Late Night Fun ~ Ignite Story

My wife of 40 years and I have developed a really nice bedtime routine.  Once we get into bed, I almost always take time to give her a back rub.  I prefer having her on her stomach so I can straddle her torso and really work her muscles with both hands at once.  Of course, I take my time to massage all the way down her legs and all areas in between.  I never expect or insist that the massage comes with “strings attached.”(All married couples know what that means. 😊)  My massages are truly performed as a free-will gift to my wife, and I am totally satisfied to simply savor her beautiful body with my hands and give her the nightly “spa” treatment that she deserves for her hard work all day (keeping up with the house, spending time with friends and family and six grandkids, her sewing endeavors, etc.)

All that being said, I will advise that any excuse to have your hands on your wife’s body at bedtime is a “no brainer.” And every so often, my massaging actions do find a way to let her know I am “interested in more” as long as she is as well.  Sometimes she feels “guilty” (her words, not mine) about receiving a massage and feels the need to “return the favor” by making love with me.  As her loving husband, I never turn her down, even if it’s a little late and “past our bedtime.”  I  still work almost every day, but in my experience, an hour of sex always beats an hour of sleep!  Plus, making love increases the quality of sleep, in my opinion.

Recently, we have gotten into this pattern of listening to some favorite pastors and religious leaders on her phone. If I feel the need to get to sleep, Janet uses earbuds to keep from disturbing me.  Many times while listening, she wants to remain on her left side. This limits my ability to give her a really good back massage, but I manage as best I can. I have more opportunities to extend my hands to the front of her legs, torso, and chest with her on her side, so the side position has its advantages.  So while she or we listen,  I perform the usual nightly back rub—sometimes with both hands, but usually with my right hand only, at least when I get to her lower back and beyond.

One particular night, my wife was wearing a longish nightshirt but no underwear, so when my hand trailed down to her lower back and legs, I had a lot of freedom to massage and play.  After working the muscles of her lower back, kneaded the soft flesh of her buttocks, and enjoyed the feel of her thighs.  I pressed into her leg muscles, finally arriving at her strong calves and spending time on each one before returning northward.  When I got back to her plush rump, I couldn’t stop kneading and caressing there, and let my fingertips caress and play in the creases where the backs of her thighs met her butt cheeks.  Then I slid my hand over her hip and began slowly moving along her soft lower abdomen.  My fingertips gently explored her soft skin, making their way into one of my favorite spots: the crease of her groin, where the front of her thigh meets the pelvic area.  I caressed that groove with my thumb and fingers, gently touching closer to her vulva.

It was almost imperceptible, but I felt Janet move her right leg a little straighter, exposing just a tiny bit more of her groove for me.  I continued lightly exploring.  My fingertips settled on the highest three inches or so of her uppermost right inner thigh.  I ever so gently caressed that area of exquisitely soft flesh, occasionally letting my hand roam down the inside of her thigh but always sliding back up to my “favorite spot.”  Once I had my fingers stroking high on the inner thigh, it was easy to slip into the groove and let my fingers graze and caress her vulva.  I could even sneak my fingers over and caress her left inner thigh as well.  Janet was still listening but allowing my slow teasing, so I knew the path was open for even more fun.  I snuggled against her so that she could feel the beginnings of my erection against her rear and lower back.

I then continued my journey, letting my fingers wander farther north to skim and play over the soft flesh of her belly and occasionally tease the edges of her belly button.  Next, I slid my hand up along the middle of my wife’s torso, nestling my arm between her beautiful breasts.  I paused in the cleavage between her full mounds, content to feel the weight of her large right breast pressing against the side of my wrist and hand.  I rested there quietly for a while, but the warmth and softness of Janet’s full bosom beckoned me.

The area on the front of Janet’s breast, above the nipple, is also one of my “favorites,” as the flesh there is incredibly soft—so soft that when I touch the skin there, I can barely feel it, and that sensation is very, very arousing to me.  As my fingertips delighted in caressing “my spot” on her breast,  I felt her nipple becoming hard,  the nubbin stiffening against the inside of my forearm.  It took all my willpower not to go after that inviting tip of flesh with my fingers and thumb, but I wanted to build the fire of desire slowly.  I just kept caressing Janet’s full breast, letting the slight movements of my arm brush and tease her nipple further.

