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To a Callipygian Wife

This poem comes from our treasure box. I put it there for her to find along with a picture of that same most beautiful woman. The view is of her from behind, bent deeply at the waist and looking back over her shoulder to where her Hart stands ready to take her gorgeous hips in […]

A Headache and a Pain in the Butt (L)

This post contains a brief usage of strong language (L). Annotations are explained in more detail in the Guidelines. It was one of those cool, soggy holidays where there was just not much to do outside. To kick back, rest, and make the best of it, my husband and I had decided to take from […]


Giving credit where it’s due, my telling of this story was provoked by “First Dance” from Quiet One back in April. She did a wonderfully premeditated job of it. Being asked to write more in the comments on my first post helped as well. In my defense, this happened before there was really an internet. […]

The Song, Verse 8:13

It was a dark and stormy night. Well, it was. My husband and I, along with our good friends, had been on the long drive back home from one of the conventions the two men sometimes attended. This had been one of those rare times that we had found a way for the wives to […]

Her Room

For those who have read my husband’s very first submission to MH (You are Beautiful: a Study of the Song of Solomon for Two), it will come as no surprise that he and I both are firm believers in doing what the word says as best we can. The Song shows the beloved taking a […]

When You’ve Gotta Go…

A story posted here at the end of April called “Getting Wild in the Wilderness”—and especially the picture that went with it—brought back memories of something that first happened some years ago. I have often thought, since that time, that others must have had something similar occur to them too but somehow have never felt […]

Spring Planting

  Ah, springtime out on the farm—when to whatever else a young man’s fancy might turn, you still had the equipment to service and work to do if anything was going to be planted. We were finally past the last real chance of frost, and it was already well on the way to being an […]

A Hind’s Tale: The Chase

I’ve been following the articles my husband has sent here since we discovered your site not too long ago. It seemed like a good place to share some of the blessings we’ve experienced over the years so others might benefit from them. Though I’m not nearly as inclined to write about these sorts of things […]

Your Wife is in The Song

A Word Study for Wives From the Song My wife and I have a little box we share. Over the years it has become a bit of a treasure chest for thoughts and memories. It contains pictures, ideas, and feelings each has had about the other that seemed worth sharing and saving. It contains the […]

Time and Place

We all know some times and places are special. In Solomon’s Song of Songs, the beloved speaks of taking her lover to her in either the bed of his or her mother and even of their making love under the tree where he was conceived. All of these ideas sound pretty exciting for each of […]

The Tree House

It was a warm, late Spring day. The kids were all in school, and I had the day off. Taking advantage of this wonderful coincidence, my wife and I had stripped naked and headed out on the paths in our woods for a long walk. We didn’t get a whole lot of chances to spend […]