A Girl Still Wants to Have Fun

This story contains strong language (L) and anal play, as well as mentioning anal penetration (A).

After Jack left my office with his cock stuffed in my panties (giggle), I remember sitting there at my desk feeling so aroused and so in control of the moment.  I had just done something totally out of character for me, and I was enjoying it.  I have a bold personality yet am rather insecure, so trying new things and being comfortable doing so is difficult.  But this day, my mind was wandering and fantasizing; I was so horny that I just did it, and I’m so glad I did!   Plus, I was so relieved when Jack played along. I realized it was making him horny as well.  I decided to keep going with this Dom character and see what happened.  The day took a few unexpected twists and turns along the way, but we rolled with it and kept the kinky fun going.  We hope you enjoy part two.


Text to Jack: “Jack, bring me some coffee.  And…you know the way I like it so don’t disappoint me!”

“Ummm, okay, babe. Just give me a minute.”

I got his response, and I didn’t really feel like being called “babe” at that moment. And I didn’t want to wait a minute either.

One of my favorite movies is The Proposal, where Sandra Bullock plays a very dominant boss to Ryan Reynolds and her name  in the movie is Margaret.  So, I decided he should call me Margaret, and from that point on we have used “Margaret” to signal when we are in this role.  Sometimes on my way home from work I’ll text Jack and say, “Margaret is on her way home. Have a drink waiting for her when she gets there.”  Or something similar.  We have found that we both enjoy this kind of play, it signals to Jack that I’m horny and allows me to have the permission and freedom to get into a different side of me that takes control as this confident sexy woman.

I texted back to Jack, “You will answer me by saying, “Yes, Margaret, I’ll be right there. Anything else I can get you?”

“HA-HA, okay, okay. I’ll play along.  You’re making my cock hard again.  I’ll be right there, Margaret. Anything else I can get you?”

“No, that’ll be it for now.”

Jack brought me my cup of coffee, and I decided to reward him for being a good boy.  I sat in my chair and pulled him right in front of me. Unbuttoning his jeans revealed his hard cock barely confined in my sexy panty.  I licked his shaft through the thin fabric then freed his cock so I could take it all in my mouth.  Bobbing back and forth while I sucked him, tasting his precum and kneading his balls with my hands.  I could hear Jack moaning, telling me it felt so good to have me fuck his cock with my mouth.  I wanted to keep going, but I resisted the urge and pulled away.  I tucked his cock back into its confines.  “Good boy. That’s all—you can leave now!”

Not long after, I received a call from work.  There was an issue that needed my attention, and I couldn’t deal with it from home.  I was going to have to drive into the city, so I had to quickly shower and get changed.  Determined not to let this setback ruin my sexual high, I made a decision at that moment to be Margaret the rest of the day.

“Jack, I have to drive to work to deal with an issue. Meet me in the shower!”

Jack: “Yes, Margaret, I’ll be right there!”

Upon entering the shower, I handed Jack the sponge and said, “Here, wash my body, but don’t you dare get my hair wet!”  I stood there while my husband obediently washed my body from my neck down to my feet.  “Alright, now I want you to make sure my ass is clean too…with your tongue!”

Jack knelt behind me and spread my ass cheeks. I felt his tongue licking each side of my ass crack, and oh, it felt so good.  I pushed my ass back against his tongue and felt it right on my rosebud, licking my tight little hole as the water cascaded down my front.  He started fingering my pussy, too, hitting my G-spot.

I put my hands on the walls of the shower. My knees went weak as he licked and fingered me, his tongue now pressing into my asshole, pushing in and fucking my ass with his tongue.  Again, I wanted to keep going.  I wanted to cum, and I was getting sooo close, but I stopped!

I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, leaving him kneeling on the shower floor.  “I don’t have time for this, I need to get dressed for work!” I said in a stern voice.

Jack toweled off and then started walking to his underwear drawer.  “What are you doing? Oh, no, you don’t! Put my panty back on, naughty boy.  And just for thinking that I wasn’t serious when I said you were going to wear them all day, now you have to put on your cock ring as well.”

