Her Fantasy (L/A) ~ Ignite Story

This story contains strong language (L).
This story involves anal play (A).

Although she’s always been hesitant to do so, Bill continually encouraged his lady to share her fantasies with him. Finally, lying in bed one night, he asked her again, and she shyly said, “Well…” then hesitated.

“Well, what?” he said.

As she gently caressed his cock, she continued.

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to aim a man’s penis when he peed.”

“Really?” he smiled.

“I know, it’s silly,” she responded as she stopped caressing his cock and avoided his gaze. She seemed embarrassed at having admitted this to him!

“No!” Bill exclaimed, leaning over to kiss her forehead. “I’m proud of you for telling me.”


“Really,” he assured her. He kissed her lips tenderly, so glad that she trusted him to share her private thoughts.

He felt her hand again on his cock as it began to harden.

“Ooo,” she cooed approvingly. “Does that turn you on?”

“It turns me on when you share your fantasy with me,” he admitted, grabbing her hand as he climbed out of bed. “Come on,”

She giggled, following him into the bathroom. As he stood in front of the toilet, she lifted the seat for him.

“Good girl.” He smiled, placing his arm around her shoulder lovingly.

She grasped his hardened shaft with her right hand.

“A man can’t pee with an erection,” he explained. “You better not touch it, or it will never go down.”

“Oh, okay.” She giggled and released his penis.

He stood there concentrating, trying to make his swelling go down as she watched. When his penis was flaccid, he told her, “Okay.”

She smiled and grasped his penis with her fingers.

“You have to hold it very softly,” he directed.

“Alright,” she responded, loosening her fingers’ pressure as she aimed his penis toward the toilet bowl.

Finally, his stream began and splashed into the water as his lady gently aimed his appendage with her fingers, moving it slightly back and forth.

“You’re pretty good at this!” he complimented as she controlled his stream’s direction.

“Well, thank you, sir.” She grinned. “Not bad for a person with no penis, huh?” she said with a laugh.

“Not bad at all.” He smiled at her.

When his stream ended, he continued his instruction.

“Now shake it just a little to get the last drop off.”

She did.

“Perfect job.”

“Well, I aim to please.” She looked up at him and giggled.

He kissed her gently on the lips as she let go of his dick.

“Thank you,” she said, beaming at him.

“Thank YOU! Not many men get to have a beautiful lady to help them pee.”

She smiled lovingly, and he couldn’t help but take her in his arms and kiss her tenderly. They then climbed into the shower and adoringly washed each other before going back to bed and making love.

Lying in bed naked together on Saturday morning, Bill said, “I have a very unusual fantasy too.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“Well, it might gross you out.”

“Try me,” she persisted.

He asked, “Are you sure?”

She smiled. “I’m sure.”

“Well, okay. I’ve thought about my lady squatting over me in the bathtub and pissing on my cock. I’d watch her piss leave her crotch and feel her warm urine splash against my body—like a lioness marking her territory.”

“Wow, a golden shower!”

“How did you know that’s what it’s called?” he laughed.

“Well, I’ve read a lot.”

“Read what?” he grinned.

“I read articles in my ex-husband’s Playboy and Penthouse magazines.”

“Oh, you naughty girl!”

She grinned and leaned over, kissing him. Then she giggled and said, “I guess we might both be a little perverted. We can do that sometimes.”


“Sure. Why not?” Bill’s wife smiled.


“Did you ever do it with your ex-wife?” she asked.

“No. I mentioned it once, but she laughed at me, making me feel perverted.”

“Aw,” she frowned, squirming slightly under his touch as his finger teased her moist vaginal lips and clit.

Bill leaned over and kissed her lovingly.

“I’m glad that my man’s a little kinky,” she giggled, caressing his cock. “I’ve always liked it when you marked YOUR territory by shooting your cum all over my tits and face. Now I’m going to get to mark MY territory.” She got out of bed, saying, “Let’s go.”

She took her man’s hand and led him into their bathroom. In the walk-in shower, she turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. Bill followed her into the shower, and they both got wet. Then she turned off the water, knelt before her man, took his cock into her mouth, and lovingly began performing fellatio.

When Bill’s cock stood at full attention, she let it slip from her lips and grinned. “Sit down,” she instructed him. “Your lioness is ready to mark her territory.”

Bill smiled as he sat down in the shower stall with his big cock jutting upward. She placed her feet on both sides of his thighs as Bill took her hands in his. Straddling him and holding his hands to keep her balance, she carefully squatted down. He gazed at her beautiful trimmed pussy only inches from his jutting cock. She was about to fulfill his fantasy!

She smiled, “Are you ready, baby?”

