The Man’s Semen

I’d like to hear the thoughts of Christian men and women on the subject of the man’s semen.

How the woman feels about having her man shoot his cum on her body or in her mouth interests me. While some men and women think it can be “degrading” or disrespectful, others think it’s very erotic and sexually exciting. It can be interpreted as a form of dominance, submission, or acceptance of her lover.

During oral sex, some women won’t take the man’s cum in their mouths for different reasons. Some women will allow their man to ejaculate in their mouths but won’t swallow, while other women swallow their man’s load.

The woman’s swallowing of her man’s cum might be seen as the ultimate proof of her TOTAL acceptance of her man.

But some women can’t or prefer not to swallow the man’s semen for various reasons. This does not mean she cares less for her man than the woman who swallows. It’s just a matter of preference or personal taste – no pun intended.

The same goes for allowing the man to ejaculate on the woman’s body. Some enjoy having the man shoot his cum all over her breasts and then watch her massage his warm semen into her tit flesh.

While some might feel it’s disrespectful for the man to come on her face, others might think it very erotic or a form of total acceptance. But I think if she allows her man to ejaculate on her face, he should be considerate enough to try to avoid shooting his cum up her nose or into her eyes!

Some men don’t want to taste their own semen while others enjoy kissing their lady after filling her mouth with his cum and swapping his warm semen back and forth. And I’ve heard that a few men even go down on their lady after sex, filling her pussy with his cum and licking up the creampie as it oozes from her.

These should be topics of discussion between all couples. And the man and woman should respect each other’s feelings on these sensitive matters.

So what are yours?

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37 replies
  1. Happy Husband says:

    My wife loves to suck my cock, in fact she does it as a "warm up" just about every time we make love. In fact, most of the time we don't even kiss first, she just fondles me to get me hard and then dives down to enjoy my hardness in her mouth. With that said, she won't let me cum in her mouth nor, obviously, does she swallow. Occasionally she will lick cum off of my belly or chest after she has pleasured me, and then comes up to share the bit that is on her tongue with me in a deep kiss. Recently, she has expanded her repertoire to letting me go down on her after I cum in her after intercourse. If I get a good bit of my own cum on my tongue as it flows out of her pussy, I will go up and give her a creamy kiss filled with both of our flavors. She actually likes that a lot better than sucking her own juices off of my cock if I pull out before coming. All in all, we are both beginning to enjoy the mixed flavors of our lovemaking, but the volume and consistency of a full load of cum is not something that she really wants, so I am considerate of her feelings. The nearly 33 year journey has been wonderful.

    • archer80ok says:

      How did you first expand your repertoire to going down on her after you cum in her after intercourse? This is something that turns me on but I am not sure how to bring it up. I feel this is something that I should communicate but do not know how to start the conversation. We have kissed with precum involved and I have licked precum off of her breasts but would like to expand further.

  2. Happy Husband says:

    I would add that she very much enjoys when I cum on her tits, belly, and her perfectly shaved mound. She says that she feels like I am "marking her" with my cum, and she loves being marked by her man.

  3. Tulsa says:

    Full disclosure: My wife really enjoys cum play, so I enjoy it too! What turns her on, turns me on, so I am all in!
    So, on her body, yes, Erotic & exciting, and hot, and we do that a lot. Not in the face though, but mostly on her tits, and her pussy. Seeing my cum all over her nipples, is something that has always, and still, I find really hot! Neither of us get a real kick out of a shot to the face, although some accidental ones have been hilarious!

    Her getting a mouthful, was something that took her a while to work up to. Once she did, she went nuts with it! (good for me!) Sometimes she swallows, sometimes drools it all over, and sometimes shares it in a kiss. It's all good. Swallowing is NOT a requirement by any means.

    And as far as on her, or in her, both of us will play with it and use it for lotion, or lick it up where it landed. Her favorite thing in the world, is for me to devour her after I cum in her pussy though, so that happens more than anything.

    And, I will note, that she has no problem with getting a taste of herself as well. Nothing like a very-wet kiss after bringing her to O with oral. This pretty much leaves everything on the menu, after any and all sexual acts we do!

  4. LovesHisHotWife says:

    After 11 years of marriage my wife is starting to be more adventurous with “cum play”. Only on a few occasions has she taken my cum in her mouth but never swallowed. However recently while on holiday at a beach resort she surprised me one evening on the hotel room’s balcony with a spontaneous blowjob. When I warned her I was about to cum she kept going and instead willingly took most of my load in her mouth. No sooner had she finished she came up for a cheeky kiss where she eagerly let me taste what I had just given her. We talked about it afterwards and how much we both enjoyed that moment. I’m sure it will lead to more next time.

