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Friday, 10:16 am text from Ginger – “Listen up and listen good. You’re going to get yourself hard—I mean really hard. Whatever you need to do, just get your cock stiff.  You’re going to come to my office where I’ll be waiting, and then you’ll fuck me. But you can’t cum; neither one of us can cum.  Then, when I say we’re done, you will obey me. I want you to wipe my wet pussy with my underwear, then put them on and stuff your cock and balls in my wet little panties. You will wear my wet lacy undies the rest of the day.  Don’t disappoint me; you got it?”


Hey everyone, this is Ginger.  It was just one of those days—you know, ladies—when you’re getting ready in the morning, and you feel good.  It’s a good hair day, and you decide to put on some sexy matching lingerie and an outfit you know you look great in, taking a couple of extra looks in the mirror to check yourself out.  Yep, I woke up feeling good, and I was horny.  Not every day is like that for us girls, so we need to take advantage of those days when we have them, right?! I had also recently been waxed, and I just felt sexy.

I was in my home office. My workday was slow, so I decided to read a few MH stories, and I was getting worked up over a kinky Dom/sub story that I didn’t even know could turn me on as it did.  I couldn’t help but slip my hand down under my leggings and caress my swollen lips and clit over my moistening sexy lace panty. Ugh, it felt good to touch myself and my silky wetness, gliding my hand over the fabric.  I started thinking kinky thoughts about Jack.  That’s the fun of reading MH: It opens you up to new ideas and thoughts that you never considered before.

It’s also a gift of marriage, as you age, to let go of inhibitions and allow yourselves to delve into kinky things that you might not have considered earlier in your marriage.  So, I decided to send Jack the text above in a slightly more dominant voice than normal for me. But I was so horny, and I wanted him to come get me and just fuck me hard.  The thought was making me throb.  I didn’t want it to end too quickly, though; I wanted to be horny like this all day, and I wanted him riding this wave with me.  I thought about my wet panties lying there on the floor after he fucked me, and I wondered how his cock would feel if constrained by my wet, tight lace underwear wrapped around it.  I had never asked him to wear my underwear before—the thought had never entered my mind. But it did at that moment, and for some reason, the idea made me wet and horny.

So, I wrote the text, hit the send button, and then got nervous.  It’s that immediate reaction after you send a sexy message and hope that, first of all, you actually sent it to your husband and not your mom. Then the second thought hits: Oh, no, he’s going to think that’s dumb and that I’m a whacked-out wife.  But I had hit send; I couldn’t retrieve it, so I sat in my office across the house from his office and waited.  And waited… Then more thoughts: Did he read it yet?  What’s he thinking?  What’s he doing?   Will he come to get me?  Ugh, I hope it turned him on?


I had gotten up early this morning, grabbed my coffee, and quickly got dressed.  Oftentimes, I’ll go into my office in the morning before showering and just throw on a pair of jeans commando, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap to start my day.  This particular morning, I was busy with lots of phone calls and emails.  I had no idea that Ginger was in her office, feeling horny and kinky, and I didn’t immediately see or open her text.  Several minutes later, I received another text from a co-worker, which prompted me to open her text and read it.  My thoughts went like this: “What’s this?  Whoa… Hell, yes! I’m in!”

Over the years, our sex life has evolved and only gotten better with age, but this was new territory for her to send me a text telling me what I’m going to do.  It was one of the hottest texts she’d ever sent me, and I was immediately rock hard.  I got up and walked to her office.

When I came in, she sat at her desk with one leg up on it and her shirt off, just wearing a sheer bra and her form-fitting leggings.  She had a hand on her breast and the other under her waistband fingering herself.  Damn, she looked sexy, and I was smiling as I walked in, but Ginger was not.

“You made me wait too long! Don’t make me wait like that again. Now get your cock out and fuck me like I told you to before I change my mind. I could just fuck myself and make you watch.”

I took off my shirt and unbuttoned my pants, sliding them down to reveal my hard shaft, ready to obey her commands.

“Well, at least you listened and got your dick hard. Is that what took you so long?  Huh?  Were you playing with your cock?  Get that thing over here and fuck me.”

Wow!  She stayed in dominant character, and I loved it. She stood up and slid off her leggings, then turned around with her ass facing me, just standing there in her lacy bra and panty.  She put her hands on the desk and said, “You’re gonna get over here and feel how wet I got these panties for you, then slip them down and get your cock in my pussy.  But if you cum like a naughty boy, you won’t get to cum for a whole week. Got it?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied.

“Good, now fuck me!”

