A Hind’s Tale: The Chase

I’ve been following the articles my husband has sent here since we discovered your site not too long ago. It seemed like a good place to share some of the blessings we’ve experienced over the years so others might benefit from them. Though I’m not nearly as inclined to write about these sorts of things as he is, we thought I might occasionally toss in my side of some of them or one of my own.

He’s almost always been the one to initiate the friskier of our times together, which is fine with me. He claims I am motivational. For my part, I am happy to follow his lead while feeling free to add some curlicues of my own along the way. From time to time—by way of encouragement, I’m sure—he’s told me he’d be thrilled to go along with anything I might think up. This is the tale of my first attempt at such a thing. Even though it ultimately went a little sideways, it also turned out to be my most exciting idea.

A few days had passed since the great sex that following our first time going through his annotated version of the Song together. In fact, that became his first submission here at MH as “You Are Beautiful: A Study of the Song of Solomon for Two.” I guess it got me thinking about the Hind calling to her Hart and what she was asking him to do with her. Recalling what I’d seen the all the deer around our place doing out in the woods, I began trying to imagine not just what it felt like to have him mount her—I had a pretty fair feeling for that after all—but how it would feel to call to him all unaware, as the does in effect do to the bucks. This led to imagining how it would then be to do as they do so often by making the buck chase them down to take them. Thank goodness providence can make up for not thinking things through. At least the good Lord looked out for His own in my case because here’s what I did.

I had chosen an evening with a full moon, and it was shining brightly high in the sky. It had been a hot summer day and was still quite warm outside. While he was listening to the evening news before turning in for the night, I slipped off early to the master bedroom and had a quick shower. So it was when he came back to go to bed he found me posed naked as provocatively as I could with one foot already outside the half-opened door. It was hard not to laugh at the surprise on his face. In the silence, we could hear the crickets and cicadas chirping and singing loudly. Before he could speak, I gave him my best come hither look, turned to present my bare backside, switched my hips, and said, “If the Hart can catch his Hind, he can take her where she stands!” Then I bolted out the door into the dark.

From the sound of the door shutting in the distance, he had gotten undressed a lot more quickly than I had thought possible. I wasn’t sure I had made it out of sight before turning onto the wooded path between the house and the road about three hundred feet south of the house. I had had some fanciful notion of flitting about the woods at a distance, teasing for a while as he caught glimpses of me through the trees in the moonlight. As it was, I ran more quickly right down to the road. With him so close behind, I needed to find an alternate, more devious path, and its entrance was down there.

Standing by a bush near the road, I listened carefully for pursuit. Things looked different in the dark. I was nervously hunting for the path’s entrance as I tried to calm my breathing. I didn’t see or hear anything. I might be nervous, but this was fun. I wanted it to take a while for him to catch me to make the thrill last, but I didn’t want to lose him entirely. Not a problem. It turned out he was a lot better at moving quickly and quietly in the dark than I realized. He was also just plain sneaky.

I had my breathing almost back to normal from my dash when there was a sudden crashing in the brush from the trees not ten feet behind me. I jumped reflexively right out into the road. There I stood, frozen, waiting for my heart to start beating again. I recall feeling the soft, warm dust around my feet as I thought furiously about which way to run. It took a couple of seconds to realize I was standing stark naked in the middle of the road! I had to get back to the woods, but which way to go? The choice was made for me. How he had gotten there, I didn’t know. Only about five paces right behind me, he stepped out from the path entrance I’d been hunting earlier and said, “Boo!”

Reflex kicked in again, and I ran forward straight down the center of the road toward the intersection only a hundred feet away. Goodness was he fast. My hips were caught strongly from behind after only eight or ten steps. I was well and truly caught. I knew him. He would remember exactly what I said as I went out the door. He would mount me right where I stood. I bent over and put my hands into the warm dust. The grip on my hips pulled me right over his erection. 

His voice had a sort of furry edge to it as he said, “Oh, I love you.” Then he really did take me where I stood. Right in the middle of the road in the moonlight. Stag on the mountain of spices indeed! He began pumping away back there, and I just let the waves of feeling wash through me. I could tell climax wouldn’t be long in coming for either of us. 