  5. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    We are all in on cum play! We will enjoy and share our own and each other's juices. There is nothing dirty or demeaning in gifting each other with the water from our own cistern or the wine of our own cup, and we drink deeply! I will wear it if he likes, and even the one facial he gave me was really fun! 😄 But my favorite thing to do is take his load deep inside me and fall asleep, only to share it with him again in the morning as sloppy seconds. There is no better lubricant, in our opinions. The one thing we haven't managed to do is arrange it so that he can ejaculate into his own mouth for me. Maybe we are too old and inflexible these days, but it is definitely on my sexual wish list!

    • Tulsa says:

      This is a much easier thing to do, when you're young, that’s for sure! The older you get, the better aim she needs! 😉
      We have done it many times, just to try it and see if it was something she wanted to add to our list of ‘things to do that turn her on.’ We find other cum play much hotter and hornier, and the kiss afterward is the best part!
      Also, bad aim can be funny!
      Still, most things are worth at least one try.

    • BillAnthony says:

      Since ejaculating into his own is on your wish list and it's not possible, maybe the next best thing would be for you to take his entire load into your mouth and then share it with him.

    • GoForItWifey says:

      It is so wonderful to hear others who won't think I'm nuts about that. I've always said, what's good for the goose should be good for the gander as well.

  6. hornyGG says:

    My husband Ben and I love cum play. Having him cum deep inside me is the best. However, I do enjoy having him cum on me as well, whether it be on my ass, my boobs, cunt or creamy facial.
    I love sucking him off then kissing him, sharing his nut juice with him. He enjoys the taste of his cum.
    One of my biggest fantasies is of watching him suck his own dick and swallow his load. Of course I know it will never happen as he isn't a spring chicken anymore. 😉
    Stay Horny ya'll!
    ❤ GG

    • BillAnthony says:

      Gina, your past postings of your and Ben's exciting sexual adventures was a major inspiration for this original posting. You might never know just how much you've contributed to others' love lives.

    • GoForItWifey says:

      Yes it is nice to know we are not alone.

      Also, you never know, spring chicken or not, he might surprise you in a close to the real idea scenario. I know of crazier things that can happen.

  7. Beachlover Guy says:

    I learned to like the taste of my cum late in life, and now it's one of my favorite parts of sex, alone or with my wife. When I was single after my divorce, I used to masturbate and think about tasting it, but I'd lose interest in doing that after I came. One day, I decided to go through with it and I licked it off my hand after shooting my load. To my surprise, I liked it and I'd fantasize about sharing cum kisses with a woman. Not long after that when I married my second wife, I told her about my interest in cum play and tasting it, and she said she loved the idea. Normally, she'd swallow my load, but she held it in her mouth that time and had me French kiss her so our tongues swirled in my spunk. What a turn-on! I still love cumming in her pussy and on her tits, but sharing my cum with our mouths is high up on our list of sexual favorites. I'm so horny just thinking about it that I'm going to masturbate now!

  8. BALove says:

    Great discussion. My wife has always swallowed my cum our entire relationship. Most of the time she goes down for foreplay but a few times per month she brings me to climax. She knows and enjoys that she can control me with her lips and tongue. Sometimes I try to squirm away because I want to go longer and when I can tell she’s determined to stay after it I know I am in for a treat. She’ll often kiss me shortly after but never puts it back in my mouth. I have cum on her shaven pussy and breast a few times but mostly she wants it deep inside or her or in her mouth.

  9. BillAnthony says:

    I was blessed in the past to have a partner who always swallowed my load when I ejaculated in her mouth. But what would have made it even better would be if she would have opened her mouth to show me my cum before she swallowed!

    • Tulsa says:

      We think that swallowing, is very overrated. Gulp and it’s gone.
      Justing seeing it on, or in, her body, is a rush.
      And, Using cum as a body lotion, or a creamy topping, is a much better use for it!

    • Cuddles says:

      All you visual males 🍨 – love it!

      Just reading what you all have to say is such a turn-on, and the wives too opening up to tell us all this sexy stuff melts me into a seductive puddle. (Gotta be careful about how I behave out in public now don't I? lol! 😉)

      And, as per usual, I'm learning heaps of new eye-popping ideas and techniques from seasoned lovers and honeymooners alike. Talk about a first-class education! How much do you reckon I'd hafta pay for it? I'd hate to think!

      Speaking of education, @Tulsa, would you mind expanding about how you and Mrs. Tulsa use your cum, please? Any chance you could try painting a nice word picture for us? Thanks 😊

      Cuddles xxxx

      [Or write us a story about it? (MH)]

    • Beachlover Guy says:

      @Cuddles. Even though men are generally more visually stimulated than women, I've found that my wife enjoys watching me cum. I've also cum on her photos (also known as "tributing") while she watches, which I had no idea she would like. Of course, she also loves my cum in her and on her, but knowing that she likes watching me masturbate and cum for her has inspired me to make short videos for her when I want to perk up her day. It sure perks up mine!

