• Listen during the drive home or your workouts.
  • Enjoy together while your hands are busy elsewhere.
  • Regular-length stories and Premium stories, too!
  • Longer in length than most free stories.
  • Weekly on Fridays (& maybe more often).
  • Prime your libido and spark ideas for your weekend.
  • Downloadable.
  • At least one per month.
  • Built around different themes, categories, or authors.

Ignite Your Marriage Heat!

Things just get in the way.  No doubt about it, maintaining a hot marriage takes a lot of effort.  Kids, work, and life all demand our time and attention. At MarriageHeat, we get it.  All of our volunteer editors and moderators are married and wish they had more time to devote to enhancing their marriages. And I bet you feel the same way.  This is a challenge, but we think we have come up with a few new ways to help Ignite your marriage.

Let’s face it, it takes time to read and navigate a site like MarriageHeat.  If you haven’t noticed, we have created more ways in which to find the types of stories you and your spouse enjoy most, but we think we can do more. Get ready for…

MarriageHeat Ignite.  That is what we are calling our new membership program. Ignite will give you more options, greater freedom, and access to exclusive content.  So, what is MarriageHeat Ignite?

MarriageHeat Ignite is a new membership program. Ignite members, will get:

  • Story recordings
  • Longer, more involved stories
  • Story compilations
  • To help promote Biblical Hot Monogamy

So if you’re ready, you can Join Now 

Or you may be thinking that sounds good, but you need a bit more detail.  Here is what we have so far…

Story Recordings

The drive home. That’s what we were thinking when we came up with this one.  What better way to get your mind right and centered on your spouse than listening to the latest MarriageHeat story after a hard day’s work?  Or, would you like to listen to stories as you drift off to sleep or as you take your nightly stroll? We’ve got you covered.

We also know that many couples like to read the stories to each other. With these recordings, both of you will have your hands and eyes free for other things!

Now of course, we don’t have the entire archive recorded. But many recent stories have been and we plan to record every story going forward. We may not make recordings of posts that are asking for advice, but you never know. It all depends on what our Ignite members want.

The story recordings average about seven to ten minutes long, but that is for a typical story, not Premium Stories.  What are Premium Stories? Glad you asked.

Premium Stories

If you like the stories you’re getting now, then you will really enjoy these.  These stories will be longer in length than the normal posts. So no more Part One then waiting a week for Part Two; you get it all at once.  Every week, and maybe more often depending on story submissions, you can expect a new Ignite story to prime your libido and spark ideas for your weekend. Of course, if you’re excited about longer stories, then you may also be interested in our Story Compilations.  

Story Compilations

Over 3,100.  That’s the number of posts on MarriageHeat.  Navigating through that many stories can be a bit overwhelming and you may think you are missing out on some good ones.  That is why we are bringing back Story Compilations.

If you want to take a deep dive into some of our categories or read everything from a particular author, these collections will help ensure you don’t miss any of the good stuff.  

Whether you are on the go, or just want to relax at home, these downloadable compilations are for you.  

Now, there is one more thing you will be getting as a MarriageHeat Ignite member: the knowledge that you are supporting Biblical Hot Monogamy!  

Support Biblical Hot Monogamy

MarriageHeat was always meant to one day support itself. We have been relying on small donations and volunteers, but in large part, private funding (out of our own pockets).  

MH was created to show the world that couples who celebrate hot monogamy have the best sex lives and God meant it to be so.  

Just like Solomon, our authors share the intimate details of their marriages. We hope you are or will become one of them. When you submit The Songs of You for publication on MH, you are helping other couples around the world understand that God made sex and sex is GOOD!  That’s our mission, our passion! We hope it is yours, too.

So, by signing up for MarriageHeat Ignite now, you will be not only blessing your own marriage with premium stories, audio versions of all premium and many shorter stories, and monthly downloadable compilations built around a category or author. You will also be supporting MH as we seek to erase the deception that married sex is boring and stale, and that hot passion can only be experienced in sinful relationships. How much is that opportunity worth to you?

How Much?

We struggled with how much to ask you to contribute toward your membership in Ignite. On the one hand, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits of the new side of the site. On the other, it takes resources to offer these benefits. So we tried to find the dollar value others might charge for similar content.

At least one Premium Story a week. Value: $2

Audio recordings of every Ignite story, some regular stories, and some from the archives. Value: $3

Monthly author or category compilations Value: $5

Taking into consideration only the four premium stories with recordings and one compilation per month, that added up to $25 per month. Whoa! Maybe other sites ask that much per month, but that seemed to be putting membership out of reach for most. Despite the fact that we will be adding recordings of the regular stories as well and more than one premium story per week as your stories roll in, we decided it was more important that anyone find membership affordable. So how about this?

What if we set the cost of a membership at $7 per month? For about the cost of a combo meal, you can enjoy the longer erotic stories of likeminded people who want to encourage your marriage heat. And you can listen to audio versions of those stories as well as shorter stories. You can also amass a collection of downloaded compilations to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

But best of all, you can help spread the word that the joys of God-honoring sex within marriage are greater than the shortlived pleasures of sex outside of that committed relationship. Are you with us?

Great! Then click the link below to join!

If at any time you need to end your support, just drop us a line through the “Contact Us” form up in the top menu, respond to any of your receipt emails, or contact us directly at contact@marriageheat.com

By registering for Ignite, as well as by your use of this site, you agree to our Terms of Service, Refund and Cancelation Policy, and Participation Guidelines.