Jack was standing there naked. He looked so good with his prick standing straight and hard; I could tell he was liking this game.  He walked back, picked up my panty, and slid it back on.

I went to our toy chest, found his cock ring, and handed it to him. “Here, put this on when your erection eases a bit and send me a picture so I know you did as you were told.”  Then I kissed him, grabbed his ass and whispered in his ear, “Good boy! Now Margaret needs to get dressed.  Next time you test me you’ll be wearing a plug in your ass the rest of the day and no cumming for a week, got it?”

“Yes Ma’am. Ummm, you ARE going to let me get dressed, right?” asked Jack.

“You can get dressed after I’m ready. Nobody is home, so go get me some more coffee,” I demanded.

I watched Jack walk out of our bedroom to the kitchen, his tight muscular ass stretching my black lace panty. Mmmm, he looked good.  I chuckled as I enjoyed making him a bit uncomfortable as he’d done to me so many times.

I decided that to stay in this state of mind, I needed to look and feel as sexy as I was horny.  I picked out a small G-string, pulled it on and adjusted it so the thin satin fabric just covered my newly-waxed mound.  Then I picked out a black shelf bra that gives a little support but doesn’t cover my nipples…usually reserved for bedroom or vacay wardrobe only, but today was different.  I put on a pair of low-rise slacks, pulling my G-string up so it rode just above the waistline (so naughty of me), then added a waist length button-down blouse and a pair of heels.  I brought a cute jacket along as well that I could wear when I entered work so my coworkers couldn’t see my nipples poking through my thin shirt. But until I got there, I decided to leave it off and enjoy the naughty sexiness of my titties caressing the front of my blouse. I put my hair up in a messy bun, drew on a little extra eyeliner, and I felt sexy and confident.  Jack came back with my coffee and let out a whistle when he saw me.

“Ginge…I mean, Margaret, you look stunning! Is that how you’re going to work?”

“Thank you. Yes, this is how I’m going to work!  Jack, do you think anyone will notice my nipples?”

“They certainly have my full attention,” Jack says with a grin.

“Good!” is all I said in reply.

Then, I “accidentally” dropped my keys on the floor and bent down to retrieve them, my blouse top riding up above my pants to reveal my thong.  I heard Jack let out a moan, so I knew he saw what I wanted him to see.

“Margaret, you’re killing me. My cock is so hard, and I just want to devour you right here and now.”

“Good, and you will. It’s good for a wife to torture her husband once and awhile.  For now, you’ll just have to wait.  You get to stay here by yourself, constricted in my tight panties and wearing a cock ring while I’m walking around being a tease in public.  Now be a good boy and think about your dirty wife while I’m gone.  Maybe I’ll give you a release when I get home.”

I headed off to work, and for the most part, I was completely appropriate with my wardrobe while away from Jack.  It was so exciting to know that he was sitting at home hard as a rock.  I stopped to get a salad on my way to work and forgot to put on my jacket, but I didn’t notice until I saw the clerk making eyes at my chest.  I was so embarrassed. But to be honest, it was kinda exciting, and I don’t think he minded.  There was just something so arousing about the potential to have someone see my nipples or my g-string in public. I know it sounds crazy, but it was exciting.

Jack did as he was told and sent me a picture of his cock ring, which looked very sexy.  I unbuttoned an extra button of my blouse and sent a picture to Jack showing my cleavage with the message, “Just stopped to get a salad, do you think I showed too much, babe?”

“Margaret, OMG! Your tits look amazing. Anyone would be happy to see some of that!”

As I finished up at work, I received a text from a good friend inviting us over for a couple’s night.  I just wanted to go home and be with Jack and have an all-out fuck fest, but we decided that we should go and hang out for a bit.  Plus, these were good friends that we were very comfortable around, so I could still be kinda flirty with Jack while we were with them.