After a bit, my wife stopped her video.  “You are sooo impatient,” Janet teased, unplugging from the electronics.

“That’s not true,” I stated, nuzzling the back of her head and taking in the fragrance of her hair.  “I’ve been incredibly patient.”  I kissed the side of her neck and murmured, “And now I would like a reward…”

Janet’s answer was to shift her body toward me so I could do what I wanted.  Many nights I would just “dive right in” and begin playing with her body in earnest, but tonight I surprised her by pausing my activities.  “Would you do me a favor?” I asked, my voice slightly hoarse from excitement.

“What would you like?” my wife answered, probably expecting an enjoyable physical activity.

I kissed her passionately, then said, “While I slip my pajamas off and get the coconut oil, would you take off your shirt for me?”

The promise of the oil sent my wife’s desire even higher.  She loves it when we use the slippery substance all over our bodies, and it means we are going to take our time and enjoy each other thoroughly.  “Of course,” she replied.

I discarded my sleeping clothes and reached over to my nightstand to find the small jar of oil that always made our lovemaking sessions even better.  I opened the container and placed it close by, then turned my attention to my beautiful wife of 40 years.

Janet was now covered only by the thin sheet.  As I slid closer, she raised the sheet and invited me to get under it as well.  I accepted her invitation and then let my ravenous eyes wander up and down her naked body.  The white window shades allowed in enough of the moonlight and distant streetlights that I could see her form very well in the dim surroundings.  My lovely wife stretched her arms above her head and let them rest on the pillows,  giving me full access to her chest.

“Oh, my,” I murmured in response, “this is a sight worth waiting for.”  I reached over with my right hand and caressed her belly while I planned my next move.

Despite the dim lighting, I could see every curve of her, and her right breast was calling to me.  I placed my left hand on the soft flesh of her mound, a few inches above the nipple.  By pressing down and toward her collarbone, I stretched the breast just enough to make the tip stand up and hold still for my next step.  I leaned closer to her hardened right nipple.  Curling my lips under to pad my teeth, I covered the area around my wife’s nipple with my open mouth, then partially closed my lips, squeezing the flesh at the base of the nipple.  Once I had her erect nubbin captured, I exhaled my hot breath right at the sensitive tip.  Janet’s low moans of surprise and delight at the sensation were very arousing, and they encouraged me to do it again and again.  I enjoyed her responses so much that I had to pause and re-capture her nipple to continue teasing it this way.

During the second or third round on her right breast, I reached over and caressed the other breast.  Janet’s left nipple already felt exceptionally long under the touch of my fingers, so I took full advantage and gently pinched and rolled the hardening tip between my fingers and thumb.  This made her left nipple harder and longer and brought more moans of pleasure from my wife, her face now in a sweet look of contentment, her eyes closed as she relished my playing.  I kept my right hand going on her left side while I released her right nipple from the control of my mouth and allowed her a short rest before I leaned in and used my nose and lips to caress the erect nubbin.

“Just think,” I murmured, “these aren’t even the spots I really wanted to play with tonight!”

“They’re not?” Janet asked, obviously surprised by my comment after the delicious time I had spent on her chest.

“Uh-uh,” I murmured in the negative,  my nose continuing its movements.

“What spots did you want to play with?” she asked softly.

“Mmmm,” I sighed. “Those soft spots on the inside of your thighs.”

Janet’s answer was to immediately shift her legs further open, leaving no doubt about her permission to indulge my desires fully.

I reached down and caressed Janet’s right hip with my right hand, then let my fingers trail along the crease of her groin and onto the softness of her inner thigh.  Janet bent her legs slightly and let her knees fall to the sides in a “frog-leg” position, inviting me back into the triangle of delights formed by her soft inner thighs and her vulva.  I slid over and between her legs.

“Thank you,” I breathed.  Her playground was now fully available for my attention, and I wasted no time getting started.  I began gently massaging my wife’s upper legs, beginning at the knees and working upwards until my hands were caressing the last two or three inches of her inner thighs.  I kept my fingers on that silky-soft flesh, stroking gently as I murmured in delight.  “Oh, yeah…I love these spots!”