    • Tulsa says:

      Well, Cuddles, after I discovered my wife was so turned on with cum play, besides it being obvious that we talked a lot about it, every now & then we would try something different than just doing oral on her after cumming in her. Experimentation is fun, and good!
      I think the first different thing I did was when I was about to cum, instead of cumming in her, I pulled out, jumped up, and came all over her tits. (Cumming on her nipples has always turned me on!) Soon as I unloaded, I slipped back down and re-entered her, and started licking & sucking her cummy nipples. She always liked it when I would wipe my precum on her nipples and lick and suck it off, so I figured, why not 'real' cum?
      Well, it was a hit! She started cumming. And instead of going soft, I stayed hard and kept going, and she kept cumming until I did again too—this time, inside her! And after I came, I of course, went down on her, and she came again!

      We used to do that often, but it's not so easy now, as we are a lot older, and it's not so easy for me to stay hard after cumming anymore. But, I can still stay hard long enough to get back in her, and give her a nipple orgasm!

      There's an idea for you! 🙂

    • Tulsa says:

      And to MH, I'm not much of a writer, not by any stretch.
      Not much at fancy details & words. Too much to the point I suppose.


    • Cuddles says:

      Thank you Beachlover Guy and Tulsa for a more rounded education. Both my man who's on his way to me and myself appreciate your replies (especially him even though he is oblivious to my "research" at this time, after all what man wouldn't like to be surprised by a willing wife all rearing to go? 🤗🤗🤗).

      I also need to thank BillAnthony for starting the discussion, and all the contributors who've made it so interesting and informative. Bravo!

      I'm saving the complete post for future reference so that I can surprise my man 😋

      Cuddles xxxx

    • Tulsa says:

      Good for you Cuddles! I always love my wife’s surprise!
      Staying on topic: One afternoon, she gave me fantastic handjob. I was laying on the floor, and shot cum from my belly button to my neck. When I was fully unloaded, she climbed over me, and drug a nipple through the mess. Then, she sat up, and licked her nipple clean. She did it again with the other nipple, but this time, she stuffed it in my mouth. She went back and forth until there was nothing left.
      By that time I was hard again. Her surprise, was quite a success!

  10. LadyGarden says:

    We love cum play—my husband frequently licks his cum out of my pussy after making love and shares with me as we passionately kiss. I too enjoy “carrying him around with me” long after we make love. A great example is from our story “Breakfast Leftovers” from March 13, 2017 😉



  11. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    My wife has no aversion to my semen and never has. Whether it's in her mouth or on her face or somewhere else on her body, she has total acceptance of it. It would be really disappointing to me if she didn't feel this way. I'm glad she embraces my semen and actually enjoys it, because I enjoy her just as much.

    • SecondMarge says:

      We all are a bit different. Maybe that is why men have difficulty understanding us. I hated cum on my face. I find it degrading to do on purpose. Like it on my breasts especially when it is licked off.

      But whatever a couple enjoys is fine. No I don’t think God looks down on all our beds and judges what we are doing.

  12. Captain J says:

    I love oral, but cabin Mate not so much. It is a cleanliness thing with her. Tho only time I get sucked on is right after I shower. She will not let me come in her mouth. She did a few times when we were young and she swallowed too, just never something she really liked and I haven't pushed it for the love I have for her. The only time I get to lick her is after she showers. Yes, these do happen but not as often as I'd like. I would like to lick her clean after filling her, but I've never suggested it. After reading these comments, I think I will. She loves to watch me masturbate; it really gets her going. I love to cum on her tits, anywhere but her face. When we were very young, I had a very strong ejaculation. One time we were on the bed and she was jerking me off. I came too hard, a couple of ropes hit high on the wall behind us. Just for fun, a couple of times, she got me close then I'd go to the foot of the bed, she'd spread her legs, and I'd see if I could hit her pussy. I came close a couple times. I lost interest, it was more cumming in her than on her at that time. I do wish she was more into semen, but I love her more than anything in the world and want her comfortable. Besides she makes up for it in other ways.

  13. YumYum says:

    We are soon celebrating 33 years together. I swallowed my husbands cum on our first date. He sucked the honey from my pussy that same night & I will tell you that it is something we both enjoyed very much. We've been sucking on each other all these years. I have had my husband suck me to orgasm many times after he has cum inside me & it's kind of erotic giving him the honey from my pussy mingled with his yummy cum. He likes to suck me off & loves when I cum in his mouth. He certainly doesn't seem to mind. I love the taste of his cum mixed with the nectar from my pussy. He loves sucking my pussy & I spread it wide & give him all he wants. His cock & his cum is his gift to me & I accept it willingly, lovingly & excitedly. I usually prefer his cum in my mouth. He also loves the moans I give when I'm sucking him off & swallowing his cum. I pleasure my husband with loving lips & an open mouth. His cum is mine to enjoy & I love that.

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