sexy buns and slightly open pussy lips facing the sunset, bent forward so that she was resting on her elbows, and looked back at me.

I knew what she wanted and needed.  I resumed filming as I walked over with a big smile on my face.  As I stood behind her, Melodie turned her head to give me her sexiest “I WANT you” smile from her bent-way-over position, the sex position that puts her pussy up in perfect position for FLICKing.   

(Why the word “FLICKing” instead of the other F-word?  FLICK = “For Lawful Incredible Carnal Knowledge.”  We prefer it to the other F-word that means “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.”  “F.U.C.K.” was written on the stalks used to punish Christians who had sex outside of marriage. We prefer “FLICK” because our carnal knowledge of each other is Lawful & Incredible!  And, within our marriage, God sanctions our carnal knowledge.  We even believe that the Holy Spirit inspires us in our married sexual relationship.  It gives a new meaning to the phrase:  “Carnal Knowledge!” Now back to the story…)

I filmed Melodie’s beautiful full moon, all lit up by the alpenglow of the setting sun.  Then I put my index finger deep inside my beautiful wife’s anxious pussy and gently massaged her G-spot.  I asked her if that felt good, and she said, “Yes, but I want the real thing.”  

I complied, entering her and thrusting deeply for a while. Soon my testes were slapping below her cute buns!  What an amazing feeling, but it was about to get even better. 

Twice, Melodie asked me to stand still so she could do all the thrusting.  The second time, she leaned back into my hard erection as she also arched her back.  She began to rock or pound back and forth, with me getting just to stand there and watch her pussy engulf my very hard erection over and over again!  I felt such sensations and so much love from her.  Her caressing hug with her vaginal lips and vaginal canal were incredible!  The gorgeous view of the filtered sunset glow on her buns and back amazed me.  Somehow, I held onto my phone and kept using our private photos app to film us loving as God intended—passionately and fully, without inhibitions.  We both were sighing, gasping, and grunting. Finally, I told Melodie to ask me for her present, and she did.

“Please give me my present!”  (Her present is my cum in her pussy.  She decided that my cum was her special present years ago when she gave me her virginity after we married.)  

Here in our Aussie resort hotel room, I DID give her her present, right after she asked.  I held still and yet I exploded inside her as she arched her back, rocked back onto me, her pussy caressing my full erection.  So indescribable!  

Then Melodie rolled over, lay down, and asked for the vibrator.  As she used it on her clit, I loved on her beautiful full breasts that were swollen with off-the-charts arousal!  She soon cried out, “Oh!  I’m coming!  I’m COMING!” in that husky sex voice she only uses in intimate moments—and she had a GREAT  orgasm, her back arching off the bed so far that her twin peaks were illuminated by the now red setting sun, even though I was between her and the window!  Her usually nearly porcelain-white breasts were glowing red from her orgasmic blush AND the alpenglow!  

When Melodie came down from her stratospheric orgasm, we went into cuddle mode – we lay there and mostly silently held each other for a long time.  Then we sat up on the bed with Melodie leaning into me, and we talked and laughed about how Marco and Lucia’s photo session had kind of triggered an awesome lovemaking session for us!  We OWED them, but they’d never know.  And although we were not in our 20s, I think that we SEE each other as we once looked, back when we first married.  Quite honestly, I think it must be one of God’s spiritual gifts to see one’s spouse that way.  But I have to add that my Melodie’s body has never known how to look her age.  She leads a clean, healthy lifestyle, and her body shows it.  I am VERY blessed that she is mine.  Of course, a huge part of that blessing is that she is kind and committed to our love for each other, our mutual love of our children & grandchildren, and of God.  Melodie is universally kind to everyone.  

Before ending this lovemaking session, Melodie announced, “My turn!”  SHE loves to stimulate MY nipples.  Usually, that is part of our foreplay; but it hadn’t happened this time, so she wanted “her fun!”  She loved on my mini-nips as I masturbated to my second orgasm of the afternoon.  I love doing that with her lips loving on my man-nipples.  As we did this, I just thought of how beautiful and sexy she is and about the fun and sexy things we had just done.  It took quite a while since making love with heart failure should happen in the morning and not late afternoon/evening.  But I eventually had another explosion of pleasure!   

This was the third day in a row that we have shared a full lovemaking session (where we both cum). Maybe it’s hanging out by a tropical pool or seeing beautiful young adults, but whatever it is, I’m grateful for being in Australia with the perfect woman for me.   

I have an atomic sex drive, and I suppose that sometimes it gets annoying to my wife, who has between a high-to-normal sex drive. So I am truly grateful that, early in the afternoon, I felt moved to ask God to help me be happy with my sex life. I was impressed not to pressure Melodie for sex today or tonight and that an epic experience would happen soon.  (I had no idea at the time HOW soon.)  In the end, it was Melodie’s idea to make love today, and that made all the difference.  I think I have mentioned before that our regular sex schedule is sex every other day, with Melodie going for orgasms only every other sex session.  Well, she’d just had an orgasm or multiple orgasms three days in a row!  In fact, we both had!  So thank you, Heavenly Father.  I know that you care about us, and that includes our sex life.  

So, that happened a few years ago and, despite even more health challenges, we are still loving each other and FLICKing each other pretty much every other day!  (Remember……………… FLICK = For Loving Incredible Carnal Knowledge!)

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  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Another excellent and hot story of God’s great gift of married sex! I chuckled at the Antarctica comment. When you mentioned about the other couple’s unmarried status and your choice to not speak to that, I was reminded of something I read about Billy Graham. He was being interviewed once and the reporter asked him a question about homosexuality. The reporter was obviously trying to get a controversial and perhaps antagonistic response from him. His answer was, “It is God’s job to judge, the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, and my job to love.” Naturally we don’t hide God’s truth, but personal confrontation is usually best in the context of relationship, not someone you just met. I know Christians will disagree on this and there is a lot of “case by case” aspect to it, but I think you made the wise choice.

    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks StillLikeNewlyweds!
      We figured that we can’t bring sinners unto Christ if we just alienate them as soon as we meet them. And Jesus did not condone sin yet he associated with sinners.

    • LovingMan says:

      JJ we use Calculator% Private Photos. It’s also called Private Photos Calculator%. You can take videos and photos directly from the app OR import them from your phone’s main camera roll. Videos and photos are stored on your phone and that uses a lot of memory BUT we feel safer knowing it’s not stored in the cloud.

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