I quickly stopped at home and got Jack.  He asked if he could change, but I reminded him that I wouldn’t let him cum for a week if he took off my panties during the day.  So, he reluctantly agreed to go visit our friends wearing my underwear, but I could see his cock was hard, so I knew he was secretly enjoying it.  I was still having fun with making him a little uncomfortable, and I promised him that I would never say anything.  We jumped in his truck and drove to their house.

When we got there, our friends weren’t home.  We texted them and they said to just go inside as they had to run to the store to get a few things.  So, we went inside and put our things in the kitchen.  Then with the house to ourselves, I decided to start teasing Jack a little.  I took off my jacket, still wearing my naughty bra, unbuttoned my shirt a little and then bent over to get something out of my purse, again revealing my thong riding above my pants like a naughty girl.  I stood up and turned to him and asked with a sly smile, “Do you like Margaret?”

He replied,  “I think I’m beginning to like Margaret a lot!”

We started kissing, and I let him fondle my breasts and pinch my hard nipples.  His hand reached around, and found my thong, pulling it tight against my pussy and ass crack. I let out a moan, turned around, and told him, “Margaret needs to get fucked right now!”  I unbuttoned my pants and slid them down, leaving my G-string on, and said, “I want you to fuck me right here in their kitchen. My pussy needs your cock!”

“What? Right here in their kitchen? Margaret, what if they come home?” he protested.

“Yes, right here. Now, obey me and get your cock out!”  He pulled his cock out, slid my G-string aside, and then he entered me from behind, slowly pushing in his thick hard shaft. Both of us were on a high. It felt so good and, at the same time, erotic to be fucking at our friend’s house while they were going to be coming home any minute. His cock felt so amazing, so full and thick from being teased all day—we both could’ve cum in seconds.  My pussy was sloppy wet and making sloshing sounds as he pulled in and out, so sexy to hear.  I wanted to just get us both naked right there and fuck like mad.  Then, we heard their car doors slam.

Jack pulled out and I quickly bent down to suck and clean off his wet shaft; oh, how I love the taste of our juices!  We quickly buttoned up and tried to compose ourselves, but I’m sure our faces were flushed, and there was probably a hint of sex on the air inside their kitchen as well.  I was so warm that I couldn’t put my jacket on right away.  I was a little self-conscious, but we had vacationed together and had braless nights before, so it would be fine.

Our friends entered the kitchen and greeted us with hugs, and we just pretended that we were getting dinner ready.  They didn’t notice anything until my friend MaryAnn came to give me a hug and saw my high beams.  She grinned as she and I walked into the living room as the boys went outside.

“Girl, you’re looking fine tonight, but I didn’t get the memo this was bra-free couples night?”  I laughed and apologized, offering put my jacket on, but she said it was just fine. Laughing, she slipped hers off. “There, now we can both be comfy not wearing those dumb things,” she said.  We laughed and enjoyed our boobie freedom.

A few months later, we did tell them that we used their kitchen. They got a good chuckle out of it and told us to feel free to use their kitchen anytime they were gone…maybe someday we’ll take them up on that offer again (giggle).

After a fun evening that included us girls teasing the boys a little, we said our goodbyes and headed home.  I had my pants down around my ankles by the time we backed out of their driveway and began playing with my pussy.  Jack was telling me how he couldn’t wait to get home and fuck Margaret.   He said how hot I looked, sitting at their house without my jacket on.

I ate up all his words as I rubbed my clit; I was so wet.   “Tell me more baby, did Margaret make you hard all day, huh?  Did it make you hard knowing she was in charge, baby?  Did you like me being a little tease?  You were such a good boy today, and Margaret is going to let you cum tonight, but I need to cum twice before you do. Think you can handle that?”

Before long he had his cock out, stroking himself.  “Margaret, you own this cock. I’ll do whatever you instruct me to do.”

