Ode to My Cocksucker

Note to reader: the following is written to my lovely bride (O-Surfer), and although “Ode” is in the title it is most definitely not poetry. I just don’t have that in me. I love the way some of you can artistically craft your words into a beautiful poem reflecting what you feel, so please keep doing it. But I was not gifted with that form of writing. This is just me writing what I feel in my heart (well okay, some other body part also). 

Also, the term “cocksucker” may be uncomfortable for some, and a few people might be shocked that I would use it speaking of my wife; others are completely comfortable with it. It’s okay to feel either way. There are many stories here that use terms and names for spouses, actions, and body parts that I would not use, but I still enjoy the stories. We each have our own tastes, and sometimes words have a particular history with some of us that makes it hard to use. When we read the story Favorite Fun, I asked my wife what she thought of term cocksucker and if she minded us using it. She said that in the context of our relationship, she was fine with it. This is another way that MH is very helpful: reading the stories together provides opportunities to discuss things like this. It is as important to discuss terminology and expressions with your spouse as it is to discuss likes and dislikes in actions. 

For over 30 years, I have been intoxicated with your beauty, your sexiness, your sensuality. For over thirty years and counting, we’ve had a tremendous amount of amazing sex. But while each of our sexual activities are wonderful beyond words, when your mouth engulfs my hard shaft, it is uniquely special. I’m not saying that it is better than all the other activities, just that it is uniquely special. From the first time your luscious lips ever touched my cock to this morning with you on your back on the bed with your head hanging over the side and my rod down your throat, each one is treasured. 

I know sometimes you didn’t feel confident in your ability, but let me assure you that I loved every blowjob you blessed me with.  There were seasons when you loved doing it. There were others when you did it mostly because you knew I loved it. Sometimes you were a little reserved, but when we were away on sexcations, you usually loosened up and sucked me every chance you got. 

I love the video recordings we’ve made of you sucking me.  A very early one where you passionately sucked my hard cock and swallowed most of the cum you drew out of me still excites me. The most recent one from last Christmas season with you naked on your knees, blindfolded, handcuffed and wearing your Santa hat with “Naughty” across the front thrills me when I watch it nearly as much as when it happened. Every one in between is also a joy to watch. 

So why is it so uniquely special? It’s hard to explain (yes, pun intended). It is not just the tremendous sensation of your warm wet mouth sliding up and down the length of my welcoming cock. It’s not just the crazy tricks your tongue does while I’m in your mouth. It is not just the way you bury my dick all the way in your mouth. It is also all the paradoxical mental sensuality that is happening when your mouth is full of my cock:

You are submissive and powerful. 

You are a loving wife and a dirty girl. 

You are sweet and slutty.

You are at my mercy and in complete control.

You are beautiful and naughty.

And all of this is simultaneous!

This is still not a complete explanation of what makes the experience special.  I doubt there are enough words to accomplish that. 

You amaze me with how you have grown from being a little timid about it to being confident in how you pleasure me. And within the last couple years, how you’ve gone from being a loving wife that gave wonderful blowjobs to a full blown (again, intended) cocksucker who doesn’t want to go through the day without having my hard shaft down your throat first. From usually waiting to be asked for a blowjob to telling me to get in your car and taking me behind a grocery store at night and sucking me so hard that I’m beating on the roof of the car and yelling as my cum gets sucked down your throat. 

I have always tried to be sure that I’m not making you do something you don’t want to do. You have always told me you were fine with it. And still I ask sometimes, and you show me how wet your pussy gets while sucking me. Sometimes, I hold back because I think I might be getting to forceful, and you grab my ass and ram me down your throat. You’ve enjoyed being tied up while I take your mouth. You’ve enjoyed tying me up and devouring my shaft. You’ve enjoyed me grabbing your head and fucking your mouth till I cum. You have hung your head off the bed numerous times inviting me into your beautiful mouth. You’ve knelt before me in front of a second floor open hotel balcony door to suck my cock. You’ve sucked me on the dinning room table, in the laundry room, in a dressing room at a clothing store, in a car wash, in a hot tub—oh there are too many to list. Best of all is that you are MY beautiful, naughty, sweet, slutty, loving, dirty, submissive, powerful cocksucker, and I love you more than I can ever express!

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9 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    This is an excellent explanation of how I feel about my wife’s giving me oral. I would definitely agree with…

    “ This is still not a complete explanation of what makes the experience special. I doubt there are enough words to accomplish that.”

    We do it less often and with less variety than you & your wife (we do it about once a month)… but it is always a glorious experience! I think you described the sensations – the visual erotic sight – the emotional thrill… the best I’ve ever read.

    Mind you that I’m reading this during the wee morning hours after we got home from a short vacation trip which included getting oral from my wife in front of the hotel mirror yesterday morning after my shower!

    My wife (like O-surfer) has also gotten very skillful at this! I even tried to explain to Melodie how awesome the experience was for me this morning, but I feel like I failed to convey my feelings adequately. I think I’ll read your story to her in the morning. (She’s asleep now.) So, StillLikeNewlyweds, thanks for sharing!

    I want to add that your respect for your wife and checking that she’s OK with things is commendable as well as important.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Thank you for your kind words, and I’m glad that my words are a help to you and your wife. As I wrote it and thought back over the years and how there were time she was way less frequent than right now, I thought about what you have said often. That we need to be content and happy with what’s on the menu at the time and enjoy each other. In those times that she was less frequent, I think I mostly lived that out, and we have always had a great sex life that just keeps getting better and better. No quick fling that the world offers can ever hope to match that.
      Oh, and in front of the mirror in the hotel room—awesome! We’ve done that, too.
      Take care my friend and God bless

  2. Happy Husband says:

    Love it. This could have been written about my sweet wife. She pretty much can't start a day without first taking my hard shaft in her mouth for a reassuring suck.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Well that explains your username 😆. Thanks for reading and keep “reassuring” your wife.

  3. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Wonderful! I am also married to a "cock sucker" and there's nothing uncomfortable about it. She enjoys "sucking cock" and she often tells me she wants to "suck" my "cock." Put it all together and she's a "cock sucker". I've called her that, and she giggles and likes it.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      It is incredible, right. There is something so wonderful knowing that they are enjoying it as much as we do. Thanks for reading

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