My fingertips worked into the creases where her inner thigh joined her vulva, then into and along each crease of her groin.  I then leaned in and kissed each inner thigh while my fingertips gently kneaded the flesh.  My lips nuzzled the spots, then traveled to her groin.  Using my fingertips, I spread her crease open, so my lips and tongue could work deep into that soft little valley.

Janet was now murmuring her approval, and I used my tongue more vigorously, lapping at her sensitive area.  I opened my mouth and covered a portion of the crease of my wife’s groin, sucking the soft spot ravenously and working it with my tongue.  The sounds from Janet became a little louder.  I glanced at her labia and noted how her inner lips were glistening, becoming moist with the fragrance of her increasing arousal.  I moved to the other side and repeated the same delicious treatment.

While enjoying her right groin, I began caressing her vulva with my fingertips, gently teasing my way into her warm slit, then parting the folds.  As I barely touched the soft flesh of her inner labia, Janet gasped and moaned with pleasure, her breathing becoming faster with the new sensation.  I used my left-hand fingertips to explore my wife’s vulva north of her labia, lightly stroking and scratching the skin through the sparse hairs of her pubis.  While my left hand played, my right hand’s fingers continued teasing their way up and down her private crevice, gradually moving deeper into the warmth.  Eventually, I slipped my pointer finger in to explore her soft inner canal.  Janet gasped at that action, and I felt her vagina filling with fluid from her excitement.

“Oh my,” I exclaimed softly, “you are already sooo wet!”  Janet groaned at my observation while I continued massaging. “I know how to make you even wetter!” I reached over for the open jar of coconut oil and moved it closer to us.  Taking a nice dollop of the heavenly substance, I covered the fingers of my right hand, then resumed my teasing exploration of her inner labia and vagina.  The sounds of pleasure returned as I used my first finger to massage deep inside her, and they became slightly louder as I added my oil-slicked middle finger.  I pushed in until my fingers were as deep as possible, my knuckles bumping against the opening of her vagina.  I wiggled them around, feeling the sensitive areas hiding deep inside Janet’s tight canal.  Her excitement was so high that I didn’t need the extra lubrication for comfort, but added to the fluid already dripping from her inner walls, it made for a sensual, wet sound as I worked my fingers in and out.

“Oooh, yeeaah,” I sighed, “much better!”

My wife’s arousal was very obvious, as she was clutching the sheet with her hands at her sides, her breathing becoming heavier and deeper.   She tried to reach down and return my favors, but she had no easy way to reach my erogenous zones the way I was positioned.  Instead, she simply gave up and laid there in surrender, just letting me have my way with her.

I continued working my fingers inside her while, with my left hand, I spread the northern-most part of her slit, exposing her clitoris to full view.  Leaning in very close, I lightly blew my warm breath over the sensitized nub.  My wife groaned, and her hips jerked a little as her body involuntarily tried to escape the intense sensations coming from above and inside her vagina.  I decided to help her out by pressing my left palm down against her pubis and leaning on her right leg while my two fingers kept their depth inside her.  The gentle downward pressure I applied with my left hand countered the upward pressure from my right-hand fingers as they massaged inside her and caressed her “G-spot” at the top wall of her vagina.

More little gasps and moans rewarded me as Janet’s pelvis began to writhe under me.  Her hips were able to squirm just enough to keep the intensity of my playful fingers tolerable.  As a bonus, I could tell her movements helped create the pleasurable sensations she loved but could barely stand as her arousal grew.  I dipped into the coconut oil with my left pointer finger and began a slow, circular movement around my wife’s clitoris.

Janet bucked her hips in a spasm of intense delight.  “Gaaa!” She gasped loudly.  Her eyes were wide in excitement as she looked at me.  “You have to stop!” she pleaded. “I don’t want  to go too soon!”

I always enjoy lovingly teasing my wife until she craves for me to finish her.  This time, my playful teasing had taken her very close to the edge, and she really wanted to wait and feel me inside her during her orgasm!  What a wonderful sensual predicament!  I did not want to ruin our experience by sending her over the edge too soon.  What was a poor husband to do?  I looked up at her chest and saw how erect her nipples were, jutting out invitingly from her large, plush breasts.  Keeping my fingers inside of her, I reached up with my left hand and skimmed my fingertips lightly over each of those stiff points of sensitive flesh.

