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Preface: This story is pure fantasy. This is something I hope will someday happen, something my wife knows I want and understands why I find it hot. To further preface, there is a lot of roleplay to this: themes of surrender, role reversal, light femdom, and it includes a man sucking a strapon, pegging, and cum-kissing. If that’s too much for you or not your thing, I totally understand. I just wanted to give that heads up. This fantasy is purely about myself and my wife—none of any of this is something I’d want to pursue with anyone else. Furthermore, there is a lot of strong language here. Truth be told, I wrote this while aroused, and this is how my wife and I can (and do) talk dirty to each other (just amped up a bit). The aim of this story isn’t to entice or turn on others but to communicate how much my spouse turns me on, the love I have for her, and how I would and could only ever be (and allow myself to be) vulnerable enough to desire and do these things with her alone.

It all started with a text. I was just about to leave the office after a long day of work when my phone suddenly dinged. I picked it up to see a message from my wonderful wife.

“Hi, daddy – I know you’re about to leave the office – but I couldn’t wait any longer.  I know you’ve been stressed a lot lately, daddy – and I want to show how thankful I am for how much you support and love me. So tonight – Mommy is going to take care of you.”

My cock twitched; she only calls herself Mommy when she’s taking charge, which doesn’t happen often. I packed up my stuff and headed for the bus. Another ding sounded.

“I know you’ve been extra horny lately, and I know you’ve been a naughty boy (another term she uses when she’s in charge) and playing with your asshole recently – so I know you’ll be okay.”

I was wondering where this was going. Ding!

“When you get home, hop in the shower, then meet me in the bedroom. I know you’ve wanted this for years. You mentioned it when we were dating.”

And then I got the text that blew my mind… a shot of my sexy wife wearing a strap-on! I almost missed my bus because I just kept staring at the pic, and someone getting off the bus nearly walked into me! I shoved my phone in my pocket and slung my bag in front of me as I walked. (Thankfully, the front of the bus was packed, so moving my bag off my back didn’t look weird). As I got on the bus, I heard another ding! I found a spot at the back of the bus and was able to pull out my phone and see another pic—my wife, naked except for her strapon, with the caption, “I’m going to fuck the cum out of you tonight, you naughty boy.”

Ding! A third picture came through, captioned: “I bet you can’t wait to ride Mommy’s cock, can you?”

Before I could respond, a final ding!

“Try not to look at these pics too much. You’ve got to get off the bus in 15 mins ;)”

Trying to calm down and not look at these photos of my gorgeous wife—the woman of my dreams sporting a strap-on dildo—was extremely challenging but imperative. The bus kept emptying as it went along, so having the bag cover my crotch while exiting would have looked weird. My mind couldn’t leave the kinky fuckery that was about to happen, but thankfully, it shifted. I moved right into thanksgiving.

My wife had known I wanted her to peg me for over eight years; I had told her about this desire (and other kinks and fetishes) when we were dating. I didn’t tell her to try and get her to do them then. If one of them were something she really opposed, I didn’t want her to feel blindsided when I brought them up later. She knew I had no interest in men, that I was comfortable with my sexuality, and that I was very open to exploring that sexuality with her. I liked eating my cum off of her and enjoyed ass play, and she was very amused that I got hard when she once asked one of those silly what-ifs we ask our spouses: “What would you do if I woke up with a dick? Would you freak out?”

I had responded with, “I’d try to calm you down by blowing you—and I’d do it repeatedly to show my love.” I was incredibly grateful that she never once judged me for my fantasies and desires and never questioned my sexuality. I began thanking God for blessing me with such an amazing woman, friend, supporter, and confidant. The prayer helped my erection subside a bit, and I was glad because we arrived at my stop, and I had to get off the bus.

Now, I hate running, but I full-on sprinted to the house. I locked the door behind me and bolted up the stairs to our washroom. Next to the shower was a sticky note beside lube and butt plugs. It read: “Don’t take too long, my naughty boy. Once you’ve showered, get that ass ready for Mommy. Also, do not stroke yourself. I will make you cum. But if you find yourself leaking precum, then I want you to be a good little cumslut for Mommy and eat that up.”

