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Her Fantasy (L/A) ~ Ignite Story

This story contains strong language (L). This story involves anal play (A). Although she’s always been hesitant to do so, Bill continually encouraged his lady to share her fantasies with him. Finally, lying in bed one night, he asked her again, and she shyly said, “Well…” then hesitated. “Well, what?” he said. As she gently […]

Questions about “Phone Sex”

I’m sure most of us on this site are quite knowledgeable about “phone sex.” But what about “secretive” phone sex? In the past, my partner and I have unintentionally “participated” in “phone sex” when one of us answered the phone while we were engaging in sex. The person we were talking to on the phone […]

The Man’s Semen

I’d like to hear the thoughts of Christian men and women on the subject of the man’s semen. How the woman feels about having her man shoot his cum on her body or in her mouth interests me. While some men and women think it can be “degrading” or disrespectful, others think it’s very erotic […]

Mutual Masturbation

When I first asked her to play with herself, it was mostly for “educational” purposes. We were lying in bed together naked. I wanted to see what made her feel good so that I could better pleasure her. What better way for me to learn than to watch closely as she fingered herself? Since she […]

The Doctor and His Patient (L)

I entered the room, my clipboard in hand, and wearing my doctor scrubs. My pretty lady patient was lying on her back nude on the bed that we used as the “examination table.” Glancing at my clipboard to see why she was in today, I saw that she had requested a full body physical. “I […]