Anniversary Sex
You and your husband have been married for 10 years. Each year your Anniversary Sex has been great. This year you are going to blow him away. He departs for the office like he always does. Some of the kids are off to school. The other one goes to grandma. You go back home and take a bath and prepare your mind for some anniversary sex with your husband.

After your bath, you put on that new short white skirt with a sexy top. You wonder whether you should wear any panties. You decided that you will leave the panties in the drawer.

You drive to his offices. The day is beautiful. You park in a hidden place and open your legs and begin caressing your pussy. You love the feeling of your short skirt and the thought that your husband is going to get an instant hard-on when you when you go into his private office. You cannot believe how fast you brought a climax about as your heated up your imagination for your anniversary sex encounter.

His paralegal sees you as you come in. She seems to know that her boss will like getting visited by his wife. She winks at you. You wink back.

He sees you and smiles. What happens next are illustrated in stories in this category.

Enjoying a glass of wine at the outdoor fire table ~ MarriageHeat.

Anniversary Passion

It was a Sunday, the night before our 24th anniversary.  We had plans for the next night, but this particular…

“…What She’s Having.”

(Inspired by “When Harry Met Sally” and “The Ugly Truth”) For our 30th anniversary, my husband…

Take a Hike

Our anniversary fell on a sunny Tuesday morning. The kids were in school, and Hubby had taken the day…

🔊 Weekend Anniversary Get Away

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist One day, my wife approached me with an idea. While looking for things to…

Balcony Bliss

  I lay in bed listening to the surf pounding on the beach reflecting on, what had been, a remarkable…

Sex Makes Life Better (L)

She had her tight jeans on that showed off her fantastic legs, which I LOVE. As we entered, she pulled them down a bit to show the fancy string panties that framed her fabulous ass.

Double Penetration (L/A)

The week of my 60th birthday, she gave me the greatest gift. She gave me her anal cherry!

Country Road Take Us Home

It was our 15th wedding anniversary and my wife had scored us a great deal for beer tasting at a brewery…
sleeping woman hand on stomach; MarriageHeat

Watching Her Sleep

My beautiful wife and I traveled for our annual anniversary weekend to a mountain cabin in North Carolina.…
MarriageHeat in the Stateroom

🔊 In the Stateroom ~ Jason and Dina

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist Dina desperately needed this anniversary cruise! After the challenges of…

An Anniversary to Remember

My wife and I are in our late sixties and just celebrated our eighth anniversary. On the morning…

🔊 Full Sail in my Backyard (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L) This story mentions anal play (A) Read more about our annotations…