Reading those words caused me to twitch and leak, so I did as I was told and ate every bit of precum. I found it hard not to touch myself to get more while showering. In comparison, getting my ass ready was easy; a lot of lube and recent anal self-play made it looser for the butt plug. She had also left out the prostate toy, but I knew that I’d get close to cumming too quickly if I used it.

Once I was lubed and plugged, I headed to the bedroom. I opened the door to a sight better than my dreams.

“Welcome home, naughty boy. Now get over here and kiss me.”

I could not have gotten to that bed fast enough. I sat down next to her and kissed her urgently, filling her mouth with my tongue, which she then started to suck. As we were making out, my hands moved to her delicious tits, and I began rolling and lightly pinching her nipples. She moaned and then told me to suck her them. While I licked and sucked her left breast and my hand played with the right, my wife pulled me in close to her. Suddenly, I felt her strap-on rubbing against my cock. She then lightly held my twitching cock and whispered in my ear, “Stroke Mommy’s cock while you suck my tits.” Before I could move my hand, she did it for me, and I lightly began to stroke the strapon. As I did, she said, “You like stroking Mommy’s cock, don’t you? I felt you get even harder.”

I could only moan and suck her nipple more, which caused her to moan and tell me to pinch her other nipple. I let go of the strapon and pinched and rolled her nipple. As I did this, she began lightly rubbing and stroking my cock along the strapon. I knew I was leaking precum like crazy, but what she did next blew my mind—and almost made me blow my load.

She looked me square in the eye and said, “You’re leaking precum all over Mommy’s cock, you naughty boy. Now show Mommy what a good little cumslut you can be for her, and lick it all off.”

All I could do was release her nipple from my mouth and slowly slide down her big and beautiful body until the strap-on was right in front of my face.

“Do it. Lick your precum off my cock,” she repeated.

I licked her from base to tip before opening my mouth and taking it in.

“Mmmm, that’s it. Suck Mommy’s cock, you dirty boy.”

I started licking and sucking with gusto, savoring the taste of my precum on the strapon, loving that I could smell her damp pussy, and just insanely thankful that I could be this open and vulnerable with her. While I know my sucking wasn’t giving her physical pleasure, she seemed to enjoy seeing me fully submit to what she was telling me to do.

“Get more of your precum on my cock and lick it off.” As I was stroking the precum onto her strapon, she asked, “You like being Mommy’s little cumslut, don’t you?”

A deep moan left me as I took the strapon back in my mouth. I dropped my hand to her delicious smelling pussy, eliciting a moan from her, as well. I then collected some of her wetness and rubbed it onto the strapon and sucked it with more vigor, stroking it as I sucked and using my other hand to pleasure her pussy.

While moaning, she looked down and smiled and said, “You look so good with my cock in your mouth. I wish I had a camera.” She then pulled my mouth off the strapon and my hand away from her pussy, saying, “As good as that feels and as hot as this looks, it’s time for me to fuck the cum out of you.”

My eyes widened.

“You ready to have Mommy’s cock in your ass?” My cock twitched, and a large glob of precum shot out. She saw and laughed, saying, “Well, that’s a yes! Now grab the lube, get the plug out of your ass, and lube up my cock.”

I used one hand to lube up the strap-on dildo while using the other to add some more lube to my now (briefly) empty ass.

“Now get up, and lie on your side.” I did as I was told, my legs dangling slightly off the bed. My wife leaned in, looked right at me, and briefly dropping her persona, said, “Thank you for being such a wonderful, caring, and giving husband. I hope you enjoy this, my love.” And then she slowly slid into me, inch by inch. The moment was here: she was fucking me. She was fucking my ass. All I could do was moan—and leak. She then had me turn so that I was lying on my back, and she began slowly thrusting in and out of my ass, making me moan even more.

