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For those who have read my husband’s very first submission to MH (You are Beautiful: a Study of the Song of Solomon for Two), it will come as no surprise that he and I both are firm believers in doing what the word says as best we can. The Song shows the beloved taking a very active part in lovemaking from time to time, which my hubby tells me puts the ball in my court. My acting on the most obvious passage—where she commands her lover to take, mount, and do to her what a stag would—inspired my first submission here (A Hind’s Tale: The Chase). That same spirit kicked in again after I read verse 3:4 and had the opportunity to act upon it to produce this short story.

We were visiting my mom, and she had taken our kids off to the park and the library for some time with just their grandma. My lover was sitting in the living room reading a book. I walked down the hall to my mother’s room. Standing at the foot of the bed, I removed every stitch of clothing and draped it over a chair. Sitting on her bed, I picked up the Bible from its bedside table and read the pertinent verse to motivate myself. It said, “I found the one I love. I held him and would not let go until I had brought him to my mother’s house, to the chamber of the one who conceived me.” Leaving it opened to that verse, I laid the Bible on the table, stood, and went down the hallway to the living room.

I had run this through my mind many times but still got sort of fluttery inside now that I was actually going to do it. Taking a breath, I stepped around into the living room and stood there.

My husband looked up, and his eyes widened. I walked over, took him by the hand, and led him to my mother’s room without letting go. So far, so good. Pointing to the verse in the open Bible, I then wriggled to the center of the bed while he read it. Inhaling deeply, I smelled the lavender I so associated with my mom. Taking another deep breath, I spread myself wide while lying on my back.

It was hard not to laugh as he so rapidly stripped naked. No further direction was needed on my part; all I had to do was bring him to the chamber of the one who had conceived me, just like it said. In no time at all, we had the headboard hitting the wall firmly and regularly. My, her mattress was bouncy! It was fantastic! He just let himself go. We just got louder and louder, him banging away and me shouting. This was turning into way more than I had imagined, but oh, it was good.

Somewhere in the process of hammering me into oblivion, the bed frame separated from the headboard and dropped to the floor. He didn’t even slow down but, with the new angle, just drove more deeply into me till the wave of my orgasm finally crashed down.

Mom found him busy reattaching the bed frame when she returned. I explained I had noticed it seemed a bit loose, and my handyman was putting it back to rights. Her seeming acceptance of that explanation lasted all the way till the next morning. She and I, being the earliest risers, had our breakfast well before anyone else. She had seen the open Bible, and with a knowing, motherly look over her cup of orange juice, she soon had all the details. Sharing mom’s bed like that had been great, but you know what? It’s pretty nice sharing a time like that with your mom, just girl-to-girl, too.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Poor bed! This IS pretty funny! If this is a true story, you & your mom must have a great relationship, and you both are very “married sex positive.” Personally, I think we all should be more like that. Clearly, your mother was not bothered by you and your husband’s sexy fun in her bed!

    Thanks for the great story!

    By the way, we stuff a couple of large pillows behind the headboard to prevent the banging sound during “banging!”

  2. Woods says:

    KA, thanks glad you enjoyed it. LM, why haven't I ever thought of the pillow trick? The story is a bit of a composite for brevity and the story's sake, but my husband did have to rebuild her bed. I like the phrase "married sex positive". We do have a pretty practical matter of fact attitude toward it. In fact as it turns out my next story speaks to what seems to be this attitude among friends as found in the Song 8:13.

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