My teasing touches made Janet moan and squirm with pleasure.  My wife gasped, “Move up here!  My chest is aching for you!”

I let my fingers slip out of her and slid forward onto her torso.  I ran my hands up along her body until I reached my wife’s beautiful mounds, where I grasped each breast and used my thumbs to flick each hardened tip.  Next, I took each nipple between a finger and thumb and began a gentle rolling, pinching, and pulling motion.  This action is a special favorite for both of us, as Janet enjoys the sensations immensely, and I love feeling her melting under my touch.

My wife responded as usual, moaning in pleasure, her breathing becoming faster. She began reaching with her hands to caress my upper body and nipples in return.  “This is no fair,” she commented. “I need to do something for you!”

What a nice opportunity she had given me.  I knew from our long marriage that once I have her so aroused, there is no way she would want to change positions at this point, but teasing her with that possibility would create a pleasant amount of mental sensual tension in her.

“Mmmm,” I murmured, still playing with her stiff nubbins.  “You could get on top for a bit.”

“Oooh, nooo!”  Janet half whimpered in protest.  “You know I like to be lazy!”

“Aww,” I responded,  frowning a little, playfully faking disappointment while I continued playing with her chest.

My wife continued bargaining.  “I can do everything you want while I’m on my back!”

“Hmmm,” I replied, smiling with satisfaction. “Let’s just see about that!” I gently kissed a trail from the sweet valley between her breasts, up to her collarbone, and turned to pass upward near her right shoulder.  Once I was at that point, I turned onto my left side and supported myself with my left arm on the bed so that I could let my chest hover near the right side of Janet’s head.

My wife knew exactly what I desired and turned toward my chest.

I could have leaned closer to make it easier, but the site of her neck stretched out as she worked to get her mouth on my nipple was a very sensual sight.  “Lazy girls have to work for it,” I teased, a gentle reminder that she chose to be on her back.

Janet began expertly kissing, licking, and sucking on my sensitive tip, and the straining of her neck caused her to grunt lightly as she performed the expected task.

“Good girl!” I complimented her like I would a puppy going for a treat.

Janet continued to gasp and groan as she attacked my nipple with her mouth, frequently pausing to rest her neck before going after it again. After letting her go unrewarded for a bit, I reached over to her left breast and fondled and kneaded that globe of flesh.  I captured her sensitive left nipple and began my expert pinching, rolling, and tugging of that now elongated nubbin.

Teasing her nipple made her moan and pause more often for a few seconds as she tried to keep mouthing my chest.

“Too distracting?” I asked nicely, not stopping at all.

“UH-uh!’ Janet replied in the negative, and to prove her stamina, she assaulted my left nipple with renewed vigor.  I let her go on for a bit, then I turned my upper body, offering the right side of my chest to her.  I didn’t have to say a word as she obediently began performing the same oral pleasuring of my right nipple.  Janet was obviously on a mission, and I basked in her attention.

“Oh, yeeeaahh, ” I murmured. “You are excellent on your back!”

My positive comment encouraged my wife’s desire to please, and she picked up the pace and fervor, going after my sensitive right nubbin.   After a couple of minutes, she paused for a break and gurgled a request.  “Can you kiss my chest? Please!”

It was SO exciting to hear her ask for exactly what I wanted to do next!  “Of course,” I replied. “Scoot down in the bed.”  My wife complied, moving toward the foot; I needed extra room above her head on the mattress for my next maneuver.  I shifted myself around until I was kneeling on the bed between her right shoulder and the headboard.  Leaning over her right shoulder, I angled my torso across hers so that my face was over her left breast and supported myself with my left arm against the mattress near her side.  With my right hand, I took hold of her left breast and pointed its erect tip straight up toward the ceiling.  My left side was still over her face, and we could enjoy each other’s chests with our ravenous mouths.