I approached her. My hands started low on her inner thighs and slowly slid up between her legs until I felt her panty. It was covered in her wetness, and I rubbed her lips, then grabbed her ass cheeks and pushed my cock into her ass crack.  Ginger let out a moan and spread her legs a little wider, so I pulled her panty down over her ass, leaving them on just below the curve of her buttocks.  I took my cock in hand and slid it down her ass crack. My precum made it easy to glide down and tease her tight ass hole before going lower and finally thrusting hard into her.

“Oh, my God, baby. Yes, fuck your dirty wife. Yes, ram me good!”

My hips thrust back and forth, pounding her tight sex hole, and my body smacked her ass as I thrust in and out of her.  Ugh, it felt so good…then all of a sudden, she pushed me away.

“That’s it. That’s all you get, you horny naughty boy.  If you’re good, I’ll give you a little more later.”  Ginger slid down her panty and, with one foot, kicked them towards me.  “Here’s your underwear. Now clean my pussy up and put them on. I want to watch you stuff your cock into them.”

Ginger sat on her desk and spread her legs, motioning for me to come and clean her up.  I took her panty and wiped her freshly waxed lips, and then I pushed them into her pussy and finger-fucked her with her own panty.

“Enough!  Now I want to watch you slide them on.”  I did what she told me: I slid her lace panty up over my ass and then stuffed my balls and cock inside.

Ginger got up and came over to me, kissed me on the lips, then grabbed my cock and looked down. “My, my, I think I like your cock stuffed in my lacy wet underwear.  I bet your cock will be thinking about my pussy all day!”

She was right about that. When she knelt and licked my cock through the lace fabric, my cock throbbed!  After a few moments of teasing my shaft with her tongue, she got up, kissed me on the lips one more time, then pushed me and said, “Get dressed and get out of my office.  I have work to do.  I’ll text you again later, but don’t make me wait again!”


Jack’s interpretation of part one is pretty accurate. I actually enjoyed playing the dominant one this go around, and getting a little kinky was fun.  It was just one of those days when, you know, a girl just wants to have fun.  Enjoy your kinky side once in a while, and keep it hot!

Stay tuned for the sequel!

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11 replies
  1. Nerdgirl85 says:

    Loved this! Not only the way it was written which was really great, but it was really hot too!!
    I loved how you(Ginger) explained how this wasnt a usual thing but that you were so turned on and in the moment n that's awesome!

    And I agree I also love MH for the reason you mentioned, it really does give you ideas that you might've not thought of or maybe didnt think it'd turn you on but it does ect.
    Great job cant wait for part 2!

  2. Satin King says:

    I love all aspects of silky lingerie: the look, the feel, and of course the arousal it brings! I love seeing and touching it on my wife and the exquisite feel of the sensual fabric against my skin. Even just hearing the sound of words like “slip,” “panties,” and “stockings” can create a rise in my trousers! I’ve had a silky fetish for over forty years and our love-making almost always includes something silky! – so I found your story about you and your husband both having some kinky fun with your lacy panties to be very hot indeed! Thanks for sharing! Check out the four stories I’ve submitted that all include some of our similar fun!

    • Mr.Lover says:

      Oh boy!. I love all those lacey things. Stockings, pantyhose,etc.

      When I see a girl with pantyhose or stockings (especially stockings which are my favourite between these two item), I get really interested in getting to know her, that's for sure.

      I'm attracted to a girl in a nice dress that shows some leg or a tight pair of pants that make a woman's ass look great.

      I also love a woman in heels as well.

      I guess you could say that I have kind of a fetish for woman in heels, dresses and stockings/pantyhose.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Oh, Mr.Lover, that's not a fetish. If, after you marry, you found you couldn't get aroused without your wife wearing stockings and heels, then yeah. But, really, that's such an easy thing to do for her husband that she probably wouldn't mind too much. 😊

  3. LoverBoy2 says:

    I love the way this was written and put together.
    We use a lot of dominance/submission in our play, but it's usually within the context of our expected sex/play time. The fact that this is unexpected and that it leaves you hanging, makes it all the more erotic.
    My wife prefers taking on the submissive role, so I don't see her doing something like this at this point. But who knows… maybe she'll surprise me some day. In the mean time, I'm going to think up something similar to this, but with me in the dominant position. She likes being told what to do!

  4. Mr.Lover says:

    I must say that I hope the girl that I will meet and make my future wife will enjoy wearing lingerie and heels. I know I definitely like it when I have seen them, that's for sure.

  5. SamtheMan says:

    I love a horny wife who wants to get aggressive and initiates (I think). I'm the aggressive one in my marriage and my wife is very passive and has never initiated. However, after 33 yrs she is a great sport and has never had a "headache" when I initiate. So, Ginger my hat off to you for initiating!

  6. JacknGinger says:

    Thank you Sam the man…it took many years for me to be comfortable and confident enough to initiate and enjoy doing so. But I have always enjoyed sex, probably just like your wife!

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