Playful Kink
Playful kink can be an exciting way to heat up your marriage. Marriage Heat Kink is bathed in love. Some Christian couples really enjoy playful kink and tell about their adventures in these marriage heat stories.

Domination and submission sizzle can lead to marriage heat. Song 3:7; Song 7:10; Song 5:4

Maybe you will be one of the new authors for this expanding category of playful kink which many couples enjoy.

I’ll Be a Good Girl… Next Time

Now in front of me wearing what I believe is my old t-shirt, she gives me an inquisitive look. “Baby, are you ignoring me?” Her voice almost cracks.

A Girl Still Wants to Have Fun

This story contains strong language (L) and anal play, as well as mentioning anal penetration (A). After…

Feeling Hungry….

This story contains strong language (L). It was the day after the New Year. We had not managed…
Wife in sexually dominat position atop husband - MarriageHeat

Dominant and Submissive (L/A)

This post includes strong language (L) and some anal play (A). You can learn more about annotations…

🔊 A Girl Just Wants to Have Fun

“You’re gonna get over here and feel how wet I got these panties for you, then slip them down and..."

🔊 Punishment for Being Naughty (L)

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist Hi, this is Alia. I'm using my husband Raj's account to share our wonderful…

The Weekend: Saturday Evening

This story is part three of a series. It contains consensual, playful, dominant/submissive role-play…

🔊 Spare Parts Cum in Handy

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist In our previous story, 33 Flavors, I described how we expanded our sex…

🔊 Fantasies Fulfilled (L/A)

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist Preface: This story is pure fantasy. This is something I hope will someday…

A Wild Weekend (L/A)

Last Thursday, I had an appointment for a very "personal" exam. Due to the current public advice to avoid…

🔊 Handcuffs and an Oral Sex Fest

This story has some explicit language (L). 🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist She was teasing me…and…

Couple of Frothy Pints (L)

There she was, kneeling above me in what I would describe as a VERY skimpy, sexy barmaid outfit.