Getting Wild in the Wilderness

My husband and I traveled outside the country and hired a local car. The day started out smoothly until the late afternoon, when our car broke down in the middle of nowhere as we made our way back to town. We soon figured out that the vehicle had some deep issues beyond our ability to fix, and there were no nearby villages where we could get a mechanic. In this remote area, we had no cell coverage. Luckily we had some food, so we stayed in the car for an hour, but no traffic came by. It looked like we may have to spend the night in the car.  We finally decided to redeem the time by exploring the green fields and dense trees nearby. We set off on foot through the tall grass towards the woods.

The summer weather was damnably hot, but the chirping of the birds and other nature sounds soothed us. My husband, having broken a sweat, removed his shirt and hiked in just his shorts, so I did the same and removed my tee. Because I never wear a bra, I was now bare on the top, the same as him. We roamed half nude into the trees, chatting and tickling and touching each other until we found a stream flowing over a small waterfall into a huge freshwater pond—a sigh of relief escaped these two thirsty, sweaty bodies.

Without thinking twice, we tossed our shirts on a rock and jumped into the natural pond. It was surprisingly cold, enough to quench our overheated bodies. But we found swimming in our shorts uncomfortable, so we came out and undressed completely, then jumped back into the water. I stood under the falling stream, the drumming on my scalp creating a deep feeling of relaxation. Soon, though, I felt the urge to answer nature’s call, so I came out and went into the bushes.

My husband followed me and stood quietly, watching me pee. I was clueless about it until he touched me down there, and I screamed in shock. I was as scared as anything and yelled at him for sneaking up on me!

He immediately grabbed me in his arms and kissed me. Then he lifted me, carried me to the pond in his arms, and tossed me into the water, jumping in after me. We soon started kissing and fondling each other, but I was a little nervous, never having experienced anything like this outdoors.

The water was neck-deep, and only our faces were out to kiss. Under the surface, I could feel his hard dick touching me as he groped and fondled my breasts. Soon, he progressed to fingering me while I fondled his dick. After a while, he dove beneath the water and started licking my pussy, making me moan. When he could hold his breath no longer, he stood and slipped his fingers inside me again, and I could feel the water entering and exiting my vagina. I was too horny to bear.

My husband started rubbing his dick on my pussy under the water, but he couldn’t get the proper angle. So we proceeded to the bank of the pond, where I positioned myself on all fours. My husband came in from behind and went wild! With the excitement of this new experience of sex in the wilderness and the stimulation of his pounding and my fingers between my legs, I soon reached orgasm.

That day was so different from the rest; my man was at full strength and power. I don’t think he’d ever fucked me so hard and rough. I knew nobody would ever hear me, so I let myself scream and moan freely while he kept pounding me from every angle. We both expressed our emotions loudly, the birds our only witnesses.

I wanted to try different positions and locations. First, we went back into the water and I bent over to give him better access. Then we climbed up on the rocks and he entered me again. A little while later, we found a low tree branch, and he bent me over it. At long last, we grabbed our clothes and headed toward the car, and when we reached the field, he tumbled me into the tall grass and took me again, finally cumming inside me. The warmth of his cum made me squirt, so we both cummed together.

He started to soften, but I wasn’t ready to stop. Instead, I dropped to my knees and lightly licked him clean. That gave him a few minutes to recover before I gently took him into my mouth. I had to be careful because, after so much wild sex and having cum, he was pretty sensitive. But with patience, I felt him begin to harden again.

I wanted his mouth on me. At my request, my husband took my pussy lips in his mouth and sucked like a hungry wolf-pup. Before long, he was at full mast again and ready for me. We flipped head to tail, and I took his cock down my throat while he continued to feast on my tender pussy.

Darkness began to encroach, and we both wanted a memorable end to this glorious day. We took the missionary position, and we passionately kissed and sucked and bit everywhere we could reach while he thrust long and deep into me. I kept fingering my clit, and just as the night insects’ songs started up, we exploded together. We both screamed so loudly! Had there been anyone in the vicinity, they surely would have heard.

We might have rested a while, but a car horn sounded on the other side of the meadow. So, we quickly stood up and got ourselves dressed. When his car hadn’t returned to him on time, its owner had come looking for it and rescued us!

One accident led us to the most sexually pleasurable incident ever. I don’t think we could ever forget it.

I hope you all love it 😛

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16 replies
  1. Tangosierra says:

    Bless you for sharing this. I loved it! So descriptive of your surroundings, I almost felt like I was there.
    As a side note, I love that you don't wear a bra!

  2. LovingMan says:

    Your story is absolutely fantastic! Loving each other at a waterfall… and in the meadow! Soooooo sexy! Married sex adventures are some of our favorite memories to have and to make! Today our story of outdoor sex was posted. When it happened a few weeks ago we didn’t have the luxury of total seclusion with lots of time like you two had. (We had to hurry.) So, thanks for the great story! What you described in your story would be one of my fantasies. For us waterfall sex probably isn’t going to happen but it was fun reading about your shared adventure! BTW we HAVE done some passionate kissing in a small cave behind a waterfall while on vacation… (& maybe a little groping through our swimsuits too). However our preteen & teenaged kids were outside on the other side of the waterfall so we didn’t dare do much more. But sometimes I imagine how fun it would have been to make love right there behind the waterfall!

  3. texasman76 says:

    Wonderfully written story! It's always so exciting to do something different, especially when you could get caught. Your love for each other shows through in your descriptions. Awesome that you enjoy your own and each other's cum. The marriage bed should be celebrated and enjoyed with no inhibitions.

  4. LovingMan says:

    Bornhorny thanks for the link! I was dying to know where this beautiful waterfall was. Now I know it’s in Yorkshire England! Is this where your sexy adventure took place?
    By the way, I just re-read your story and I now think it is one of my favorite MH stories ever!

    • Bornhorny says:

      No it didn't happen over there. The pic is just for reference and for better understanding of the story.

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