We both murmured in satisfaction during the mutual exchange, Janet moaning, “Oooh, yeah,” as I fulfilled her request.  In this position, my wife was no longer straining her neck to reach me, so she could leisurely assault my nipple with her lips and tongue.  She reached up with her left hand and lightly skimmed my left underarm and armpit with her fingers.  Her sensual tickling of my erogenous zones always increased my ardor, and I murmured in satisfaction, continuing to go after her nipple with my mouth.

In the midst of our already exciting play, Janet decided to add to my excitement in a grand way.  My kneeling position across her upper body meant my erect penis and testes were hanging down, easily within reach.  I felt her hand come up between my thighs, and I gasped lightly when she stroked my very sensitive perineum.  Without pausing, my wife began using her fingertips to stroke and caress the back and sides of my scrotum, lightly tickling the ultra-sensitive, stretched-out skin of my ball sack.  Her exquisitely talented fingers on my upper body were a 10 out of 10 for sexual intensity, and teasing my “man parts” this way was like a 20 out of 10!

I groaned in pleasure from her ministrations, and I gasped and panted in response to my wife’s delicious actions.  I paused my oral attentions to her chest as I nearly collapsed on top of her.  I turned my face to rest it against her chest, and my torso came down against hers; I couldn’t hold up to the intense stimulation!  Mercifully, I was able to keep my rear end up, so she could keep teasing my most vulnerable private spots.

“Good spot?” Janet asked, her voice dripping with the knowledge of her sensual power over me.

“Uh-huh!” I half-moaned, half-grunted in affirmation, my mouth open as I panted in response to her continued tickling of my scrotum.  My responses had interrupted my playing with my wife’s chest, and I felt her fingers slow their action.

“Now, don’t be a lazy boy!” Janet teased, using my earlier phrase against me. “If you want this, you’ll have to work for it!”

I responded like a starving man at a buffet, attacking her left breast and nipple once more with my ravenous mouth and tongue. My reward was to feel her expert fingertips resume their heavenly caressing and stroking of my man parts.

My wife murmured in approval, then said, “You need to play with my right breast now!”

I immediately shifted my body to fulfill her request.  Once I leaned over her left shoulder and mirrored the same position as before, I was able to start on her neglected right breast.

“Oh yeah…” Janet groaned.  She used her left hand to resume teasing my lower parts while I went crazy on her right nipple with my ravenous mouth and tongue, kissing, sucking, and lashing her erect tip for all I was worth.

We spent a couple more minutes in this position, teasing the daylights out of each other, moaning and groaning together.  Janet continued caressing my genitals with one hand and my upper body with the other while she worked my right nipple to perfection with her talented mouth.  I could barely maintain my focus because she was making me so delirious with desire.  Then, my wife reached over with her right hand for a bit of coconut oil.  She stopped her mouth activity so that she could reach over to take hold of my erect penis and began slowly milking it with her oil-covered hand.

I groaned with pleasure and stopped going on my wife’s chest, as her intense playing made it impossible for me to concentrate on her.  “I’m sorry,” I murmured.  “I have to stop for a second; it’s too much for me!”

My wife smiled in satisfaction at my distress.  “Raise up on your knees,” Janet requested.

I immediately complied, holding the headboard with my right hand for balance.  Now my back and thighs made a straight line, my bent lower legs and knees supporting me on the bed.  This position allowed plenty of room around my genital area, and my wife took full advantage. Her left hand continued the fondling/tickling/teasing of my scrotum, and her right hand resumed milking my penis to full attention.  I moaned, trying to hold still for her.  I held on to the headboard with my right hand to keep my balance as she continued working on me.  With my eyes glazed in a trance of pleasure,  I looked down at my wife from my full upright position.

Janet’s eyes were gleaming with desire and the satisfaction that, even on her back, she could take control of me despite me towering over her.  Her magical hands were melting me, and my body began to tremble from the intense teasing.  “Do you need to lie down?” Janet asked, her voice dripping with sensuality.  It was more of a command than a question,  and I surrendered fully.

“Ooooh…Yes, please!” I gurgled.

My wife directed me to lie down with my head toward the top of the bed, and she slid onto me.

I was pleasantly surprised by the change of positions. “I thought you wanted to stay on the bottom,” I teased.