We got home, quickly locked the bedroom door, and tore our clothes off.  I had Jack lay down on the bed, then crawled up on the bed and sat on his face. Putting my knees over his arms so he couldn’t move, I ground my pussy into his face and tongue.  It didn’t take long.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming  Oh, baby, I’m cumming!”  Then I let go, and my pussy squirted on him.  His face and hair got soaked as he struggled to lap up my juices running over him.  Oh, my gosh, the first one was intense!  I don’t normally squirt when I cum, but I sure did this night.

I slid down and kissed his mouth, covered in my juices, and our tongues wrestled as we kissed passionately.  “Good boy! Margaret is very happy. One down and one more to go, and then I’ll let you cum, baby. Now, go get my dildo and fuck me with it while you lick my asshole!”

Jack returned with the dildo and found me on all fours with my ass facing him.  He took the dildo and started fucking me with it from behind as he bent down and began to lick my ass that was still wet with my juices.   “That’s it, just like that. Fuck my pussy. Oh, fuck, that feels good. He’s so big, baby, and fills my pussy up.  Oh, and your tongue!  Yes, that’s it; lick my tight little hole.  I bet you’d like to get your throbbing cock in that tight little hole, wouldn’t you, you naughty boy?!”

“Ooooh, you know I would. Does Margaret like to get fucked in the ass?”

“Oh, yes, baby, she does.  She loves having both holes filled. Ohhhh, faster— yes, that’s it.  Fuck, I’m cuming.  Oh, baby, I’m cuming again. Yes, yes!”

Jack pulled my dildo out of my pussy covered in my cream, and when I saw it I got an idea. “Look at that cock all covered in my cream, baby. Now, put it in your mouth and clean it off for Margaret!”

Jack took my dildo in his mouth and sucked all my cream off it, then turned me over and kissed me.  He got on top of me and slid his cock in. There is nothing like the feeling of the real thing.  His face was intense, filled with pent up sexual energy from the day.  I watched him as he fucked me, his ass bucking as he slid in and out of my sloppy pussy.  I love to watch his face as he gets close.  His pace quickened as he reached the point of no return. I felt his body tighten. His mouth opened in ecstasy, and with a few last thrusts, he emptied his seed in me, filling my love hole with his own cream.  His body collapsed on top of me and we just lay there for a while, embracing each other.

I told him that Margaret had to leave tonight, but she’d be back.   Jack replied, “I like Margaret. She’s fun and exciting.  I’ll be ready when she comes back, but, baby, I want you to know I LOVE Ginger!”  We laughed!

Margaret has certainly added a new element to our sexual playtime, and although she doesn’t come around that often, it’s fun to know that she’s welcome on those days when, you know… a girl just want’s to have fun.

Thanks for reading!

Jack & Ginger

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23 replies
  1. Satin King says:

    Oh my Ginger! (Or should I say… Margaret!?) This is so hot! My kind of story and my kind of fantasy! I love it when my wife tells me to wear her silky panties! Once we went away for a marriage retreat weekend and she had me in her panties (pun intended!) the entire weekend! I love your creating the “Margaret” persona and using it at your code word when you are ready for some hot dom action! This story got me so hot and horny that I had to take a break from work and “edge”for a while stroking with a satin chemise. But I’ll save my cum explosion to share with my wife later! Keep up the hot married sex! And keep writing about it!

  2. Sexlovers says:

    Very sexy hot story! I love the idea of a different name as I struggle with being dominant with my husband. I’ll definitely be giving that a try!

    • JacknGinger says:

      Hi Sexlovers… it just kinda happened, hadn’t thought about a name until that moment but it works good for us and helps to make it fun… almost like giving me permission to be something I’m normally not… it’s Margaret that’s doing it not me. Give it a try!

