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This post originated as a comment on a the story “Fantasies Fulfilled (L/A)”

Our Creator gave man and woman a very beautiful gift of sexual and sensual gratification. He created it! But, like all things gifted to us, man can pollute anything he touches when he (man) decides to define what is good and evil. We can stand with our own POV and say that everything else is wrong, but at that point, aren’t we defining what is good and evil based on our subjective POV and personal preferences?

Let us consider this: A) The anus is for the evacuation of material after our bodies have used all the goodness from it. But can we engage in analingus or anal intercourse?

B) The penis is designed specifically to excrete urine that contains various excesses that is either not good for us or is not needed. It is also an organ to deliver the sperm for us to procreate. Can I enjoy other uses or experiences that don’t seem to be its specific creative usage?

C) Sex toys were not in the Garden of Eden and are something man has brought to the marriage bed. Can we use sex toys or are we polluting the pristine sex realm God created?

D) Eve was naked in the original garden! No lingerie for her. Can our women wear lingerie to accentuate and bring depth of passion to the love-making proclivity?

E) Homosexual men do penetrative sex via the anus and mouth. So, does that make all men who enjoy anal stimulation gay? Then what about fellatio that homosexual men engage in? Can heterosexual men enjoy receiving that, in light of the fact that gay men are doing it? Or, since gay men are doing it, it is automatically removed from the hetero-list of enjoyments?

Those are only a few thoughts; there are certainly dozens more. There are many questions that some will stop and really think about. Yet some people will pass by the above questions and more as if they are nonsense due to their personal POV.

Ah, our POV. Our POV needs to be through the lens that God has provided us in His word and through personal prayer as we seek to hear His voice for our lives and living.

For instance, I have a friend that takes a pacifist position to home intrusions. He says that such a POV was revealed to Him. I find in God’s word that I have the right and obligation to protect innocent lives while having a prayer for my enemies always on my lips. So, our POV’s are different concerning the same topic and I do not deny that God has revealed something specifically for him. I trust he is living out his life according to what he believes is his instruction for life. And, I do not worry that he is in error in any way.

So, my point here is that some of the great sexual latitude afforded us may not specifically be good for each. From the above scenarios: Engaging in anal intercourse may be seen by some as wrong due to the obvious function of the anus (exit only) and stand on their position by only that specific reasoning. But if we take that POV and apply it to all other sex acts we can think of, then we will likely undermine much of our own preferences. And, when we do, then we will have to redefine what is good and evil to satisfy our preferred POV.

Our POV needs to be well-grounded in God’s constitution not our personal preferences. We should question the standard denominational pastorate-driven definitions of appropriate sexual living and explore the Scriptures for the true meaning of “sexual immorality”. It has been reported that many years ago, the Puritan religion hierarchy held the opinion that intercourse in any position other than the “missionary” position was perverted and not to be practiced. So, let us use the common sense that is part of our “in God’s image” make-up.

As married couples, if there are things that one of us believes are out-of-bounds, then we need to talk about them and pray about them. Listen for the Spirit’s direction. As we navigate life and living, may our marital choices be mutually edifying through giving and receiving. Some things may not be my first choice, but I will do those things as long as I do not have clear indication to refrain because she enjoys them, and that gives me great pleasure! All the while, let us receive the admonitions of others to see if there is a message there for us.

Just some thoughts…..

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  1. Sarge says:

    You make very interesting points on these many objective ideas of sex, marriage, and Gods standards. The last being my interruption of your comments.
    My faith, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints holds no standards regarding monogamous marriage except against sex outside of the marriage, i.e. adultery, and that marriage is meant by God to be between and man and a woman. Once your married, the church stays out of the bedroom and leaves sex acts between the husband and wife. We place a very high value on women, and in doing so, believe we should never force a particular sex act upon our spouse.
    My late wife and I decided together that anal sex of any kind was out of the question simply because we personally found it repulsive. That does not mean that we should judge others who do engage in anal “play.” My wife was unfamiliar with the concept of oral sex, and though it took a while before she allowed me to perform cunnilingus on her, she finally allowed me to do it and quickly became a big fan. The same goes for fellatio: it took time for her to try it too, but I never forced anything upon her, and she became a very willing oral sex giver and receiver. Now, she rarely wanted me to cum in her mouth, but I honored that too.
    God gave us sex organs for reproduction, but He also gave women a clitoris, and men the glans that give us pleasure too. Note that the Ten Commandments and scriptures say little about sex with the exception of adultery, fornication, and coveting our neighbors wife/husband. We also know from Lots experience in Sodom and Gomorrah and the New Testament that homosexuality is not in keeping with Gods laws.
    All of this tells me that as long as I was faithful to my wife, both physically and mentally, and did not practice homosexuality, that He stayed out of our marriage “bed chamber,” and we were free to use our sex organs for our pleasure, and the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth.
    I hope this is somewhat of what you were looking for. God Bless.

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