Burning Some Calories

I had just gotten home from the gym and went to take a shower. Suddenly, I heard the doorbell. With water still streaming from my hair, I slung a towel around my hips and went to peep through the spyhole. There outside stood Alia! (She’d forgotten her house keys.) I opened the door with joy.

Alia was happily surprised to see me in just my towel. Something sparked between us, and she jumped on me while I slammed the door and carried her to the sofa. Her legs wrapped around my waist, and her left hand grabbed my wet hair while my hands gripped her tight ass.  We locked lips and sucked each other’s tongues.

After a period of intense smooching and fondling, Alia pushed me down on the sofa and slowly took off her overshirt. Her perfectly round pair of boobs, encased in a tight blue spaghetti-strapped tank top, protruded right in front of my eyes, just waiting to be squeezed and sucked. My dick hardened under her, and I knew she felt it under the towel. I looked straight into her eyes and slowly began to squeeze those juicy tits.

Alia closed her eyes and threw her head back. She moaned as I continued squeezing over her tank top and pinching her hard nipples. I twisted and turned them, then slightly pulled them out and released them. Her responses had my dick dripping, precum pooling on my groin, as she saw when she lifted the towel away to enjoy the sight of my hardness.

I rose, picked up Alia by the ass with her legs again wrapping around me, and walked with her towards our bedroom. After tossing her on the bed, I pulled down her black tights only to discover that she had worn no underwear. As I pulled off her tights, I could smell her pussy juices smeared over them. I grabbed her bare legs, pulled her towards the edge of the bed, and began sucking her pussy and slowly licking her clit.

Alia began moaning loudly, grabbing and pulling my hair while I sucked her clitoris and slurped at her lips. Simultaneously, I slid my hands under her tank top and went back to gently squeezing her boobs. Randomly, I pinched her nipples and gave them hard tugs, eliciting brief squeals that only made me eat her pussy more rigorously. As her juices oozed, I inserted my right index finger and began pulling its tip across her G-spot, careful not to let my nail scratch her. All the while, I nibbled at her clit.

At this point, Alia was moaning so loudly that it eventually turned into a breathless scream! I could feel the heat building inside her pussy. She arched backward as her legs shivered, and she ejaculated her hot juices all over. Then her entire body released, and she closed her eyes and collapsed on the bed like the most satisfied woman in the world.

I grinned and got up, only to see her smile broadly, followed by a lip bite and the words, “Now my turn.” She got up and shoved me onto the bed, and what followed surpassed anything I’d ever imagined. She grabbed my dick and sucked it at the slowest possible pace as if she wanted to taste and suck every inch of my hard erect penis and make me feel her flicking, sloppy tongue dripping with saliva. She licked from my balls to my crown and rolled the point of her tongue around the tip of my dick to lick up my precum and taste it. She eventually began sucking it faster and deeper while I grabbed her hair and pushed my hard dick deep into her throat. She gagged a bit on my dick as I fucked her mouth, but she didn’t pull away.

I didn’t last long. I pulled out and shot my thick, white, sticky cum all over Alia’s face. She cracked a smile, then burst into laughter. “It’s so hot!” she said, then licked her lips. “Yummy!”

Alia went to the washroom to clean up while I collapsed on the bed with my eyes closed. It all felt like a dream! But not too long afterward, I saw her returning to me, completely naked. Her perky nipples jutted out at the center of her perfect, round, jiggling boobs, and her clean-shaven vagina fairly sparkled as she walked. She came and sat down and took my soft penis into her mouth. Again, she began her tongue-twisting tantra. It felt heavenly; I don’t think I would have any complaints even if I had died at that moment! It felt like pure pleasure from heaven!

Not terribly long after, she’d gotten my cock hard as a diamond again and all sloppy wet with her saliva and my precum. She gingerly climbed over me and eased down onto my cock, taking me in as slowly as possible, my crown rubbing against her inner pussy walls and feeling every bit of the hot juices oozing from her pussy. It was the longest slide ever into her pussy, and I watched her eyes close and her luscious lips open. Her voice shivered as she moaned, low and deep.

As soon as she hit bottom and buried my dick inside her, I grabbed her soft breasts, and she began riding. She was like a jackhammer, thumping my dick while her thighs clapped against mine. The sound of her jumping and riding my dick—*THAP* *THAP* *THAP* *THAP* *THAP* *THAP*—intensified right along with her moans.

I could barely hold off a second orgasm, but somehow, I resisted. After a few more bounces, I got up, picked her up again, pushed her up against the wall with her facing me, her back against the wall, and her legs around me. I grabbed her ass and began thrusting my dick deep inside her pussy. She grabbed onto me like a little koala while I pushed my dick as deep as I could and slowly dragged it out again. Then I pushed it in HARDER and DEEPER and slowly pulled it out. I could hear her voice shivering, synched with every thrust I made. I would ram it deep with a fast thrust, then draw it out as slow as possible. As I went deeper and deeper, Alia came all over my dick.

I couldn’t hold her in that position for long; I was getting weak in the knees. So I lowered her gently to her feet and bent her over in front of the dressing table with a large mirror. I pulled her hair and made her look at herself while I fucked her from behind. She was so turned on that she started talking dirty: “Do it harder..harder! Oh, fuck yes! Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh…”

I banged her like a drilling machine, grabbing her waist with my left hand and pulling her hair with my right, for barely 30–40 seconds, and that’s all. I exploded inside her hot, juicy pussy, churning most of my cum back out to trickle down her left leg.

We both collapsed on the floor. I could practically hear our hearts pounding. She eventually climbed up, kissed me on my forehead, and said, “I ate you up today!” Then she cleaned us both up before we dressed, and I took her out for a bite of real food. After dinner, we came home to possibly the best night of sleep ever.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Such a great story of impromptu married lovin’! I liked the comparison of your penis being as hard as a diamond – since diamonds are the hardest known natural thing!

    I really liked this story! I loved the oral and the multiple positions and your obvious passion and love for each other! It portrays how amazing and HOT married sex can be! Your story really debunks the idea the media often portrays that married sex is boring. There was nothing boring about this sexual spontaneous encounter of a passionate married couple!

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