Giving credit where it’s due, my telling of this story was provoked by “First Dance” from Quiet One back in April. She did a wonderfully premeditated job of it. Being asked to write more in the comments on my first post helped as well. In my defense, this happened before there was really an internet. Somewhat like what happened in my first post here about “The Chase,” even though I did quite a bit more planning, it turned out to be much more of a voyage of discovery than I had expected.

My resource material—using the term very loosely—came from my own imagination, various romance novels, movies, and that perfect 10 I saw with the rest of the world when Torvill and Dean performed to “Bolero” in the Olympic ice dance competition. I’m no dancer, but if for some reason you haven’t seen that performance, you really need to. In my humble opinion, it sets the standard for romantic dancing. Motivation came from nearly equal amounts of curiosity on my part and my husband mentioning yet again that it was okay for me to initiate romantic moments too. I’m normally quite happy to be a responder rather than an instigator. At any rate, I decided that I would find out just how seductive I could be and how much he could take. I mean, he’d asked for it yet again, hadn’t he?

With this in mind, I started jotting down possible ideas and gathering materials. This resulted in several large varicolored silk scarves so thin you could see through them, a big fluffy pink ostrich plume, and a collection of music on cassette tape. (Yes, it was a while ago.) I also prepared the grove we often used as a picnic area with a modest bonfire ready to light as well as our usual stump (see “Leap”) and some lanterns about the periphery. For the mental preparation, I ran my scenario over in my mind till I could almost make myself come just thinking about it.

With all in readiness at about 8:00 pm on a warm, early-summer day, I informed my husband I would be taking him up on his statement that his body belonged to me (1Cor 7:4) and therefore mine for the asking. I told him I was in charge for the evening and that he was to do just as I said as best he could. This garnered a nod and a big smile, along with, “You bet I will.”

“Well then,” I replied, “you just wait here for ten minutes and then come naked down to the grove. When you get there, take a seat on the stump and, from then on, don’t get up or speak a word till I say you can—no matter what I do. You can look all you want, but you cannot touch, talk, or get up.” So saying, I slowly stripped completely and, with my best effort at switching my hips, headed down to the grove.

By the time he arrived, I had the fire going nicely. The tape was playing the first 30 minutes of various romantic music before it went into an hour of just “Bolero,” and I was wreathed in the silk scarves and nothing else. Peering from behind a large oak, I saw him walk into the clearing. It was just getting on to late dusk, and the light from the fire flickered across his body while he looked about briefly before sitting. My, oh my, did he look good to me.

“So far, so good, girl,” I said to myself and stepped out from behind the tree opposite the fire from him. I did my best not to think, only sway to the music. There was no specific choreography; I couldn’t have done it if there had been. I began to let my arms rise and fall as I slowly turned with the tunes, slinking about as the mood took me. For this first piece of music, he had to watch me through both the fire and those oh-so-thin scarves. With the end of that piece, I came around the fire to approach him slowly.

It was blatantly obvious that he had a massive hard-on. That excited me too. I dropped the first of the scarves, baring a shoulder and half a breast. The hard-on bobbed up and down. Nice. I got to within a yard or so of him and then, slowly turning a couple of times, stalked off and all the way around the fire again. I dropped another scarf as I came back around, and that song flowed into the next. One breast was completely bare now and half of the other. The next passages were short, and a scarf dropped away with each till just one remained. At that point, I was standing three feet away, right in front of him. A long, clear strand glistened in the firelight as it ran, shining, all the way from the gently bobbing tip of his erection to the ground. Again, nice.

“Bolero” began. I whipped the last scarf away to reveal my muff, which itself now glistened in the light of the lamp I had placed to the side of and behind him. His eyes widened, his nostrils even flared, and that erection jerked up sharply enough to throw its strand across my bare feet.

Wow! I could actually do some pretty neat stuff to my husband just by letting him look. Solomon knew what he was talking about, with the lover saying, “Let me see your form!” As the music wove its magic, I bent and turned and squirmed before him. Between the warm evening and the fire, both our bodies were shining. Picking up the ostrich plume, I began to walk around him. I gently ran it everywhere over that shining, naked body—except for his erection.

With the next repeat of the music, I stopped again in front and laid the feather aside. Bending over some as if for a fairly high limbo bar, I placed my hands on my hips and started slowly stepping closer. One step and sway of the hips at a time, I worked my way to just inches from his face. But when I saw his tongue begin to emerge, I pulled back. A few repetitions had it all the way out. Ever so carefully, I let my hair brush against it but not the now swollen flesh so tantalizingly close to it.