“I’m ready,” he assured her.

It took her a moment to relax enough to release. Finally, Bill watched her golden stream leave her pussy, experiencing the unique sensation of her warm liquid splashing against his cock and stomach.

“It feels so warm,” he smiled, savoring the warmth of her urine as it soaked his belly, cock, and balls.

When her long stream ended, she slowly stood up and looked at her lover’s urine-soaked body. Still holding hands, she stepped back, helping him stand up. He rose, feeling her piss running down his legs. She had done this JUST for him!

“Is that what you wanted?” she smiled lovingly.

“Oh yes!” he smiled, kissing her tenderly, grateful to her for fulfilling his fantasy.

“That makes your cock mine now, right?” she grinned.

“Definitely!” he assured her.

Thinking it was over, Bill reached for the faucet to turn on the shower.

“Good. Now, are you going to piss on me?” his wife said with a smile.

“What?” he asked with a surprised look on his face.

“Doesn’t my lion want to mark HIS territory?” she grinned.

“If you want me to.”

“I want you to,” she assured him, looking down at his now semi-hard penis.

As she stood in front of him, they both looked at his penis and waited for it to become limp enough to pee.

When it did, he asked her, “Are you ready?”

“I’m ready,” she smiled.

Using his fingers, Bill aimed his penis toward her pubic hair. After a brief moment, they watched his stream flow from the tip of his cock and splash against her lower stomach and pussy.

She grinned, feeling Bill’s warm urine splash against her body, soaking her pussy and running down her legs.

“Oooooh, that does feel warm,” she cooed, enjoying this very intimate experience.

When he stopped peeing on her, she looked up at him and smiled, “I guess that makes me yours, huh?”

“It does!” he smiled.

Now glistening with each other’s urine, they embraced, kissing each other passionately.

It was a kinky, intimate moment they shared—a symbolic gesture of giving themselves to each other. Bill had always wanted to experience a golden shower with his lover, and his wife wanted to satisfy his fantasy and have them experience it together.

“Thank you,” he said, looking into her eyes.

“You’re welcome,” she answered, smiling lovingly.

Standing face to face in the shower, still covered in each other’s urine, they embraced and kissed tenderly. Bill then stepped past her and turned on the water, adjusting the temperature. When the temperature was right, they stepped under the spray and washed their golden liquid down the drain. They showered together, lathering up each other’s body. Of course, he focused on soaping her big tits while paying particular attention to his cock and balls.

Bill also soaped up her ass cheeks. She felt his fingers soaping her rectum. Then his wet fingertip gently pressed on her puckered asshole.

She had submitted to her ex-husband one time as he fucked her up the ass. He had used no lubricant, and it was a painful experience for her!  But Bill gently teased her rectum with his soapy finger. She clung to his naked body, kissing his upper chest, trusting him completely. As he gently inserted the tip of his ring finger into her asshole, she relaxed, gazing up at him in total surrender. He gently eased his slippery finger into her up to his second knuckle. They kissed tenderly with his finger up her ass. Not a word passed between them. Then as they looked into each other’s eyes, he slowly withdrew his finger from her tight rectum.

Bill then finished washing her lovely body. After they rinsed off, they both got out and dried themselves with the fluffy towels. She then took his hand and led him back to her bedroom, where they climbed into bed. Instead of cuddling first like they usually did, she immediately crawled down between Bill’s legs and began sucking his cock.

Looking up at him, she declared, “Now I need a good FUCK! We’re going to get MY cock nice and hard, and then you’re going to fuck the hell out of me!”

Bill LOVED it when she talked dirty to him, and she knew it!

As she resumed sucking, he asked, “Do you want to be fucked gently, or do you want it hard?”

Letting his stiffness slip from her lips, she answered decisively, “BOTH!”

He felt his cock swell with desire in her mouth and commanded, “Get on your back and spread your legs!”

“Yes, SIR!” she said with a grin, quickly obeying.

Bill positioned himself between her legs with his cock jutting upward. “What do you want me to DO to you?” he teased.

Knowing Bill liked dirty talk, she grinned salaciously and answered, “I want you to EAT. MY. CUNT! And then I want you to FUCK. MY. PUSSY!”

Grinning, he looked down at the delectable hairy patch between her legs. “You look good enough to eat, baby!”

“Good!” she growled. “Stick your tongue in my CUNT!”

He hungrily buried his face in her muff and began licking.

“Oh yeah, baby!” she exclaimed.

He lapped at her twat, making her moan and squirm with pleasure. She tasted SO good! His manhood was rigid, and he HAD to stick it in her! He got up on top of her and RAMMED it in!

