When You’ve Gotta Go…

A story posted here at the end of April called “Getting Wild in the Wilderness”—and especially the picture that went with it—brought back memories of something that first happened some years ago. I have often thought, since that time, that others must have had something similar occur to them too but somehow have never felt able to share the story. For all I know, my answer is already someplace here at MH, but we’re still pretty new to the site. At any rate, perhaps here and now is the time to quit wondering, discover what others may tell me, and find out—so here goes.

We have always liked to hike—the longer and more remote, the better. We did so before we were even engaged and still do, even though the mountains may seem a bit steeper than they used to. On a six-hour hike way off the beaten path just below treeline and around the boundary between a National Park which shall remain nameless and the public lands adjoining, we had a favorite place. The falls of the small stream were nowhere near as big as those in the aforementioned picture. However, there was a smooth, good-sized rock basin just up on the shelf from which the fall descended and a nice space at the bottom to pitch a tent. On the side of the rivulet opposite the tent were a few fairly large boulders and a gently sloped west-facing slab that ran almost to the base of the falls. We’d never seen any sign others had ever been there. We arrived in time for a late lunch and set up camp.

Of course, on a warm summer day in a location like this, clothing is not optional but contraindicated entirely. On the other hand, skinny dipping after a long hike and a nice lunch was most certainly required. When I close my eyes, I can still revel in the sight of water glistening on my husband’s wet skin as he rose from just jumping into the pool to rinse and splash. Oh, the thrill of the thought that the wonderful naked body on display in front of me was mine, all mine. Warmth began to build in me while watching the play of his muscles and seeing the droplets spray as he shook his hair dry. I welcomed the flush of it because the water at this altitude felt more than a bit cool as I put my bare foot oh so carefully into the pool. But by the time I was knee-deep, the cold quickly faded to unimportant. By then, he had turned around and gotten the water out of his eyes. The heat inside me started to spread as he let his eyes travel slowly and completely up and down my body. I returned the favor only to sense the flames spike right at my cleft and drive inward as his shaft suddenly stiffened and stood straight out.

“Come on in. The water’s fine,” he said, beckoning. The water wasn’t the only thing that was fine as far as I was concerned, but the coolness no longer mattered as I waded on out to where I could submerge too. We spent a lovely few minutes with his hands running over me from my hips to my breasts. Finally, as he was squeezing the wetness from my long, sodden hair, I reached behind myself to do some squeezing of my own. That pool may have been cool, but his big stiff member in my grip wasn’t bothered a bit by it. The thought that I’d soon have him putting it just where the good Lord intended it to be when in that condition sent another shiver through me.

With him in hand, I walked to the lip of the pool where the water fell over to our campsite below, taking in the majestic view over the forest and valley below to the mountains on the far side. What I had in my hands was majestic too. Standing knee-deep, I spread my legs, released my grip on him, and bent to place my hands about knee-height on the sparkling sandy slope a few inches from the shore. A look over my right shoulder showed him to be standing behind, waiting. I gave him a big smile, faced forward, lifted my head to the beautiful scene in front of me, and commanded, “Hurry, my lover, and be to me as a stag on the mountain of spices!”

When I gave that command, I knew that I was ready for him. I was so hot and wet and needed him in me, doing to me what I was designed for. His strong hands grip my butt, and then—Oh then!—I just shivered the whole time he slid his shaft slowly and smoothly all the way in. For just a second, I soaked up the pleasure of feeling so full of him. Then I did it. I squeezed as hard as I could and felt every ridge and bulge of him ripple over my clit as he pulled back. Now my stag answered my command fully. The scenery began to dance in front of me as he slapped himself into me again and again and again till I came, hard and loud. Squeezing down one last time, I felt his jet pulse deep inside as he too came at last.

We stood joined for a time as he ran his hands all over my breasts, back, and hips till finally I stood and turned to hug and be hugged. It was wonderful. We walked back through the pool for a quick rinse before returning to the camp below to enjoy a nice big glass of the lemonade we had left cooling in the stream. It was now well into afternoon, and the day was warm enough, but between the cool water and dry air, I was beginning to get goosebumps. On seeing this, he led me over to the big west-facing slab. “Let’s not let you get too cool, honey,” he said and proceeded to lie down on the big warm rock. As I went to lie down beside him, he pulled me over on top of him. While I let my head rest on his chest just below his chin, I felt him wiggle his semi-flaccid shaft into my still-gooey-wet opening. Talk about snuggly!

It must have been comfortable; I woke to notice a few things. Nature didn’t just call; she was starting to shout loudly enough to wake me. All that tea at lunch and lemonade after our idyll in the pool were really, really making themselves known. As I started to rise, I realized he was awake too. I had just begun to smile at him and say something when, with a big smile of his own, I felt him start making himself bob up and down inside me without otherwise moving. Oh, that did feel good. I squeezed back, and he reciprocated.

One thing led to another. To my pleasant surprise, I climaxed quickly, and the resulting wave of warmth just went on and on and on. I was rubbing my muff all around, enjoying this post-coital bliss more than usual, when what had actually happened hit me, and I froze. I had just peed all over us, and not just a little but a whole big lot! I had let it all go and then rubbed it in.

Before I could reflexively rise, I felt his hands on my butt, pulling me firmly right back onto his still fully engorged shaft, and he said, “Mmmm, that was nice.”

I pushed myself up on my elbows to look at him and replied, “But I just…”

“Peed?” he finished.

I felt my face heat and just nodded.

“It might have been a bit different, but fresh pee is pretty much a sterile liquid. I thought it was nice, and you sure seemed to enjoy it. And as I’m not quite done yet and there’s no need for you to get up now, what say we stay with the theme and just ‘go with the flow,’ as it were?”

