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The Riviera Maya Exhibition

Jack: This past fall Ginger and I took a trip to Mexico to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed at an adult only resort in the Riviera Maya. If you read our previous story, The Vegas Exhibition, you know that Ginger was going to wear a thong swimsuit on that trip, but it didn’t work out. […]

The Vegas Exhibition

I looked at my wife, Ginger, and said, “Let’s go to Vegas!” “When?” “Tonight!” She laughed, “Very funny!” “No, I’m serious. Our kids are busy this weekend, and our friends all have plans, so instead of sitting home, let’s just go.  We’ll leave tonight and come back on Sunday.  What do you say, babe?  Let’s […]

A Girl Still Wants to Have Fun

This story contains strong language (L) and anal play, as well as mentioning anal penetration (A). After Jack left my office with his cock stuffed in my panties (giggle), I remember sitting there at my desk feeling so aroused and so in control of the moment.  I had just done something totally out of character […]

When You Don’t See It “Cumming”

Sometimes it’s best when you don’t see it “cumming.” It was just a normal summer Saturday.  We decided to go to the city about an hour away to run a few errands and do some shopping.   Some men don’t like shopping; as a general rule, I don’t either, except that Ginger has helped make […]

The Audience (L/A)

My name is Jack, and my wife is Ginger, and we have been married for 20+ years.  We live in a small conservative farming community in the Midwest and have several children.  We have experienced a sexual awakening over the past several years now that the kids are getting older and we have more time […]