Slipping back into her dominant persona, she said, “You like Mommy’s cock in your ass, don’t you?” When I moaned, she grabbed my cock, making me leak even more precum; at this point, I was leaking nonstop.

“Say it, naughty boy! Say you like Mommy’s cock fucking your ass!”

I moaned. “Oh, yes, Mommy! I love your cock fucking my ass!”

She moved her precum-soaked fingers up to my face. “Clean off my fingers, cumslut,” she instructed, so I sucked her fingers clean. We both knew I was going to cum very soon. As she removed her fingers from my mouth, she said, “Good boy. Now you’re going to cum for Mommy!” She grabbed my cock and started stroking me. I just moaned and begged her not to stop fucking my ass, so she picked up the speed of her thrusting and stroking. My ass felt incredible—so full (and full of pleasure), but hungry for as much of her strapon as she could give. She was stroking me like crazy, all the while saying, “Cum for me, baby! Shoot that hot load! Mommy’s gonna fuck it out! Now cummmm!”

And did I ever! She was up to the hilt, my cock right against her beautiful belly. I started to cum; one spurt hit her chin, the next on her neck, then several landed on and under her gorgeous tits. She kept slowly thrusting, and I kept cumming, with the last few spurts landing on her belly.

As I lay there in borderline ecstasy, absorbing what had happened and just chuckling in pleasure, my wife did something she had never done before, fulfilling not just a further one but three fantasies! First, as she pulled the strapon out of my ass, she saw a little more cum come out, and she bent down and licked it off, taking my cum into her mouth for the first time ever! She then held it in her mouth briefly and swallowed. I just stared, my mouth opening in shock. The surprises kept rolling as she began to scoop my cum off her belly, tits, neck, and chin and suck it into her mouth. The final surprise came when she looked down at my slack-jawed expression. She leaned down, her head right over mine, opened her mouth, and dripped the cum into my open mouth.

She then kissed me hard, making sure my mouth was full of cum, and said, “Now be a good cumslut and swallow your load.” And I happily did so!

We both then sighed in contentment and lay in each other’s arms, lightly and lovingly stroking each other’s bodies.

“Thank you so much, my beloved. That was amazing,” I told her.

“It was fun for me too,” my wife said, “and I can’t wait to fuck your ass again—next time, longer.”

“I owe you big time,” I replied.

“You do! Later tonight, you’re gonna rub and eat my pussy,” she purred. “Mmm, can’t wait. Tomorrow, however, Mommy’s crossing off more fantasies. I’m gonna sit on your face, and you’re gonna lick and fuck my ass with your tongue and your cock. And if you play your cards right, I might let you eat your cum out of my ass.”

All I could do was stare wide-eyed.

“But right now, I could use some food,” she said.

We got cleaned up, and I could not wait to continue this weekend she had planned for us…

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29 replies
  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Wow! I hope you get this fantasy fulfilled someday. Your thoughts on the matter are the same as my husband's and mine: every facet of our sexuality is for the enjoyment of our spouse. This exclusivity is fundamental to the trust that allows us to be completely open and fearlessly truthful with each other.

  2. Fearless Lunk says:

    Wow this has me very aroused. I know it’s just fantasy, but if you both actually talk like this, that’s hot and intense! And I’m a straight dude, but that guy’s ass on the MH pic is a work of art. 🙂

    • 1blessedman says:

      Hahaha. Had not really thought much about the guy’s bum in the story photo. Had to go back and take a look. He does have a nice bum. I am not gay but I am not ashamed to notice beauty. I am not drawn to guys sexually, but I have observed guys at the gym and thought, “Hmmm, nicely hung,” not commenting on size; just well-shaped and hanging nicely. I can't say that all of the fantasy here is my cup-of-tea, but there is something very erotic about the idea of my wife pegging my ass while her perky tits tantalizingly bounce on my back! If she wanted to role play then I probably would for her benefit or her exploration. Shemales are weird to me, but there is something very sensual about a real woman sporting a strapon. I favor the non-realistic dildo kinds. So, for me, it is another way to have toy play and do it hands-free!