  3. tdx30 says:

    Great story. It is obvious you enjoy being a Dominatrix and based on the passion you described my bet is that you may end up doubling or tripling your Margaret time. Mistress S (Samantha) enjoys this lifestyle 24/7 with me as her adoring slave. And, for as long as we have been living this lifestyle, it never wears out. Sex is amazing, and since Mistress limits me to one orgasm to her 30, the intensity of that one orgasm when I get it is explosive. She also knows that keeping me horny for days (sometimes weeks on end) heightens our love and sex life. We love it. Off the ranch we are the typical vanilla couple. On the ranch (see https://marriageheat.com/2019/08/09/one-spoiled-mistress-ignite/) we enjoy the mistress/slave lifestyle continuously and wouldn't change it for anything. Now it's time for me to go weed the flower gardens on the north side of the house (plenty of privacy there) naked and erect while she sits in her lounge chair watching me to make sure every weed is pulled while talking to her girlfriends on her cell phone. Keep being bossy. Your husband loves it.

    • JacknGinger says:

      Thanks TDX30… you’re Jamaican stories actually prompted some of this. I was surprised when Ginger commented on your stories and they turned her on. We aren’t quite to your and Mistress S level yet but we are having fun. Jack

  4. alwayswet101 says:

    Holy moly. Talk about having to change panties after this one!!! Maybe due to my insane pregnancy hormones or maybe due to the word choice and detail of the story…either way had a severe effect on my nether region! Keep writing!!! 😘

    • Giants05 says:

      This had the same reaction on my wife too 😊. She isn't preggo but got her super hot. Congrats on being preggo and enjoy preggo sex.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      @Giants05 glad to see I am not the only one! Definitely one scorching hot story. To say I am enjoying preggo sex would be an understatement…I seriously cannot get enough of it. Do you and your wife have children? If so how was pregnancy sex for you two? Would love to hear some more on this topic if anyone is willing to share!

    • Giants05 says:

      @Alwayswet101. Yes we have an 8 yr old daughter and preggo sex was super hot for us. Is this your first child ?
      Preggo sex was awesome in very beginning then at the very end she was super horney like you wouldn't believe. The key is being comfy (for the mom to be). They suggest it as you get closer to your due date since a guys cum can be a natural inducer.
      You should write a story about this or I might try.

    • JacknGinger says:

      Thanks @ alwayswet101 glad you enjoyed our story!!! We had a couple pregnancies back in the day when Ginger was very horny! Enjoy it!!

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Yes this is my first pregnancy! I have always been more than satisfied with sex with my husband but being knocked up has brought it to a whole new level. So glad to hear your wives experienced this as well. Would you mind sharing some more? I would be lying if I said the comments alone are not enough to bring my hand to my panties! I simply can’t help myself. Your comments and this story definitely keep me coming back for more!

    • Giants05 says:

      How far along are you? Congrats again. Best sex ever was third trimester and now that she reached 40 (holy shit lol).
      You should greet hubby soon with nothing but a sexy pair of panties—okay, and a smile.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      @Giants05…this may sound crazy but if I get any hornier I don’t think I will know what to do with myself! I am only 16 weeks. I am so happy to hear that the best sex can happen during the 3rd trimester…I have heard this from many! Do you feel like you are having the best sex yet now that she turned 40??

    • Giants05 says:

      @alwayswet101 you can always get creative since you are so horny…can always go the vibrating panty route 😀.
      And yes, since the wife has turned 40, the hormones have def kicked up a few notches and so have we.
      The last year we have gone from like twice a month to at least 3 nights a week and sometimes a few times a night. Sure adding a lot more spice.
      You should write a story.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      @Giants05…would you believe I actually just went to the store and got a pair the other day!? So funny that you say that. I have yet to try them out I’m a little nervous with how horny I have been to try them in public…any thoughts or suggestions? Have you tried these with your wife? I’m so glad to hear that you guys are cumming even more at the age of 40…hot!!!

  5. Giants05 says:

    Both me and my wife find this story amazing. I find the thong tease extremely hot. My wife has been doing that here and there the last few months and when I see her bend over with a sexy thong on, it gets me super horny.
    My wife's favorite part of this story was sex in the friends' house. This got her super horny reading that part. Keep more stories like these coming.

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