The Audience (L/A)

My name is Jack, and my wife is Ginger, and we have been married for 20+ years.  We live in a small conservative farming community in the Midwest and have several children.  We have experienced a sexual awakening over the past several years now that the kids are getting older and we have more time for ourselves.  This is a story of one of our vacations. We hope you enjoy it!

A couple of years ago, Ginger and I traveled to Cancun to stay at an all-inclusive beachfront resort for a few days.  It was a beautiful resort with many fabulous restaurants, a great beach, many pools, and large rooms.  Living in a small rural community, we don’t get a chance very often to go out on sexy dates; however, when we are on vacation, things are different.  Over the years, we have built a wardrobe for Ginger of sexy vacation attire that we equally look forward to her wearing while away from home.  This particular trip was no different, and Ginger secretly packed her vacay outfits in her bag, as she enjoys surprising me with the outfits she chooses to bring on each trip.  We got to the airport early that morning, boarded the plane, and went to sunny Cancun excited and filled with anticipation of spending time with each other away from our conservative small town.

Ginger wore a skirt and a cute top covered by her sweater.  As soon as we reached cruising altitude, she decided to take off her covering, leaving only her tight-fitting shirt accentuating her perky breasts.  A few minutes later, she excused herself to go to the restroom.  Meanwhile, I ordered a couple of drinks and sipped on mine until she returned, wearing a devilish smile.  She sat down, discreetly pushed something in my pocket, and then leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“So much for any underwear on this trip, I just took off the only pair I have with me, put them in your pocket, and they are already wet from me rubbing myself.  Feel free to go to the bathroom and enjoy my fragrance if you want, babe.”  

I felt my cock harden and soon excused myself, going to the restroom and removing from my pocket her black lace thong wet and creamy from her playtime.  I put them up to my nose and enjoyed her aroma.  I unzipped my pants and removed my hard cock already dripping with precum and stroked her wet creamy thong on my shaft as I edged myself.  Soon I decided I had been in the restroom long enough and returned to my seat.  

Returning to my place, Ginger was smiling and asked, “Did you have fun in there”?   I assured her I did and that I liked her sitting next to me in a short skirt, not wearing anything underneath.  We flirted the rest of the flight, and around 1:00 in the afternoon, we finally made it to our hotel and got checked in.

We entered our room, and I pulled her close to me, embracing her as we passionately started kissing.  We love to kiss and explore each other’s lips and mouths with our tongues, and this was one of those moments, filled with pent-up sexual tension.  I grabbed her by the waist turned her around, so her ass was against my raging hard-on, and I began to fondle her breasts, kissing her neck, running my hands down her stomach to her mound covered only by her skirt.   My cock was pressing into her ass as our hips moved together in rhythm.   

She giggles and says, “Oh baby, this feels so good, I’m so wet, and I can feel it dripping down my thigh.”  I respond by saying, “we can’t have that now, can we?”  So, I put her hands on the dresser, pulling her ass back and spreading her legs.  I reach down and slowly inched her dress up higher and higher, revealing her bare ass, her cute rosebud tucked between her cheeks and hairless pussy lips glistening with moisture.  

“Fuck, you look good, baby; I’m going to lick you clean, okay?”  

“Oh yes, lick my ass and pussy clean baby I need to be cleaned up before we go to the beach!”  

I knelt behind her, starting at the top of her ass crack, slowly making my way down between her cheeks.  Her crack glistened from my tongue as I left a wet trail.  I took my hands and spread her cheeks open to reveal her tight little rosebud being stretched and slowly lick circles around it as I hear a moan escape from Ginger as she pushed her ass into my face.  

Only recently have my wife and I entertained and become comfortable with the idea of anal play, and it has opened a new world for us, and I’ll save that journey for possibly another story.  As I rim her ass, I think to myself, “If only people back home knew what this shy conservative girl, they sit next to in church every Sunday was doing right now,” My cock flexes harder at the thought.  I tell her to bend over further, and she obliges giving me a better angle as I began to clean the wetness off her thighs as I could see there was a trickle of her cream that had run halfway down her inner thigh.  

My tongue slowly laps up her juices, savoring it as I clean her inner thighs, slowly making my way up to her engorged pussy.  “Oh, shit, baby, that feels so damn good. I need you to hurry up and lick my pussy NOW!”  

My tongue quickly made its way to her waiting cunt and gently licked the juices off her wanting lips.  I have always loved the intoxicating smell of her sex and the feeling of her juices.   My head and tongue were now buried in her sex as her hips danced and pushed into my face.   When I thought she was getting close, I backed away, licked up her crack, circling her rosebud one more time, and then stood up.  