    • Greg Hamlet says:

      Thanks so much lol

      While we talk dirty (daddy, f me, and things like that) – we haven’t reached this level yet. I’d love it if we did lol – but if we don’t, that’s all good too lol

      Glad you enjoyed

  3. beyondSexTrueLove says:

    Hi, Greg, sorry for disturbing you, but once I see everyone that believes in God (the wonderful God of hosts!) as a brother and sister, I feel that should share my worries about how christian couples are introducing different sexual acts into their beds. Pegging was one of my sexual fantasies, but after thinking about it for months and looking for God's design of sex, I decided that God want us, men, to use our bodies the way He created us to use, and though I am not against anal stimulation for men and women, I am against women behaving like men. The body of a woman is beautiful, and in my opinion, it's not sexy, a woman having a dick.
    I am not saying your wife or you have same-sex attraction. I am bisexual and believe me, when I tried to take these sexual fantasies of my mind, I felt how dangerous they are to our relationship with God.

    Hope you and your family the best, and wish the Spirit of God guide you to His Glory!
    Love from your brother, Wesley.

    Ps: Okay, the picture is funny, but you guys of MH should worry about how these images can be harmful to people like me with same-sex attraction.

    • Greg Hamlet says:

      Hey beyondSexTrueLove – thanks so much for commenting! I really appreciate the viewpoint!

      While I disagree that there’s no room for pegging, I 1000% agree and love how you come to your conclusion – thinking about, praying through, and looking at God’s design.

      Within that, I think we find plenty of grey areas and things that change from couple to couple. For some, any form of anal play – or oral play – would be seen as outside the design, or potentially harmful – while others it would build up their marriage bed. Prayerful and careful consideration is key.

      Thanks again for commenting and voicing concerns 🙂 I really do appreciate it!

  4. Hotnorthern says:

    I do struggle with stories like this. I realize this is a fantasy. But it puts me in a place where I start to wonder if most or all guys want anal sex. I was really in love with a guy once who turned out to be bisexual. I cannot put into words the emotional turmoil and pain I experienced from that. Feeling not enough as a woman. I don’t want to feel like I have to act like a man in the relationship to fill his fantasies. It’s a sore spot for me. 😏 I’m not sure exactly that all things are wise and good within a monogamists relationship. It may be permissible, but is it healthy? I have always desired to be a sexy and hot wife for someone one day. But things like this I find a bit crushing. Maybe I’m just more of a “submissive” personality but I want a strong male/female relationship. Switching roles like that scares me because in the back of my mind I fear that I would eventually cease to be enough.

    • Greg Hamlet says:

      Hey hotnorthern – thanks so much for this response! I really appreciate it, and it’s a good challenge to receive 🙂

      I’m sorry you went through that experience, and I can only imagine how that would mess with you.

      For me – whats a big part of this fantasy isn’t my wife acting like a man, but both of us being open and vulnerable enough with one another that nothing is off the table (within the bounds of marriage – these would be sides of ourselves and deeds that only the other would know and share, which would also drive us closer together 🙂 )

      I also want to say I know this fantasy (and others that are coming) isn’t for everyone – and not something everyone would or should do. If it’s not mutually desirable or beneficial (and thus harmful), don’t at all pursue it (or any fantasy or act). For my wife and I, she’s aware of and open to all/most of my fantasies. There are some that she’s not yet ready to do – but supports and encourages “enjoying her in that way” during ‘me time’.

      Thank you again for commenting 🙂

  5. MiSWRAPP says:

    In response to beyondSexTrueLove & HotNorthern,

    First, let me say I applaud you two for being vulnerable and sharing your thoughts with all of us. <3

    I think it all comes down to two things:
    1) trust & open communication and
    2) what works for each couple.
    Personally, I believe there isn’t a right or wrong answer but what is best for you (according to your experiences/who you are as a person) and your spouse. In a marriage where one spouse is bisexual or a spouse had a painful experience with a previous partner who was bisexual, then pegging may not be the best option. This is where trust & open communication comes in and then that couple has to decide what is going to work (or not work) in their sex life.