“Oh, GOD!” she groaned as he began pounding into her.

“Is this the way you want it? You like it, HARD?!” he growled.

“DAMN IT! YES! FUCK me!” she gasped. Her big tits rolled all over her chest as he pummeled her cunt with his prick. The bed rocked each time his body slammed into hers.

Bill wanted to taste her pussy again, but he also wanted to feel himself in her mouth. He pulled out and quickly turned around on her so that his cock hung just above her face and his face lay only inches from her hairy pussy.

She knew what he wanted and grabbed his ass, pulling him toward her face. Then, gripping his shaft in her hand, she pulled his hard cock into her mouth as he buried his face in her twat.

Feeling the delicious sensation of her tongue and lips on his cock, he gently fucked her mouth as he licked her pussy and clit. They were both reaching sensory overload in the sixty-nine position.

With her mouth full of her lover’s hard cock, she felt his tongue licking her erect clit and pushing her quickly toward orgasm! Letting his dick slip from her mouth, she grabbed his head and pulled his face tight against her pussy!

“Yes!” she gasped, “Right there, baby! Lick me hard!”

Sensing she was at the brink, Bill lapped her sensitive clit, and over the edge she went!

“Oh, GOD! FUCK!” she screamed as her climax exploded throughout her body.

Bill savored his lady’s exquisite pleasure with his face buried in her womanhood.

As her climax ended, she whimpered, “Oh my god. Oh my god, baby.”

Bill lovingly kissed her satisfied pussy before climbing off her body.

“Get up on your hands and knees! I’m going to fuck you like a dog!”

Willing to do anything for him, she eagerly assumed the position, presenting herself to her man and waiting for him to mount her. As he knelt behind her, he admired her ass and flared hips. His cock jutted upward; he pushed it down, aimed the swollen mushroom head toward the opening of her juicy pussy, and shoved it in! Grabbing her hips, he started pounding into her.

She laid her head down on the bed with her ass high in the air. Pushing back each time he rammed into her, she took him as deep as she could!

Eventually, Bill pulled out and rolled her onto her back. She admired his jutting cock that glistened with her juices. As he lowered himself, she grabbed his wet shaft, pulling it to her entrance.

With the tip of his dick now pressed against her slippery pussy lips, he RAMMED himself home. He began grinding into her, mashing her body with his, their pubic hair meshing together as his hips took on a circular motion. He fucked her with his whole body, using her pussy for his carnal pleasure. Still grinding his cock into her, he leaned down, grabbed her right tit, stuffed as much of it as he could into his mouth, and hungrily sucked her nipple.

“God! Your big cock feels so fucking good!” she moaned, loving the prick’s feeling burrowing into her as he sucked on her tit.

Letting her swollen nipple slip from his lips, he groaned, “I wish I could stuff my balls up inside you!”

“Oh, so do I, baby!” she gasped, thrilled at taking his balls inside her.

Pounding into her, he kissed her deeply, sucking on her tongue. The intensity of their sex caused him to lose control and pushed him over the edge before he was ready!

“Oh, SHIT!” he grunted into her mouth, exploding prematurely deep inside her.

She felt his cock pulsating inside her cunt, filling her with his semen as he groaned with waves of intense pleasure rippling throughout his body.

“Give it to me. Give me all your fucking cum!” His wife demanded, wrapping her arms and legs tightly around him. She clung desperately to her man as he ejaculated inside her, her pussy milking every precious drop of sperm from his throbbing dick. Breathing heavily, she felt Bill’s body go limp on top of her. Her arms and legs continued to keep him wrapped securely to her body, not wanting to let him go.

She had drained his balls and tamed his cock and now utterly spent his limp body lay on hers. His flaccid penis, now completely satiated, lay inside her warm cum-filled vagina. With his sexual desire and lust now totally satisfied, he still craved to stay inside his woman. Their bodies remained joined as one, locked in their loving sexual embrace.

“Wow! That was INTENSE!” she whispered.

Bill kissed her tenderly and sucked her tongue, hungrily swallowing her saliva. He finally rolled off her and snuggled up against her from behind. His naked body molded to hers as he embraced her in his arms, and lovingly kissed her neck. They cuddled and fell asleep.


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  1. YoungCouple69 says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! We are into watching each other pee sometimes in an erotic way—but have never tried an actual golden shower. Your description was so hot—makes me want to try it. And the fuck afterwords!!! “Her pussy milking every precious drop of sperm from his throbbing dick.” That has me throbbing! Julie is working late tonight so I am totally going to re-read this story later when I can give my cock some attention. Maybe I’ll let you know how it goes—and maybe we’ll be trying golden showers soon! Thanks for a really hot story.

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