Pulling back a bit with my hands still on my hips, I began to spread my legs and slowly, slowly bring myself down as if to sit right down over his now streaming erection. I stopped, of course, when I could just feel my hair brushing its tip. Because of the way it was bobbing, it actually would make the lightest of contact every once in a while. After a few of those touches, I stepped back and straightened up. A long, thick, shining strand about a foot long now joined his tip to my cleft. I watched as it slowly sagged downward till it hit the grass between us.

Looking up, I could see his gaze locked on my mound and its strand. I had him fully focused now, and I liked that. Turning in place right in front of him, I bent to place my hands on the ground in the position I knew he most adored: the Hind presented for her Hart. Moving my hips up and down and around to the tune, I slowly parted my legs for his viewing pleasure. Then I rose slightly and lifted my hands from the ground to reach behind and pull my cheeks apart as I swayed to the tune.

That nearly made me come right then. “Easy there, girl,” I thought to myself and moved my hands to my knees. Instead of using them to spread my cheeks, I turned my feet more and more pigeon-toed and started thrusting up to the beat.

This felt really, really good, so I just gave myself over to it. I guess I sort of forgot he was even back there for a bit. As the music hit the strongest part of its rhythm, I felt my body sort of spasm—not an orgasm at all, but my hips suddenly rotated sharply up as my back arched down and popped. It felt as if my opening was being thrown up and out, probably because it was. It felt good, so I just let my body take over and do it again and again to the beat.

I got one brief warning that he was still back there. A loud, guttural animal growl sent a shiver right through me, and I froze with my hips all the way up. This happened an instant before my butt was suddenly stung from the slap of a grip that yanked my feet and hands from the ground, shoved me over his erection, and slapped me to him. That slapping was repeated again and again as my butt met his groin while he flailed away, and I flopped like a rag doll.

I came to a bit later, cradled in his lap as we sat facing the fire. He looked a question at me: “May I talk now?”

I nodded.

“Sorry about that. I would say I don’t know what came over me, but I’m the one who grabbed it and put it over me. Over and over,” he said.

I just looked at him, not knowing what to say.

“It turns out I do have an edge I didn’t know I had and that you can push me right over it, honey. I don’t know about you, but it was kind of scary in an awfully nice way.” Then went on with, “What were you trying to do, anyhow?”

“I just wanted to see how excited I could make you with just looking. I guess I got us both way too excited and kind of forgot myself there at the end as well,” I answered.

“Well, now we know. You certainly took us someplace, but perhaps we should use your powers more carefully in the future,” he observed.

I agreed. We snuggled till the fire burned low, and we went in for a well-deserved shower.

I have never tried this since. I guess it’s nice to know a woman has that power, but I’m pretty well convinced that—as with most really powerful things—just having it doesn’t mean you have to use it, and certainly not all at once. I also now know it’s called twerking, and I personally know just what ravished really means. Look it up.

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6 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Great story! I see similarities to this story and some of our experiences. Sometimes my wife will drive me wild before the touching and sexual intercourse happens. My last story, Darwin Delight, is one such story, although Melodie did not plan it out like you did. Hers was a spontaneous erotic dance!

  2. SamtheMan says:

    Woods, This is a great story! I rate the stories based on the "reaction" or size of erection I get reading the story. This story and First Dance are in my favorite's folder. I applaud and commend you for being creative and being cognizent of how to please your husband. My wife is very creative and puts in hours planning events outside the bedroom during VBS, Sunday School, being hospitable and preparing and presenting at baby and wedding showers. My wife is wonderful; however, over time I've hinted at her putting in the time, energy and creativity in our sex life as she does in serving others. She is a great responder and we've had great sex when I've initiated. I'm just waiting for the time when she gets bold or aggressive enough to initiate. Your story is well written and I can picture everything in detail.

  3. Woods says:

    SamtheMan, I had to think a bit and talk with my husband before responding. I really do so appreciate your comments and commendation. At first I was not sure how to feel about causing a man I don't even know to have an erection big enough to make it to his "favorites" folder. My husband tells me he expected no less of me and to take it as the highest of praise, so again, thanks. I think our next story, which is due to post very soon, is a little odd but he also said to tell you that from the rest of what you shared he thinks if you two are game enough to try it it should give you a hard on that just won't quit. In any event please let us know what you think of it as well.

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