“Well, if you’re going to put it that way…” I giggled, snuggled back up to him, and started gently squeezing. It wasn’t long before I felt him begin to swell inside me.

“How’s that, honey?” he asked.

“Nice,” I murmured, enjoying myself. Soon I could feel just the tip of his shaft moving all about deep within me.

“How about now?” he asked.

“Oh yes, honey. It’s different somehow, but I feel you moving all over in there. Whatever you’re doing, do it some more,” I replied.

I now felt a gentle but insistently feathery push within me following his tip as he moved it about. About the time I noticed this intriguing new sensation, he seemed to fill me as never before, and I squeezed down hard. The sudden flood of warmth spraying down the inside of my thighs told me abruptly what had happened. He held me tightly, stroking in and out a few times before he came.

“I guess it’s okay to ‘go with the flow’ once in a while, don’t you think?” he asked. I could only agree as we went over to the falls to rinse off.

I hope this doesn’t seem too odd or off-putting to too many of you, but… well, it happens, and we have since, once in a great while, done it on purpose when the mood happens to hit us. As I said at the start, I’ve never shared this before but have always wondered if it was just us.

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20 replies
  1. Fearless Lunk says:

    This was so sexy. The only thing that was difficult to believe was his cock peeing and then cumming all in a very short span. I didn’t even know that was biologically possible. 🤣 But it was sexy nonetheless. Got me hard while reading!

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Um, pretty sure that was her the second time too, not him. Sounded a lot like when I squirt.

  2. YoungCouple69 says:

    Wow! Not off-putting in the least, in fact, this is going in my favorites! I've enjoyed all of your stories Woods and this one is no exception. I cautiously wrote a little about peeing in my first MH story last year and it is something I would include in more of my stories in the future if I thought it would be well-received. For some reason, urination can sometimes be intensely erotic. I think part of it is that the same set of nerves that control the sex organs in both men and women also innervate the bladder, which could explain why it is sometimes easier to get aroused with a full bladder. Also, I think urination is a very personal act, and to share it with your spouse (especially outdoors) is a freeing and very intimate gesture. We haven't made this a part of sex like you did, but Julie and I enjoy watching each other pee occasionally, usually outside. We both think it's fun and pretty hot! I don't think this is weird–kinky sure–but there is nothing new under the sun…

  3. Woods says:

    If you'll pardon the phrase in this context, we were just trying to make lemonade from lemons as it were. After having had a few kids and a few more years put on her, my wife tells me she like many women becomes somewhat more prone to leak. So be it. We just ran with it. I mean it's all nice and juicy anyhow.

    As to coming so soon after going, I didn't know how possible it was either till trying. I, at least, can only get it to happen if I am quite excited, (nice, warm, juicy wife wrapped about my shaft does this nicely), but I also really, really need to be ready to gush—as we'd say out here in the country—like a cow on a flat rock. Even then, it takes the right balance of relaxation and concentration, but it's kind of cool when it works. The two acts for a man are somewhat related and at least a bit mutually contradictory but not totally. If you've ever had a piss hard-on upon waking, you can sort of see the connection.

    Thanks for letting us know what you make of it, it was just something that we found could take what might otherwise interfere with a very intimate moment and put it to good use, and we hoped sharing with others might help them as it did us.

  4. LovingMan says:

    Very different but honestly… in married sex, different is GOOD! It keeps things fresh – so to speak. Good thing this happened outdoors on a warm rock! (Much easier clean up than in a bed)
    I would love to make love to my wife in a pool by an isolated waterfall. That sounds so sexy and is, in fact, one of my fantasies. Thanks for the great and unique story!

  5. RMD says:

    My wife and I pee on each other occasionally. For us its is a sign of intimacy and our secret in our Garden of love. It is not a BDSM thing at all for us. We have a secret that only we share, and that brings us closer. This was a beautiful story!

  6. Woods says:

    He and I have only done this on a few occasions but somehow it's always special in some way I can't really explain. Thanks so much for letting me know there are others out there who have found something similar to enjoy.

  7. alwayswet101 says:

    Was this your first time squirting!? To me there is no feeling like squirting and having an orgasm and this sounds like you enjoyed that absolutely blissful release as well. I have so recently discovered the art of a squirting orgasm since becoming pregnant a few months ago. For sure thought I wet the bed but once I realized what had happened I was ready for round two! So amazing

    • LilaY69 says:

      Damn, girl, do I agree!! Squirting is so freaking hot.

      Do you think being pregnant has something to do with your recent ability to squirt?

      Just the feeling of squirting is incredible; there’s nothing like it. The feeling of release and sexual peak of arousal from the sight and feel of pussy juice squirting out of my cunt throws me overboard into the wetness!!

      I have filmed myself squirting a number of times, and it’s so freakin' hot to watch ♥️😘

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Lila69…a woman who understands this is incredible! I absolutely love to squirt. I am having crazy-incredible orgasms with toys and my husband's cock. I do feel as though I’m a mess and simply squirting everywhere, lol. Yes, being pregnant definitely helped the arousal and the pressure/fluid is extra stimulating. Oh gosh, my toys are calling from just typing this…keep squirting from that pussy, girlfriend xoxo

    • MarriageHeat says:

      Two ways: If you are reading a story and want to see more by the same author, click their username in the byline under the title. That will take you to their author page (with bio, if they submitted one though the contact form or by direct email) which lists all their published posts. You can also get there by adding the username to the end of this URL: marriageheat.com/author/

  8. Woods says:

    Thanks so much for your interest, Frankie. Sorry not to get back to you. I don't check older posts that often, but the folks at MH gave a better answer than I could have anyway. (Thanks, MH.) I'll be looking forward to anything you have to say or ask about our other posts.

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