“Oh, baby, don’t stop. I’m so close!”  “Sorry, honey, I want to leave you horny for the rest of the day, no cumming yet.”  She turned around with a pouting smile and then proceeded to kiss me and clean her wetness off my lips and mouth with her tongue.   I suggested we get changed and go to the beach while the sun was still high, and Ginger agreed.  We changed into our suits, and Ginger put on a sexy high-waisted one-piece suit that only covered half her ass and had thin straps going up the sides revealed some of her cleavage.  She looked gorgeous, and it was going to be hard to hide my erection in my board shorts, but somehow, I managed.   We walked to the beach and enjoyed a couple more drinks and a couple of hours of sun.  But about 4:00, we decided we didn’t want to get a sunburn the first day, so we went back up to our room to relax and get ready to explore the resort some more and eat dinner.

As we entered the room, I walked out on the patio.  It had a partial view of the ocean as I looked to my right; however, straight ahead of us was a construction crew working on a new hotel.  They were far enough away where I didn’t think much of it, and they weren’t too loud.  So, I sat down on a chair, just wearing my shorts to check my emails.  The patio had a short concrete edge with a metal railing on top that allowed for a great unobstructed view, and it also had sides to protect our neighbors from seeing each other.  Ginger had gone to the bathroom, and soon she walked out on the patio to join me.  I looked up from checking my email to discover she had taken her swimsuit off and was covered only by a sheer see-through white top that just barely covered her bald pussy.  My cock sprang to full alert as my gorgeous wife sat down across from me, slumping down in her chair, not saying a word, and put one leg up on the railing the other on the floor, spreading her legs for me showing off her beautiful bald pussy. 

 “I thought I’d give you a little show, babe!”  She pulled her top up a little and then slid a finger down and began gently circling her clit.  Round and round, her middle finger went on her growing clit, dipping down into her nectar for more lube and then back up circling and rubbing.  After a few minutes, she got up and walked into the room and returned with her favorite vibrator, black with a sizeable G-spot nub on the end and rabbit ears for her clit.  She sat back down in the same position, closed her eyes, and began teasing her clit with the vibrations from the end of the shaft.  Her head rolled back against the chair as she lowered the vibrator down between her lips and slowly pushed it into her sex hole deeper and deeper until it was fully inserted, and the rabbit ears were vibrating on her swollen clit.   She moved it slowly in and out and up and down at first, just enjoying the vibrations.  Her other hand began messaging her breast through her sheer fabric, pinching her nipples from time to time.  We love to watch each other masturbate and cum, and it has become such a turn on for us to watch each other enjoy self-pleasure and make this part of our playtime.  Soon I couldn’t take it anymore, so I stood up and slipped down my shorts revealing my hardened cock and shaved ball sack.  It felt so daring to be on our patio naked, the breeze against your bare skin.  I sat down and began stroking my cock to the same rhythm of my wife as I watched her.

The precum was oozing out of my tip and making my dick slick as I rubbed it over myself.  I could tell Ginger was getting closer to coming as she was biting her lips, and her pace was quickening.  She quickly pushed and pulled quickly out of her dripping hole, and soon her hips bucked, and she tensed as her orgasm erupted inside of her spilling out sweet juices onto the floor of the patio.   As soon as the orgasm stopped, she looked at me stroking my cock, and got up, took off her top and knelt in front of me.  

“Here, babe, let me help you,” she offered.  She took my cock and engulfed my shaft deep into her mouth, tightening her lips around it as she began bobbing up and down, sucking my cum closer and closer to the surface.  Soon I couldn’t take it anymore, and I said, “ugh, I’m cumming babe.”  She took her mouth off and jacked my hard cock fast with her hand.   I could feel it building to the point of no return, fighting to hold it back as it felt so good, I badly needed a release as her hand fiercely went up and down, then I erupted, and my cock ejected ropes of cum all over her tits and stomach as she knelt in front of me.   She rubbed my cum on her skin, then took a bit on her finger, put it to my mouth, and let me lick it off her, followed by a deep kiss.  

After a moment, I opened my eyes and looked out over the patio to find that we had an audience of construction workers 200 yards across from us lined up against a railing watching us.   “Honey looks like we have an audience,” I said to ginger.  She turned to look and then laughed, “well, they didn’t enjoy it as much as we did, but we did give them quite a show, I bet!”  We both waived and then quickly went into the room to clean up as we heard a round of applause erupted behind us.

It was a great first day of vacation!

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