    I pray that God sends you two amazing spouses to love, have great sex with and ultimately a wonderful marriage!

  6. Fearless Lunk says:

    I think this is a good time for a short Biology lesson:
    • If someone is gay/bi when you were dating/married, they were like that before. You cannot manipulate someone else’s sexual orientation (millions have tried).
    • Someone having same sex attraction does not mean that it’s because you aren’t enough for them or can’t fulfill them.
    • Anal sex, even with a strap on, isn’t necessarily (in fact very seldom) a desire for “role reversal”… just like being penetrated by one’s husband while using a vibrator on your clit is not (necessarily) a desire for a threesome.
    • A man desiring anal sex (giving or receiving) is not a craving for gay sex. It’s just another pleasurable position for a married partner. If it IS a desire for gay sex, then your partner is gay or bi, which, again, you did not or cannot alter through your actions.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      I would add:

      • being turned on by the *idea* of gay/bi sex does not (necessarily) mean you *desire* to engage in it. Of higher value are love of God and a desire to obey Him, love of your spouse and a desire to remain faithful to him/her, and concerns for the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of all affected. Our fallen nature may crave things that God knows will do us and others harm. If we trust him, we seek to please each other within our committed relationship, bearing the greater good of the other in mind.

      As Greg and MiS have pointed out, different marriages are made up of different people with different experiences, fears, and needs. It's the intimacy of really *knowing* your partner that allows you to love and fulfill them in *all* the ways best for you both and to give up or bypass for their sake things that you may enjoy but would cause them to hurt or stumble.

    • LilaY69 says:

      I 100% agree with CHL!

      I think human sexuality is more complicated than designating labels for yourself or another person as "bisexual, homosexual/gay, or lesbian," simply for getting turned on by nothing other than intangible thoughts or ideas.

      Neither my husband nor I are bisexual. I understand that the idea of certain sexual activities or sex fantasies can be arousing or a turn-on for both genders alike.

      I'm not bisexual or lesbian but I can see the erotism in things like threesomes and same-sex activities. Whether it'd be me being turned on by another woman or my husband being turned on by there being another cock.

      I find the human sexuality to be complicated but highly fascinated and intriguing.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      I think we agree on this, Lila: It isn't our turn-ons that define us so much as our choices.

      And if no one were ever turned on by these things, God would not have had to instruct us in what to choose for our good and that of others.

  7. Grace911 says:

    Ohhhh wow! Hot story. Doing this with my husband is also one of my fantasies. I would love to make him come so hard in this way. I'm sad he's not comfortable with it. I think I know him well enough to know he'd love it if he tried it. Well written, Greg Hamlet!

    • Greg Hamlet says:

      Thanks so much Grace! Maybe someday, his mind will change. Maybe y’all could do a “open fantasy day” where you each get to introduce the other to something new – and yours could be butt play on him? Just a thought haha

  8. CandCDeepLove says:

    Wow! That was hot! My wife and I have started experimenting with pegging lately. The first time was a little clumsy which I expected. We are going to try again this week. After lots of talking and sharing, we have come to find out that she is looking forward to it as much as I am. I have a wonderful, God-given wife, and we have been way more open in the last couple of years. She is far more open to things than she used to be. All I can say is keep lines of communication open between you and your bride and hopefully you two can continue to fulfill each other’s dreams. I know my wife has!

  9. 1blessedman says:

    Our Creator gave man & woman a very beautiful gift of sexual and sensual gratification. He created it! Like all things gifted to us, man can pollute anything he touches, when he (man) decides to define what is good & evil. We can stand with our own POV and say that everything else is wrong, but, at that point, are we defining what is good & evil based on our subjective POV and personal preferences?…

    [This comment is continued in the Disussion Post "Whose POV?" https://marriageheat.com/2021/04/08/whose-pov/ ]

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