Then I heard it, the sound of a diesel engine! A quick look up showed lights growing brighter as they shined across the intersection. I couldn’t get loose to flee. His grip only tightened, and instead of stopping, my Stag just picked up the pace. Letting my knees fold, I thought to drop away. He simply followed me down onto his knees too till I had my elbows and tits in the dust and my butt still up in the air and firmly engaged in the business at hand. About the time the chill of discovery was overwhelmed by my sudden climax, providence kicked in to save me. The truck just drove on by down the much less used road to the south. The phrase “deer caught in the headlights” has meant a bit more to me ever since.

The truck faded into the distance as I felt him finish emptying himself into me. With a last squeeze of his hands, he released my hips. Covered with a sheen of perspiration from our exertions, we stood for an embrace and a long kiss as I pressed my now somewhat muddy breasts into the warmth of his very moist, hairy chest. I don’t know how long we stood like that, but the sound of the truck returning broke our reverie.

We stepped off the road and walked hand in hand back toward the house. What a dusty, muddy, messy pair we were, and it was so good. I began humming a bit of a tune from “Paint Your Wagon.” He suddenly started laughing as he recognized, “The best things in life are filthy dirty…” Before we went into the house, he rinsed me with the warm water left in the garden hose, then sent me inside to shower while he washed the worst off himself. It took a pleasant while for the two of us to get out of that shower and finally to sleep.

Over breakfast, I asked why he hadn’t let the truck’s approach interrupt us. He grinned and said he knew it was going to go past. At my puzzled look, he admitted he recognized the sound of that particular truck since, the day before, he’d taken the tractor to get it unstuck from a job it was doing farther down that road, and they’d loosened its muffler while getting it out. 

After he’d gone off to work, I sat at the table finishing my coffee and thought for a while. I realized I had learned a few things from my escapade. Solomon was a sage man and gave great advice. I would certainly do this again though I would need a bigger head start. I really could ignite my husband, just plain set him off. Spontaneous or not, I would have a better path planned. If I was going to play with fire, I really needed to be careful where I was standing when I touched it off. I would not be caught in the middle of the road again, and I never have. I was my lover’s beloved, and he was mine. It was a deep comforting warmth to know that I truly was my Hart’s desire

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6 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Excellent story Mrs Woods! And bravo for the creative idea. I have never been into running and have regularly told people that if they see me running someone is probably chasing me. I just found another reason that I’d be running. If we were ever in the appropriate location and my wife did something like this I would find the strength in this weak heart of mine to chase her down.
    The MH admins and community often warn us that we should never let this site make us envious of another’s spouse or relationship, and God has blessed me with a wife that gives me no reason or need to be envious. But I must admit that from yours and Mr Woods’ stories I might be getting a little bit envious of your location 😉. Please continue to bless your husband by thinking up more of these ideas, and bless us by writing more. It was a absolutely wonderful story.
    God bless.

  2. 1blessedman says:

    Wow! I think you are braver than me. You have a blessed husband! Not all women need to replicate this risky venture to show immense passion and love, but I give you "two thumbs up" for your valiant excursion.

  3. Woods says:

    Your comments are all so appreciated. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort. I shared the tale mainly because it was exciting, hoping others would find in it at least an enjoyable fantasy whether they might be able to replicate it or not. StilLikeNewlyweds is right, no need to envy, please just enjoy. The other main reason was the hope others would learn by my example. I'm not so passionate as to throw all caution to the wind and, far from being brave, am normally quite risk-averse. So for those who happen to live in the right place to try this themselves, please use some of the forethought that I didn't this first time. Providence might not save you as it did me!
    MH did it again! The photo they selected for this post is (as are their others) "picture perfect". I hadn't thought to write another tale about the few times I've been the instigator, but you asked so nicely. There was that time a while back with the campfire, "Bolero" playing in the background, silk scarves, and a feather when I discovered what I now know from this site are edging, and twerking, after all…

  4. Maxlove says:

    Mrs. Woods, that is so hot! My wife and I never did it quite like that; she wasn't built for running. But I did share plenty of visuals with her when we made love, told her she was my Persian princess, worthy of being captured. It certainly gives a man ideas. One nice thing about this site and reading about/ sharing such a wide variety of experiences with married sex, is it reminds us – reminds me – that sex and romance need not be the same way every time. Unless, of course, both of you like it like that. And even within that, we can change it up. Thanks for sharing, and for the ideas for variety when we (ahem) go after each other!

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