Take a Hike

Our anniversary fell on a sunny Tuesday morning. The kids were in school, and Hubby had taken the day off work. We planned a hike to celebrate our 19 years of marriage. Thankfully, no one happened to be around the secluded area we chose that particular day.

At the end of one of the trails, you could climb up to a hilltop peak to get a great view of the nearby lake. We were almost to the top when my husband pointed out a perfect spot to bend me over for a quick bone. Wanting to see how far he’d go, I ever so willingly pulled down my bottoms, exposing my bare bottom. Then I bent over, grabbing and spreading my ass cheeks to give him a full view of what he was about to have. My pussy lips glistened like the sun over the lake. I touched myself, lubricating my pussy hole with my fluids, ready to take in his pulsating cock. My anal hole winked at him as I tightened my vaginal muscles over and over.

My husband had been jerking off while watching me. Not able to hold back any longer, he grabbed me and banged me until my squirt juices forced his cock to slide out of my pussy, dripping all over the ground. 

He inserted his slippery cock into me again, and when he was about ready to finish, he held me by my waist with one hand and by my shoulder with the other. He gave one last thrust, then released me.

I had pulled out my breasts, and I quickly spun around for him to explode his load on them. Some overshot and landed on a rock behind me, but most of his nut splattered all over my hilltops. 

He took off one of his shirts for me to wipe off. Then, as I gave it back for him to clean up, I snapped a quick photo—not that I needed it. I will forever remember this beautiful day. Mesmerized at what just had happened, it took him a minute to want to start walking again, but I motivated him by flashing my boobs. 

Later, as we made our way back to our car, I purposely lagged behind. Hiding by a small tree, I pulled my tits out over my v-neck shirt and let my bra push my breasts up. Then, as he turned around to look for me, I ran towards him. My husband’s face as he watched my chi-chi’s bouncing all around told me I drove him wild.

We both had huge smiles on our faces the entire day. Feeling so wonderfully made and blessed to be able to enjoy this amount of happiness, love, and pleasure with my husband is orgasmic on another level.

The outdoors is great. Get your vitamin D!

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  1. YoungCouple69 says:

    Happy 19 years of marriage–that is awesome! I loved this short story! My wife and I have sex outside whenever we get the chance. One of my favorite views is gazing at my wife Julie's glistening pussy lips as she spreads her ass cheeks (I wrote about waking up one morning with that view right in front of my face in my last story "Meeting Julie's Needs"). Judging from the squirting and cum hitting the rocks behind you, you guys must have had a good time!

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