Janet smiled. “I thought you deserved a treat.”  After straddling my torso, my wife leaned forward and took hold of the headboard, letting her big, beautiful breasts hang right over my face.  I immediately went crazy, assaulting those breasts and nipples with my mouth and tongue. “Good boy!” Janet complimented me in a sultry tone as if I was now HER puppy begging for a treat!

Her sensual voice and all the physical play really did a number on my hyper-stimulated brain!  My libido rose to another level as I enjoyed the reward of her wonderful flesh in my mouth.  I moaned with delight as I pleasured her chest with my lips and tongue and fondled each luscious globe in my hands.

My wife relished my uncontrollable appetite, responding with her own sounds of satisfaction before lifting herself away from me.  Janet slid down along my right side, her left arm on the bed for support while her right hand began playing over my chest and nipples.  She nuzzled my chest with her lips as she murmured, “You can stay on your back the rest of the way.”

“Ahh, Ho!” I sighed. “Thank you….”

My wife took some coconut oil in her right hand and began inching toward my throbbing penis.  Once there, she again took hold of my shaft and began stroking slowly, her thumb teasing the frenulum on the underside of the head.

“Oh my!” I groaned, my breathing becoming quicker.  I looked down, obviously intent on watching her actions on my chest.

Realizing my desires, Janet looked at me with her eyes glistening in satisfaction as she leaned close to my chest.  My wife paused, allowing my tension to increase as I anticipated her next move. She locked eyes with me as she reached out with the tip of her tongue and dabbed at my erect nipple.

Knowing what she was going to do did not prevent the electricity when the tip of her tongue touched my erect tip.  “Ahhh!” I gasped.

Janet chuckled sensually.  “This is so fun!”  My wife then began teasing the nipple with light little flicks as her right hand worked on my well-oiled shaft.  She circled my member with her hand, squeezed it gently, and made a slow, methodical upward stroke, ending with the lubricated head of my penis escaping through the slippery tube made by her hand,  fingers, and thumb.  The sensation as the edges around my glans slipped through her grip was intense and electrifying.

My wife performed that deliciously tormenting trick several times, smiling with satisfaction as she again set my poor, helpless male brain on absolute fire!  The end of every stoke was punctuated by a moan or groan from my half-open, drooling mouth as I panted and gasped in sensual delirium!  My breathing was irregular and raspy, my eyes glazing over again with the hypnotic effect of Janet’s right hand.  I couldn’t really do anything but lie still as best I could and take it until she resumed with light little tickling flicks of her tongue on my right nipple.  The combination of her hand and mouth was about to send me through the roof with arousal.

I gurgled in submission. “Oh! Ga! You better stop; I’m SO close!” Now I was the one pleading for relief from the intensity, and my wife relished her late-night victory.

“Don’t you want to finish?” Janet asked.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, YEAH!” I groaned.  “I want to get in you! Please!”

My wife straddled my hips with hers, taking hold of my throbbing erection and guiding the tip inside her wet, warm opening, then hesitated.  “What did you say?” Janet asked, baiting me with the offer of her warm vault.

“PLEASE!” I begged in earnest.  Just one word, but combined with my trembling body, half-open mouth, and pleading eyes, it was enough.  My wife let herself down onto my shaft, allowing it to drive upward and inward.  I felt myself absolutely fill her up as she began a talented motion of her hips forward and back, slightly up and down, riding me with great pleasure.  She has a perfect rhythm of her hips that can milk every drop from me, and I would not last long.  I moaned with satisfaction as the sight of her breasts shifting and bobbling up and down and side to side filled my eyes.  She picked up the pace as she became overwhelmed by the intense sensations as well.  Soon we were both moaning and mewling with excitement as our finish was inevitable.

Janet suddenly exclaimed, “I’m CLOSE! Can you go?”

“Aaaah!’ I gasped. “YES! OH! NOW! PLEASE!” I lightly slapped my hands against her silky thighs and hips, kneading her flesh as our orgasms began.  I reached up to touch her erect nipples,  just a little tease to completely bring her over the edge, and I wailed at her to finish!  We both shuddered and spasmed as sensual electricity coursed through our bodies, and Janet finally slipped off and collapsed by my side.

We were both wrung out, and as we snuggled and kissed, I said, “No matter how late it might be, making love to you is ALWAYS better than sleep!”

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